Sunday, April 29, 2012

how unusual

i can't believe i missed obscura day! i love reading atlas obscura's finds, especially when i see ones that i've actually been to like the shoe house and the petrified forest.

/ alphabet of obscure animals fabric on spoonflower /

Saturday, April 28, 2012

seasonal scents

/ fall leaves by maiautumn /
the rain has started up and the weather has cooled off - it's officially autumn in new zealand. because there aren't as many deciduous trees here, the change in seasons isn't quite as obvious as back home, but every once in a while you can smell the fragrance of wet leaves and chimney smoke in the air.

/ (fuzzy picture of) the seasonal scents /
this week, my scents celebrated the seasons:

fourseasonsfragrance (now out of business) - fresh spring
wylde ivy - summer fling
cb i hate perfume - in the summer kitchen
fourseasonsfragrance - sensual autumn
love potion perfumes - winter solstice 2009

i already knew i loved 'in the summer kitchen' as i have had it for several years now and it actually reminds me of when we would visit st. mary's city for the archeology digs in the summer as kids and the recreated period homes would have the smokey hearths lit, the sweet corn was ripe and there was dried tobacco hanging in the barns... this scent is just the right blend of crisp smoke and sweet vegetables.

i also really enjoyed winter solstice 2009 with it's spicy, warm notes with a hint of chocolate.

chilly bees knees

/ bee necklace by bstudio /
as i planted my large planter box with some winter broccoli and arugula this evening, i thought to myself 'what do bees do in the winter?'. turns out it's species dependent; some hibernate, some die off.

you know when you start to read about something online...

/ high line food open house /
i started reading about the food that will be featured on the high line this spring/summer (all of which sounds delish!), when then led me to read about one of the vendors - la newyorkina.

/ despite it being a wintery day today, i really want one of these! /
actually 'la newyorkina - mexican ice and sweets' is the full name and one of their products, nieves (described as a water-based sorbet), has a soursop flavour. never having heard of soursop before, i consulted wikipedia.
/ an old drawing of annona muricata /
annona muricata is also known as a graviola, is in the same family as the pawpaw and may have some cancer fighting benefits.

i lost track of where i went next, but ultimately i ended up finding out how to cook the enormous swede (aka rutabega) i bought last week... it looks like the general consensus is to mash it. this will work well as reuben and i have decided that every saturday i will make some type of mash for dinner so that he can make bubble and squeak for us on sunday mornings with the leftovers :) sounds like a good arrangement to me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a little fishy

/ giorgio armani gown via t-magazine /
ange and i are making a concerted effort to get our te awa blog up and running again. i put the first post up since last year with a photo from our native fish tank and i'm hoping we'll be able to post regularly now that we have a lot more info on our animals. it should be a fun way of sharing some relevant observations, unlike this article the manawatu standard wrote after interviewing us last week about the 'weta babies' someone told them we had... we don't have any and we never did, nor do we know much about the weta at all, so it was a particularly embarrassing interview. i guess any press is better than none...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

reds and greens

i used the very last of my green tomatoes in some chilli yesterday, just thought i would share some of the creations i made with my green tomatoes and a bag of ripe and unripe toms from my coworker nikki:

/ green, red and yellow salsa /

/ pickled green tomatoes and red onions /

/ tomato, mint and jalapeno jelly /
i also finished the last of the baby beets in the garden this week. i will definitely be planting these again, they were easy to take care of and delicious. i even learned a few yummy recipes to use the greens so nothing went to waste.

/ roasted baby beets and beet green risotto /

Monday, April 23, 2012

go see the light

/ paola navone installation via t magazine /
one of my favourite visual spectacles is lights in the dark. i think that's one of the many reasons why i love cities so much - seeing the glitter of twinkling lights in the dark. combine that sensation with science and i'm completely sold, which is why i would love to be able to go see american museum of natural history's creatures of light. but since i can't, you will have to go see it for me.

/ new zealand's glowworm features in creatures of light /

Saturday, April 21, 2012

rat attack

/ swamp city roller rats on facebook /
reuben, dom, miriam and i supported our the roller rats tonight at their first big home bout of the year. the main game was pretty impressive, even reuben got into it ;)

/ sporting my roller rat t-shirt /
miriam and i enjoyed this opportunity to dress up and i made some fox ears to support my coworker foxy pop (aka angela off the track). i'm looking forward to starting up fresh meat training again in a couple of weeks, but i don't see myself getting on to a team before we leave. at least it's good fun and good fitness!

/ fox ears, that turned out looking a bit like orange cat ears.. /

fierce fragrances

/ the golden antlers by the plumed serpent /
i really wish i had a reason to wear something like this - amazing!! 

but here's something a bit more reasonable for every day wear:

/ perfumes of the week /
starring fragrances - the porn star
bathed & infused - vanilla fig cedar (+ naughty pumpkin lotion)
love potion perfume - shangri~la
wylde ivy - sweet cairo
black phoenix alchemy lab - the antikythera mechanism 

just a random group this time, but maybe i'll theme them in the future.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

collaborative beverage


this is a great example of what clever collaboration can do. i'm bummed i never found the portamarillo around here, which was a collaboration between dogfish head and epic brewery of nz.

truly awesome

/ space shuttle discovery via nasa /
wish i was there to see that!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the cardboard arcade

there's so much negative and depressing media constantly buzzing around that it makes it all that much more special to see heart-warming stories about people being just plain awesome.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i want one!!

/ thermosaurus cast iron radiator /
i love this so much!! if we had a radiator i would absolutely be getting one of these!! and what a great website to explore: art.lebedev studio.

/ yes, yes, yes! /
found via notcot, a website that seems to have everything i find interesting. i want to be friends with these people.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

holiday book #1

/ 1930s shanghai girl found via good, bad, and fab /
i finished shanghai girls last night and boy was that like a soap opera! the two main characters just had one drama after the next, but i suppose that's what makes for an entertaining and quick read and a good way of fitting many people's life stories into one book. i was personally most interested in the first section that detailed the lives of the two girls in 1930s shanghai. however, the other half that followed their lives as chinese immigrants in america around and after world war 2 was equally interesting as well as heart-breaking.

the ending is a bit anti-climactic and left the door wide open for a sequel, so i will have to do some googling and see if that is the author's intention. in the meantime, i will definitely have to check out lisa see's other books (other than snow flower and the secret fan, which i read last year) as she writes about a lot of chinese history that i really know nothing about.

Monday, April 9, 2012

postnatural history

i've been to pitsburgh for a very cold, snowy st. patrick's day many years ago and i can't say i'm itching to go back anytime soon (though i do recall eating an amazingly good sandwich where the fries were served inside the sandwich rather than next to it), but this place sounds amazing!

owls on books

/ longleat park's burrowing owlets via zooborns /

i had a look at my book shelf today and realised i have a lot of reading to do! i'm hoping that my 2 weeks of school holidays will afford me the time to get through at least one. i think i will start with shanghai girls, a book that AD sent to me a while back.

somewhere in my web surfing last night i stumbled upon the site underground new york public library, a project where one guy takes photos of people reading on the subway. ok, that sounds a bit creepier than it actually is, so visit the site and see that it is a rather cool project. i'm intrigued by this book, plato and a platypus walk into a bar, which i spotted on the site. maybe i'll pick it up for my kindle.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter armadillo

/ from the national zoo's easter enrichment slide show /
like most holidays in new zealand, easter is a very relaxed one. no hype about easter bunnies and jellybeans, just a long weekend where everyone hopes the rains of winter won't move in. and luckily they haven't. it's been surprisingly sunny all weekend, if not a bit cool, hinting that it is finally autumn. the only productive thing i've done all day is bathe the cats (yep, they hated it) and then i have an engagement party to attend this evening. i'm enjoying the relaxation, but looking forward to the next two weeks of school holidays to cross a whole lot off of my very long to do list.

/ deviled eggs with old bay for easter dinner /

apiary project

what a great project! i could see myself taking up beekeeping :)

super slow mo


found this via swissmiss. she is by far the best feed in my reader.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

quick doc


a quick doc for those that don't know anything about derby. thinking about what to wear tomorrow....