Saturday, June 27, 2009

sunday morning ramblings

i'm still trying to come up with a good format for my blog, so bear with me while i try different layouts. i wish i was more website savvy so i could change more, but i just don't have time to learn right now.

this morning reuben made me breakfast in bed and i checked my emails and read my google reader articles while listening to the across the universe soundtrack - an excellent good morning album. on friday i was pulled aside at ross so the band could practice playing 'all my lovin' and i was immediately reminiscing about my times in middle school band. as if i wasn't already a really awkward nerd, i was also the only girl in the percussion section with a good portion of the hot and popular guys... boy was i intimidated!! and boy was i a weird little kid back then. and here i am, running around ross with a bunch of kids at that awkward age and handing out detentions - i was called 'the happy detention lady' last friday, which is good, i guess.. i was also given a wooden coaster that one of the girls had made and it sits proudly on my desk in an office that will soon have my name on it!

and once i get my first paycheck i am going shopping! i am desperately lacking winter clothes, especially nice ones, and i would love to gt some more winter boots like those above. except the much, much cheaper versions..

as for the bag, that's from dawanda, which i think is a european version of etsy (or vice versa, nto sure who came first!). needless to say, i have found yet another website full of things i want or want to make.

baby, it's cold outside

i know i go on about the cold a lot, maybe one day when my internal thermometer starts functioning correctly i will stop. but it's not likely.

i generally dislike winter clothes. i hate itchy winter fabrics and i hate having to bundle up with an impossible number of layers that bunch up and usually just rub me the wrong way. thank god for the longer shirt trend, though, so that my back and belly can actually be covered while sitting or bending. anyhow, i just love these scarves and jackets. i've got some great eggplant-coloured wool just waiting to be made into something fun. i have already used some of it to make a hooded scarf, which i love, but i want to make a little jacket or skirt or something next i think. one big problem: no sewing machine.

so perhaps i will take up knitting again. you know, right in between writing my thesis and being an awesome principal's personal assistant.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

electronic jones

Electronic Robotic Immediate Calculation Android

Get Your Cyborg Name

how appropriate that my avatar and name are red, only my fave colour ever. you may have noticed this before.

anyway, this android is eagerly awaiting internet in her new apartment, thus the lack of posts recently. and sitting at the massey computers doesn't really inspire much in the way of blogging. except that i am want to find some books about gardening. reuben agreed to getting worms last night, so i have to figure out how to set them up in our laundry room..

Friday, June 12, 2009

a good discovery

reuben came home with this bottle of wine last night, it was one that we had before and enjoyed and even better - it was on sale! we found the last time we had it that it was even better the next night, but this bottle didn't make it that long. last night involved nachos and singstar to bond with the flatmates :) nicki and i have certainly done plenty of singing together back at atawhai, but getting reuben to participate (and bump up our scores!) was particularly fun.

we finally got a move in date - next tuesday - for our apartment! so this weekend we'll probably start the process of getting everything back into those boxes...

i was trying the 'shop local' feature on etsy last night and i was surprised to see all the shops in new zealand. i haven't looked at them all yet, but i'm looking forward to finding some cute nz stuff to lust after! not that i am looking to buy, but this is just plain cute.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

it's so stimulating being your hat

it seems that few people wear hats anymore, unless you are having tea with the queen (or you are the queen) or going to the races. and since i doubt the queen is coming to palmy anytime soon, i will have to look forward to melbourne cup day instead. i would love to make something like this one that i found in antler magazine by carianne moore.

and while antler may seem like an odd name for a magazine, it is an awesome online publication filled with beautiful things by a range of different artists and designers. for more beautiful things, also check out surface magazine. a lady sitting next to me on the plane from dc to la let me read hers and i didn't really want to give it back when i was done!

contemplating compost

i must admit, even though i dislike cooking, i like being back in a place where i can make food for myself. i am perfectly content to eat a salad every day and just make some meat on the side. i would eat pasta everyday, but that's just dangerous.

this was lunch today. and as i threw out my banana peel, i got to thinking about setting up a compost/worm farm when we get into the apartment. i did a quick search about vermicomposting and it seems pretty straight forward after you get it all set up. i wonder if we would have to keep them inside or whether it would generate enough heat or be insulated enough so that we could keep a bin on the balcony? i will have to see if there are any stores around here that sell worms and might have some tips!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

plaid, please

i love plaid! and i love these side bootie heels from amiclubwear.

i bought a pair of red plaid pants my freshman year when i got the freshman 15 (ok, more like 30) and i kept them for years even though they didn't really fit well. i finally gave them up when i left new zealand last year, though i'm not exactly sure why...

and while i have never been much of a bag fiend - i leave the bag collecting to kat :) - i really like this one from desire line's etsy shop. yes etsy again... i'm officially obsessed! i am not lusting to buy things as much as i am itching to try to make a lot of what i see - it is a great place for excellent craft ideas!

reuben and i had our second ballroom dancing class tonight and despite a few arguments about timing, i think it went pretty well! we certainly aren't the worst in the class, but can't tell if we are one of the better ones or not. we don't really have much time to look around when we are trying to keep our feet going in the right places.

we are so close to getting a date to move into our new apartment - can't wait!! i also applied for a new job at ross intermediate, the school where i have been doing some temp/fill-in work for the past week and a bit. so fingers crossed i get an interview and all goes well...

Monday, June 8, 2009

food? what food?

it's only been a day since the wine and food festival and reuben and i have already finished our belgium truffles..mmmmmmm! melt in your mouth delish.

yesterday we used some village press olive oil and jonathan's spices cajun seasoning on some grilled chicken over salad greens - yum! today i made a salad of white rice, tomatoes and cucumber drizzled with telegraph hill wasabi vinagrette.

that was just the eats! we have 5 bottles of excellent wine and some lime and passion fruit cordial yet to use!

good thing wine and food festivals don't happen more often or we would be broke fatties, haha.

i heart science

..ok science probably doesn't like me as much as i like it. in fact, i always wondered why i love science so much despite the fat that it is one of the main things in my life i often just don't get.. perhaps that's why i find it so fascinating - because i don't really understand a lot of it. i want to, and lord knows i sit in front of article after article in order to try to learn, but sometimes the theories just escape me.

even if i don't always get it, there are a lot of really brilliant people out there who really do get it and love to pass on their wisdom and inspiration, people like dr.isis (thanks to holly who clued me into her blog), who has an amazing blog that pumps me up no matter how poorly i think my project is going. she's got that take-no-shit personality that i love and she is unabashedly fond of shoes - something that a lot of people don't equate with scientific brilliance. but it's not fair is it? just because someone is scientifically oriented, it doesn't mean one should have to abandon all fashion sense! to be sure, she talks about a lot more than just shoes, so check out her out.

anyway, she featured these shoes today and i think they are A-mazing! i wish i knew what kinds of paints and glazes aimee's armoire uses because i would absolutely be painting myself a pair of shoes. i might have to drop her an email and see if she will share her trade secret :)

i wish i had explored etsy before i left the states because i think i could have sold my painted pointe shoes on there. maybe the next time i make it home. in the meantime i will just have to drool over everyone else's etsy products!

Friday, June 5, 2009

(not so) still life

christian louboutin's shoe ads remind me of the 17th century dutch paintings that i love so much. one of my favourite rooms at the met, was just a small room with these so-real-you-can-reach-out-and-touch-them pictures of all the lavish delicacies of the dutch traders.

i could use a good relaxing visit to the met right now because life has been hectic for sure. an impromptu move from the prier's house kicked off the week, as did my new job. reuben and i also started our ballroom dancing class, which was pretty much an hour of us giggling through the waltz and the rock n' roll steps. and of course we still have bodybalance, though we only went once this week. and school. blah.

tomorrow we are attending the manawatu wine and food festival - i hope there are lots of delish samples!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

her hair, my hair

love this threadless tshirt design. i would love even more as a massive print!

i am thinking about getting my hair cut soon. maybe some bangs??

maybe once we stop spending lots of money! we are moving out of the prier's house today and spending a few weeks in my friend nicki's house before we finally get into our new apartment! we also got a new car, just a little old one, but for a reasonable price and even i don't mind driving it.