Thursday, May 31, 2012

all about the comfy and cozy

/ fall beauty fiber art necklace by cesart64 /
ok, we might have skipped over fall and gone straight to winter, but i'm enjoying an autumn palette with layers and knits. i don't wear a whole lot of jewelry in the winter because i don't like the feeling of cold metal on my skin, but felt would be a great solution for that. perhaps i'll have to pick up some felt scraps from the arts recycling centre the next time i'm in.

/ knitted armchair slip cover by biscuitscout /
i would love to have this on our leather couches. i dislike how cold they are and come on, don't you just want to sink into this and cuddle up for the night?

/ knitted shorts by robotyreczne /
i love, love, love these shorts! it almost inspires me to try knitting again, but i know it would end up as one more craft project i never finish...

/ the lou-lou gold legwarmers by graceandlaceco /
i am allll about socks and legwarmers this year!! mom sent me a pair of black knit ones that i have been wearing pretty much every week because they are so warm.

/ tawny owl wool felt brooch by foxowlroad /

Monday, May 28, 2012

t is for terrapin and t scents

/ baltimore aquarium's diamondback terrapin /
just had to share a pic of maryland's state reptile, malaclemys terrapin. apparently 26 states have nominated state reptiles. who knew?

/ t scents /
this week's theme was all about scent titles starting with 't':

velvet moon bathery - thorns and apples (discontinued)
love potion perfume - teacher's pest
evening eclipse - tannis root
love potion perfume - tyvey's coconut coffee ice cream
velvet moon bathery - tea and tarot (discontinued)

tyvey's coconut coffee ice cream was absolutely delish, but teacher's pest was pretty nice as well. thorns and apples was a sexy evening scent, but not something i could wear every day.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


 definitely watch this one on full screen.

no more will i go all around the world for i have found my world in you

we finally have our photos back from 'the big day' so i thought i would share some of the details. weddings get a lot of hype, some of which i understand, some i really don't. basically it was an awesome day that had me smiling form ear to ear. no disasters, no stress, just plain celebration with family, friends, and the love of my life :)

invitations: invite out in palmerston north. katie, the designer, took a handfull of ideas i sent through and managed to come up with a great concept that really reflected our style. not only did she create the invitations, her site also hosted a page for electronic rsvps and other wedding info.

venue: church road winery. the ceremony was held outside on the lawn with the winery's vines in the background. the reception was just inside the main building in the tom cellar, a room lined with wine barrels, clad in dark wood and lit by soft yellow chandeliers. the caterers, dish catering, came with the venue, but we honestly couldn't ask for more delicious meals.

decorations: we had minimal decorations and those that we did have were handmade from upcycled, repurposed and borrowed materials. luckily one of my friends is getting married next year and will be able to re-use several of these items. i like recycling :)

photographer: susan siu  of glow studio and her sister assisting her. we've worked with susan before and know that she does amazing work. it was so much fun having a photographer you know and trust, it really makes a difference when you have a lens on you all day.

necklace: made by me. the longest chain with the embroidered pendant was purchased at a craft fair from eejay design (my former initials, ej, it seemed destined to be!). the other parts are bits and pieces i've picked up over the years from various friends and family members, so each piece held sentimental value and helped to incorporate loved ones who couldn't be there on the day.

earrings: the main set once belonged to my grandmother and aunt cheryl had them adapted for pierced ears. i had never seen them and aunt cheryl had never seen my dress/jewelry and yet they matched perfectly! my second set are diamond studs from reuben several years ago, they were my very first diamonds.

hair: reuben's sister dominique made the mistake of making the offer of doing hair. she probably didn't think i would take her seriously, but i did! after a few practice runs, we came up with a style that had its best day on the big day. what dom didn't expect is that all of my bridesmaids ended up stealing her for their styles.

makeup: my aunt and maid of honour arranged for sue devitt makeup for me and all of the bridesmaids and she applied it all herself as well. i must say, we all looked pretty stunning :)

veil: i also made my veil, mostly because veil prices are absolutely outrageous for the materials involved. mine cost about $13 and i got exactly what i wanted. i used some vintage-looking lace from spotlight, leftover material from my dress and some fake pearls from a bracelet one of reuben's grandmothers gave me. i used the matching necklace as a layer in my necklace.

cufflinks: my wedding gift to reuben was a set of silver cufflinks by signature silver on etsy. they had an impression of my ring finger fingerprint in them and on the back they read '14 january 2012' on one of them and 'i wanna hold your hand' on the other. for the groomsmen's gifts, we got wooden map cufflinks from dlkdesigns on etsy with one map of frederick and one of palmerston north.

rings: both of our wedding bands and my engagement ring are from max wilson diamond jewellers in palmerston north. i am still mesmerised by their sparkle :) the grey pearl on my right pinky finger was inherited from my mom, who got it as a gift from my uncle bob many years ago.

shoes: surprisingly enough, i didn't buy any new ones!! believe me, i looked, but i had two styles in mind and one was pretty much a style i already owned. i actually purchased these shoes to go to an awards ceremony for reuben when we first started dating, so i'm pretty proud of how long they've lived. the only shoe-related cost was a pair of plastic heel cap things that are meant to keep you from sinking into the grass. unfortunately, they didn't fit my heels, so i just lived with the sinking and everything was all good.

perfume: simple love by wildeivy. i'm a big fan of all wyldeivy's scents, but not only did this one smell just right, it had the perfect name as well.

dress: phil hausman of 1984 in palmerston north. the designer from this little dress boutique was recommended by a coworker of mine and the shop is just around the corner from our apartment. i came in with a few pictures and after a few sketches and fittings, i had a completely unique, and more importantly not over-the-top, fluffy, sparkly ball gown. it fit the windy winery venue perfectly.

flowers: anne gough of moss n stone. we were pretty lucky to have an amazing florist in reuben's family. not only did she put together some stunning bouquets and centrepieces, she did a good deal of it by raiding the gardens of other family members in the feilding/palmerston north area. i can see why people get their bouquets preserved because i just loved every single flower she chose.

cupcakes: sweet as cupcakes in the hawkes bay area. i once dreamed of a krispy kreme donut 'cake', but cupcakes have always been a close second wedding 'cake' choice. we opted for the passionfruit and choc/vanilla flavours and they were enjoyed by all. my 8-year-old self would be a little disappointed i didn't get a 3-tiered cake with a fountain in the middle, but hey, people change.

cars: colin trevelyan's classic wedding cars, including a 1935 rolls royce and two daimler majestics. beautiful and classy.

band: i put together playlists for when the guests were arriving and during the bubbly and nibbles on the lawn, but the real musical entertainment for the evening was groove foundation. they didn't play a single bad song and the dance floor was full the whole night.

songs: i walked down the aisle to the across the universe version of 'i wanna hold your hand'. reuben and i have held a special place for this song and it was a perfectly slow and emotional version. during the registry signing it was the romantic 'come what may' from moulin rouge and exiting down the aisle after i do's we rocked out a little to 'modern love' by david bowie. last but not least, of course, is our first dance song 'around the world' by nat king cole.

all in all, we couldn't have asked for a better day - no hiccups, no worries, all fun and lots of great times with our family and friends. now on to writing those thank you cards!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

cocktail fragrances

/ metaproject 02: rit + corning museum of glass found via coolhunting /
i'm a little late posting about last week's scents, but life has been busy this week! derby on monday meant being ridiculously sore on tuesday, wednesday... and thursday... i managed to do a step class on wednesday, which made me feel athletically accomplished, but didn't help with the leg aches. 

/ scents that would also make great cocktail flavours :) /
index, fresh - cucumber baie (discontinued)
love and toast - mandarin tea
good judy - mint patch
cb i hate perfume - gathering apples
wylde ivy - black vanilla

this was by far my favourite collection, i liked each one so i don't think i could pick a favourite but the mint patch was an unexpectedly nice scent.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

out of the closet

/ brand new boutique 9 heels, my first purchase on myhabit /
i've been instagraming my outfits lately since i've gotten so many new things from switch & bitch and more. just sharing a few here :)

/ feather and metal leaf necklace from kat /

/ white lace shirt from switch & bitch, patterned tights gifted by AD /

/ patterened tights close up /

/ lace shirt close up /

/ ron te kawa hoodie jacket from the craft fair /

/ modcloth coach tour dress from AD for my birthday /
/ happy shoes :) /

/ button detail /

/ comfy black shirt from switch & bitch, black knit legwarmers from mom /

/ pinstripe vest from switch & bitch /

/ velvet dress from mom, awesome chunky boots from boston /

/ cream sweater vest from switch & bitch /

Saturday, May 12, 2012

sin & salvation scents

/ albino western diamondback rattlesnake from mark laita's serpentine collection /
most people are afraid of snakes, but these photos have to make anyone appreciate the stunning beauty of these animals. mark laita's whole serpentine collection is amazing, as are the other collections like amaranthine, which is a colourful and detailed study of ornithological specimens.

/ this week's sin & salvation scents /
black phoenix alchemy lab - kill devil
good judy - mother mary
gucci - guilty
dkny - pure
velvet moon bathery (now out of business) - devil's bouquet

i picked out this new set of scents on friday night and that night i dreamt that K I L L  D E V I L was my new derby name and that i had it tattooed on my tongue.. i have to admit that in my dream i thought it was pretty badass. kill devil is by far my favourite scent, which you might be able to surmise since i have a whole bottle of it :) however, not including kill devil, mother mary was my favourite out of this lot.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fresh meat... again

/ fresh meat outfit week 1 /
fresh meat training started up again on monday and it went SO WELL this time around! it was awesome to not be worried about staying upright and actually be able to complete the drills with some amount of confidence. the best part was that we learned how to do the two main type of stops (t stop and plow stop) and this time around i actually learned how to do them properly. i was never able to plow stop in the last session but on monday i was able to do several in a row, even though i was on the horrible rented skates. yeah, i'm pretty sure i'll have to spring for a pair of skates in the near future if i can't rent a good set from the local skate retailer.

/ nyc's roller derby league /
i decided this time around i need to actually take pictures of my outfits because, let's face it, half the fun is the fashion ;) i didn't have time to take a picture at practice since it was so busy, so i popped on my helmet and got reuben to take a pic. unfortunately in the pic you can't see how amazingly shiny my shorts are, but i promise you they are stunning. in fact, they aren't shorts at all but a halter neck unitard, but they were just a bit too much to wear on their own, hence the black shirt over top. i did get a round of applause from the girls when i flashed the whole unitard and the coach dubbed me onesie for the rest of practice.

/ stock visualization bracelets by paulbaut /
i was pretty excited to read about the derby teams in nyc - my favourite name being the wall street traitors - and the fact that they have a social league. i can't see myself getting on to a league any time soon, but playing socially would be fun. i just have to convince whoever prima smasherina is to retire so i can use prima basherina as my name (they're just too similar!)... i might start using it here anyway. number 2-2, of course :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


/ strathcona stockings found via style bubble /
in honour of tonight's super moon, i'm dreaming of space... (both of these items are wishlisted, by the way)
/ jeoffrey campbell + black milk 99 tie rainbow galaxy heels /