Saturday, September 24, 2011

do you ever have dreams of flying?


/ teams lining up for the anthems /
last night reuben and i went down to wellington for the usa vs. wallabies (australia) rugby world cup game and i actually had a great time! i know, i am not exactly a big sports fan, but the atmosphere was great even if the usa team was completely smashed 67-5.

/ being patriotic for the game /
we had great seats that reuben secured through work; only 5 rows form the field and right next to the aisle where coaches and players walked through to get down on to the field and up to their boxes. the most unexpected part of the evening was seeing ethan stiefel and gillian murphy only a couple rows away from us! amongst the rugbyheads, i would be surprised if anyone recognised them.

/ gillian murphy and ethan stiefel in swan lake /
now that ethan has officially taken over the royal nz ballet, i'm looking forward to seeing sleeping beauty in november to see if the company looks any different. watch an entertaining interview of ethan on the tvnz1 show sunday.


/ octopus porcelain mug by archie mcphee & co /

love this - wishlisted! i would definitely enjoy drinking my morning coffee out of this :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

signature dishes

/ food by state - click here for the original, larger version /

i miss a lot of american food. it's not that you can't find similar things, but you just can't find the same things. sure, you can get thinly sliced beef, a long bread roll and cheese, but you can't get a philly cheesesteak. you can get pizza, but you can't get new york pizza. you can even get kfc, but the skins are lacking crisp and i'm sure the colonel's 11 spice recipe is missing at least 9 of those spices here and to top it all off NO buttermilk biscuit! it's not as though i would eat these things on a daily basis, but sometimes i want to walk into the supermarket and pick up a can of new england clam chowder for dinner.
so i'm beginning to wonder - when we move back to the states, will we miss new zealand's food?

now new zealand isn't exactly known for their culinary masterpieces, but there are some things they do quite well, like meat pies and lamb shanks. i am also pretty partial to golden kiwifruit and the sweet variety of lemons that grow in most people's back yards. reuben could eat feijoas until he busts and my brother informs me that finding feijoa juice will be the first thing he does when he lands in auckland. 

luckily, we will be in the new york area because there is a very tasty looking restaurant called kiwiana bringing (the good parts of) kiwi cuisine to the us. i even like the sound of manuka-and-marmite-braised baby-back ribs, despite the fact that marmite itself is pretty repulsive. nelson blue is down by the seaport, but the menu doesn't sound particularly kiwi - come on, fish tacos?? i do like their extensive nz wine range, though, especially the martinborough pinot noirs :) my family scouted out a delish pie shop in the chelsea markets and in checking out their website, tuck shop actually has three locations in manhattan.

so i guess we'll be set if we do have a hankering for kiwi cuisine, but maybe i should learn how to make  lamb roast before i leave anyway. just in case.

cat stuff

/ cat print by tinyconfessions /
found these cute prints on moderncat. the first one is definitely noli, while the second is absolutely aston.

/ striped cat print by tinyconfessions /
and speaking of cat things - 'a cat in paris' trailer on - a cute looking film that was on during the internation film festival, unfortunately i wasn't able to go see it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

kicking off conservation week

/ view from the top of the hill at the start of the hike /
a small group of te manawa staff and some keen members of the public headed out this morning with a local doc ranger to the oroua catchment to walk one of the stoat trap lines and learn more about the blue duck project. the track was an easy one to follow and not a very long hike before we made it to the memorial hut for lunch. along the way, we reset the stoat traps with fresh bait (eggs) and cleaned out one unfortunate rat.

the track was an easy one to follow and not a very long hike before we made it to the memorial hut for lunch. along the way, we reset the stoat traps with fresh bait (eggs) and cleaned out one unfortunate rat.

/ view down to the swift water that the blue ducks love /

/ bridge over the oroua river /

/ view from the hut /
 after our hike was over and we head back to palmy, we discovered that the wind that picked up during the day did a bit of damage while we were gone and completely uprooted and knocked over a tree onto the road out.

/ the tree preventing our departure from the forest park /
clearly we weren't going anywhere fast, but luckily some contractors doing work atop the hill who had chainsaws must have spotted us and were able to clear the majority of the tree out in about a half hour.

/ angela admiring the damage /

the weather wasn't horrible today, but it was certainly colder than we would have liked. we're hoping to organise another trip in the summertime where we can head up the river and spot some of the blue ducks.

wool week

/ cardboard sheep via swissmiss - these are definitely on my wishlist /
wool week is just ending, looks like it was a good event in the uk, but haven't heard anything about it here in nz, despite the overwhelming prevalence of sheep here! the best part of spring here is seeing all of the adorable, fresh lambs out in the paddocks - so cute!

/ insomnia threadless wall decal /
i have to say, i've never owned anything wool until i moved to new zealand, but i am a big fan of my 100% wool winter jacket and merino/possum gloves and socks.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

rarer than kiwi

reuben and i pay genesis a *bleep*load of money, so it's good to know they are using it in a positive way. i'm looking forward to doing my part this sunday on a trip organised by doc and te manawa where volunteers will walk stoat trap lines and reset as necessary. somehow i doubt there will be a big turnout, but at least angela, jill and i will be there to represent the te manawa science team! with the reasonable spring weather we've been having, i'm thinking we have a pretty good chance of a really nice day out in the bush.

back to the start

so cute! i remember when i used to have a chipotle around the corner from me... yummm..

Sunday, September 4, 2011

derby derby

/ roller derby warmup /
last night angela, the other animal keeper at te manawa, invited me along to a roller derby competition at the arena manawatu. i wasn't sure what to expect from small town nz teams, but it was actually a lot of fun!

/ the roller rats versus the taranaki rumblebees /
angela is currently undergoing 'fresh meat' training to hopefully join the palmy team in a couple months, the swamp city roller rats. surprisingly only one person exited the competition from an injury but there were some pretty impressive spills throughout. it wasn't as rough as i expected, but i still wouldn't be tough enough for it. luckily angela knew a few of the rules so i could follow along.. for the most part.