Saturday, December 18, 2010

bon voyage

/ head of state ny poster via swissmiss /

we start our very long journey to the northern hemisphere tomorrow, see you in 40-something hours!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

word bird

/ paper bird by cottonbirddesigns /

the little bird and the crossword made me think of grandpa :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

how my garden grows

i wasn't sure what to expect when i dug up my carrots this evening but i was pleasantly surprised by 2 perfect specimens and one great goofy one. they also tasted delicious!

my spinach is doing a lot better now that i've moved it out of the reach of the cats! it will make a nice addition to dinner tomorrow night.

when i get back from the states in january, i think i might plant a few more flowers as i think one of the best thing i planted this spring was a set of 6 marigolds scattered between several different pots. it definitely brightened things up and provided a nice contrast to all the greenery. i'm also hoping to paint a few more pots with an old can of royal blue paint i picked up at the arts recycling centre. not sure what plants i'll put in when i get back, i just hope the broccoli, lettuce and herbs make it the 3 weeks i'm gone!

meandering manawatu

/ bridge out of ashhurst /

forgot to mention that my picasa album has all the photos from the christmas party weekend.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

parties, plays and pedicures

/ taking off from the airport /

last weekend's christmas party for reuben's parents' business was such an awesome day. the whole day was a big surprise for everyone involved (except the coordinators, of course) so we certainly weren't expecting a first stop at the airport! the girls and guys split into two groups for the start of the day with the girls getting on the helicopter first.

/ aerial view of palmy /

we headed out over town and made our way toward the ranges - it was such a perfectly sunny and clear day too!

/ flying over the manawatu river /

we flew up over the wind farms and even right by some of the big turbines.

/ looking over the windfarms /

/ flying by a massive turbine /

after the windfarm, we headed over the gorge.

/ manawatu gorge /

after our aerial tour, we landed right on the front lawn of the hiwinui country estate.

/ i could get used to private helitransport :) /

once at hiwinui, we were greeted with bubbles and nibbles and we were each offered to choose from a selection of beauty treatments. i chose the pedicure :)

/ the rear lawn of hiwinui /

after our treatments, we had a couple hours to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery before the boys came to pick us up.

/ my pink toes /

we all got dolled up and ready for our next surprise - dinner at aberdeen!

/ the girls /

and then after aberdeen there was one more part to the night - a play at cetrepoint theatre called penalties, pints and pirouettes, which was surprisingly hilarious.

/ the boys at the tui brewery /

of course while the girls were out at hiwinui, the guys flew out to the tui brewery for a tour and a few pints.

all in all a fantastic day!! it really inspired reuben and i to make enough money to afford helicopter rides more often ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

wonderful weekend

this weekend was full of christmas parties, but blogger seems to be playing up tonight so can't share any photos at the moment - i'll make sure to post some tomorrow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

beware of the man flu

my poor hubby is tucked up at home with the cold i gave him :( feel better hun!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

green things

i've been lucky enough to always have jobs that take me to very interesting places and my te manawa job has been no different! this afternoon i took a trip out to the wastewater treatment plant in the outskirts of palmy town. yes, it was a bit smelly and there was lots of green water, but it was actually a pretty impressive operation. they are entirely powered by gasses released by the neighbouring landfill and gas produced by the bacterial digestion process of the sewage is also used to power portions of the plant with the excess being put back in the national grid.

/ a many-splendored thing heels on modcloth - love them! /

other green things at work - bugs and frogs! ok, the frogs actually aren't green, but greyish/brown instead. that's because they turned out to be a different species than we were expecting (!!) oops! i need to write a frog blog entry all about it and will share some surprisingly adorable frog pics then. i'll get some pics of all the bugs i've been working with as well :)

/ favourite tutus on behind ballet /

Sunday, November 28, 2010

one and a half weeks wasn't enough

/ orchids in the dunedin botanic gardens /

so the family left yesterday after touring around nz for nearly 2 weeks. i had a fantastic time being on vacation and catching up with the fam, as well as introducing them to my future family down here. back to work tomorrow and then only three work weeks before we're off to the states! time is definitely going to fly.

/ brian and reuben at the wooing tree winery in cromwell /

i'll post more pics soon, but here are just a few that i snapped on the iphone.

/ lakeside in queenstown /

/ mirror lakes in fiordland national park /

Sunday, November 7, 2010

future family

/ the prier and oden family /

ok, just a little late posting engagement party photos, but here are a few!

/ with reuben's aunt and cute little cousin (who has the same birthday as me) /

/ friends from ross and beyond /

/ reuben's groomsmen - scary eh? haha /

Saturday, October 30, 2010

buy chocolate, save seahorses

read on the london zoo's website that there's a jumbotron ad up in times square about project seahorse. too bad it won't be there anymore when we visit, but it's good to see conservation issues getting some JUMBO press.

happy halloween

/ curious leopard via telegraph wildlife /

halloween isn't much of holiday here, so we don't have any special plans tonight (that and it's sunday and reuben is studying for an exam tomorrow). i don't necessarily miss the ridiculous hype of most holidays in the states, i do miss some of the silly products and fun events.

/ orangutan snack via telegraph wildlife /

p.s. one of the best parts of halloween (other than the candy, of course): the monster mash! it's the hit of the land.

nice to meet you ted

ted talks seem to be all the buzz lately and i just started listening/watching a few and some of them are really quite awesome. i especially liked this one.

nutcracker and new york city

/ kat and i during my last nutcracker /

i've finally booked nutcracker tickets to see nz ballet's nutcracker with mom, AD and reuben's mom. it isn't the traditional nutcracker production, so i'm curious to see whether i'll like it.

/ one of the spring 2011 dresses via aisledash /

and today i printed out a big nyc map so we can start mapping out all of the things we want to see on our US trip, including a lot of food spots, of course :) a few from the list:

lombardi's pizza - an oldie but a goodie

s'mac - all macaroni and cheese all the time

at least one of the food trucks!

the flop

/ cat formations via akaerinasai /

aston is a professional flopper. like most cats, he knows exactly where you don't want him to sit and then he sits there:

/ the flopper himself /

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lost in the web

/ affordable art fair in london /

just catching up with my google reader tonight, which led to dress searching, looking for gardening inspiration, getting more crafting ideas and bookmarking cupcake recipes. i love the internet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

spring greens

/ roof top thrift garden via studio g /

ok, my balcony garden has yet to look as cool as the garden above, but i'm working on it! i took alan to the mitre 10 mega store yesterday for a cup of coffee and we did some plant shopping as well. i picked up some more herbs (oregano, thyme, basil), spring onions and some marigolds to brighten things up a bit this year.

/ balcony with a few new plants /

/ noli loves to eat spring onions so i'm trying to keep them out of her reach /

i think i might take a trip to the arts recycling centre to see what kind of cheap and fun crafting stuff i can find to make my garden a little more fun.

/ arugula /

the garden has already been productive this spring with a pretty decent crop of arugula, which i made into some potato and arugula soup. the last few chili peppers were used to make chili oil, which reuben used this week on some garlic and chili shrimp. it's funny that my chili plant made it all through the winter and now that it's spring, the plant finally looks like it's dying. i did save some seeds last year and one of them germinated, so fingers crossed i can grow another to replace this one.

/ my first spring harvest of arugula, lettuce and chilies /

is it bad...

is it bad that the best hi-low cut wedding dress skirt i've found is in an adam's family photo? hahaha.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

beautiful things

/ via abigail doan /

just found some amazing organic art and images by abigail doan. hoping to see some wedding inspiration amongst all the beautiful things!

/ via abigail doan /

Friday, October 22, 2010

frog blog

/ one of my little tadpoles /

everyone at work was so excited about the tadpoles that we decided to start doing a fortnightly frog blog on the te manawa website to keep everyone updated with their progress. check out my first entry here!

note that the inconsistent formatting and missing parenthesis was marketing's fault, not mine. everyone who knows me knows that i wouldn't let that slip :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i finished reading the lost symbol this weekend. finally. after it's been sitting on the bookshelf for something like 6 months! some of it was pretty out there, but it was an entertaining and fast read. i'm looking forward to selecting something else from my backed up stack of reading.

bug hotel

/ beyond the hive london park bug hotel /

i'm on a mission to try to make te manawa more green and since the frogs in the river exhibit are going to require lots of bugs, i've put forward a proposal to get a big compost bin or worm farm as well as a bug hotel. how cool are these london bug hotels?? i'm thinking one in the shape of the te manawa logo would be really neat.

p.s. tadpoles are now in my office - they're so cool! i'll eventually get some proper photos so you can see their shimmery gold skin.

/ green and golden bell frog tadpoles /