Sunday, March 30, 2008

marvelous maryland

this is what it looked like at my house looked like about a year ago - nice and snowy!

i was listening to a podcast about maryland the other day - did you know maryland has a state dinosaur?? funny how i am learning things about my state when i am about 9,000 miles away..

about 6,000 miles away, reuben is exploring phuket and hopefully buying me lots of goodies! or at least sending me a postcard.

and about 11,000 miles away in germany, a swan fell in love with a paddleboat.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

36 hours tops

happy easter!

i remembered the mr.diety videos yesterday when i was watching bruce almighty and god used the clapper. see episode 2.

luckily, since everything in town is closed on public holidays here, i had a nice quiet weekend at home. knitting and watching movies on tv. and the best part about about holiday tv here? there are no commercials! at least none for products, only for upcoming programming. apparently jesus doesn't approve of commercials. but how about cosmetics?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

hitchhiker's guide

not really sure what this sign means, but it's on my campus... kind of like an engrish sign - good luck understanding them!

speaking of travel, reuben is off to thailand and having an adventure, of course, as only reuben can! as for me, i am fully booked to go to edinburgh on july 3oth, which means i have only 17 weeks left to finish my thesis! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!

still trying to keep calm and get lots of work done..... yeah right!

Monday, March 3, 2008

shake your body lika salmon floating upstream

ok, this is a trout, not a salmon, but they are all pretty much all fish to me. and these are who knows what kind of fish, but this is an excellent use for all those beer caps we go through at the pub!! maybe once i get home and have the resources...

speaking of home, i booked my tickets to europe and home today! july 3oth i depart from auckland and arrive on the 31st in edinburgh. then, on to visit everyone i know! so if you will be in europe sometime between 31st of july and 20th of november, let me know :) or, if you kow anything i sholdn't miss while over there, tell me all about it and i will try my hardest to fit it into my busy schedule, haha.