Tuesday, August 31, 2010

nature of manawatu

these are from a couple weeks ago when the head science curator (miriam), a local plant expert guy and i went out to round bush reserve, located somewhere between himtangi and foxton beaches. it was a pretty impressive chunk of land.

the most noticeable thing when you start to get only a minute or so in is all the noisy nature! by the road where we parked the car was pretty much silent, but as we walked in we could hear all sorts of birds calling and enormous bees buzzing around. as we got past the flax swamp area and into the bush, the bird calls echoed and there was a continuous swoosh of branches and grasses in the wind. there was an overwhelming feeling of being enveloped in nature.

some of the more interesting pieces in the forest were the dead and dying pine trees that were poisoned in order to restore nature trees. their giant dried up branches looked eerily impressive.

earlier that day, we went to himatangi beach to see the dunes and the surf was booming and crashing like a storm was brewing and in fact it did start to rain just as we left round bush.

we also briefly stopped at the manawatu estuary to see the vegetation and the long mudflats were speckled with air holes and other little baubles i couldn’t identify. it would be great to see the flats during the spring and summer when the birds are out in full force.

Monday, August 30, 2010

glittery palmy (updated)

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reuben and i went to a friend's birthday party on saturday at a bar that has been recently turned into a wine bar/lounge (though i can't recall seeing a wine list). i actually really liked the look of it, but i don't think it's the kind of thing that will last long in palmy. it's situated below roma restaurant and has a few couches and tables lined with candles and a little bar, very nice if you just want to chill out with a few nice drinks after dinner. i'd go there, but i don't really have a cocktail lounge kinda friends here.

(forgot to post the pic of the cool necklace mom got me ages ago, but this is the first time i've gotten to wear it!)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

random thoughts

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just a bunch of random stuff that's been waiting to be shared:

pop-tarts store opens in times square - i cannot wait to visit!! i miss pop-tarts.

i also hope that the kiss sculpture is up in times square when we're there.

love the name junk & disorderly for an arts & crafts group.

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i struggle spelling separate too.

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one day when i don't have anything better to do, i wouldn't mind studying nutrition and herbal remedies. i think scientific investigation of ancient medicine would be pretty fascinating with results like a chinese tea that appears to help some chemotherapy patients.

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/ pacman ring from somewhere on etsy /

i think we might have to add a few more features to make our balcony a true catio, but it might be necessary to keep my stir crazy kitties entertained. i think they're over winter. and so are we!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bizarre ballet

saw this trailer on apple movie trailers site this morning - i soo want to see it! not only do i love swan lake, but i like how it isn't a cheesy looking ballet movie. very dark.

found this clip via haute macabre. very odd, but very awesome. a little bit like ballet meets a non-popstar version of lady gaga.

Friday, August 13, 2010

ketchup coloured catch up

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it seems like ages since i’ve blogged.. wait, it has been! i’d say i’ve been ridiculously busy ever since reuben and i got engaged since we really dove straight into planning everything as well as wanting to catch up with everyone to celebrate. then there was the engagement party, which luckily i didn’t have to do much for, except the music, but we won’t go there… reuben just wanted to play lady gaga all night long anyway, haha.

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the party went really well and everyone has commented about what a good time they had, so we’re really pleased. plus we got some fun gifts like a fondue pot and a waffle maker. i’m actually really excited about these, but it will mean i’ll need to import more bisquik for weekend waffle sessions. yummmmmmm!

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as far as the job goes, i’ve still been doing lots of organising for the live animal enclosures. obviously having an animal husbandry background, this has been quite fun. we met earlier this week with a girl from massey who did her thesis on katipo and while we sorted out the housing and husbandry requirements, a conversation with doc (department of conversation) wasn’t too promising. see, the protection status of katipo was only just recently upgraded to ‘aboslutely protected’ meaning you can’t take any out of the wild and any work you want to do with them will require rigourous permit applications. i’d be willing to do it, but whether it’s worth it for only a couple spiders is up to management. we’re hoping that if we do get them, it might open up the opportunity for someone at massey to develop a captive breeding strategy, but that’s pretty ambitious thinking at the moment. maybe another masters topic?? hahaha

speaking of masters, i’ve finally finished my corrections! i had been avoiding t
hem for so long not because of the text errors but the graphs! making the graphs display properly took about an hour for every graph and there were about 8 i had to fix. ugh. and i also needed to add in an appendix, which meant another title page and kiwi graphic. but this afternoon i brought it in to the printers - wahoo! so next thursday, i'll have the final copies in my hand and i will be officially done with my masters.

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now i just need to start submitting to journals and luckily my supervisor offered to start that process since he's got some time off clinic duty. i'm so thankful because i just don't have the time right now.

Monday, August 2, 2010

cat problems

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busy, busy as usual! last week we took the cats to the vet and aston peed the ENTIRE time. but then the next day he couldn't pee at all. so back to the vet and we found he had a urinary tract infection. and then he suddenly forgot how to use the litter box and thought that under the desk was the new place to go. so for the past few days i've been scrubbing cat pee out of everything and it's getting very, very old. and today i bought another litter box, some special enzyme cleaning product and an anti-marking pheromone diffuser so something is bound to do the trick.

of course this is also the week that we're hosting an american uni student who's in the country to do some volunteering and this week she's down in palmy to check out massey's vet school. should be fun to show her around a bit, even if it is just in the evenings.

oh yeah, engagement party next weekend too - looking forward to some fun! only a few hundred decorations left to do!