Saturday, April 30, 2011

goodbye holiday

/ happy belated earth day - let's plant t-shirt on threadless /

it's hard to believe my 2-week school break is already winding down! it has been pretty busy and surprisingly productive though so i can't complain.

/ too pretty bluntcard /

for the first few days of the break i was enjoying some small sleep ins, but i still put in some hours at work trying to catch up with a backlog of paperwork from the end of the term. i also did a bit of wedding stuff including hiring a dress designer and nearly finalising the invites. the wedding planner (a.k.a. reuben) was mighty happy to finally have those things underway :)

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over easter weekend we headed to lake taupo to spend a few days at reuben's parents' caravan at motutere bay. on the first day i went out on the boat while reuben and his dad did a bit of fishing, but i just read and napped :) in fact, i finished two novels over the weekend: snow flower and the secret fan and the queen's fool. i really enjoyed them both. the most exciting part of the weekend was an unplanned ride on the huka jet. we got pretty soaked but it was lots of fun.

/ adam, julia, chris, me, reuben suited up for the huka jet /

on easter monday reuben, his sister julia, her boyfriend adam and i went up to rotorua and stopped by some of the smelly, bubbling attractions on the way since adam had never been before. they then dropped me off with emma at kiwi encounter so i could spend a few days visiting her. i had only been back to kiwi encounter once or twice since since doing my masters research there and while things had changed a bit, emma still put me to work dishing out the meaty kiwi food and a few other little things. it was so great to see one of the little fluffy cutie chicks again, too!

/ kiwi place card via ritzy bee blog /

the weather was pretty dreadful for the couple days i stayed with emma - the wind was so bad it brought down several trees around her house with a mighty thump! it was fun to hang out nonetheless - have a latte and blueberry white chocolate muffin at the quirky okere falls store, play with her flatmate's dog, catch up on all of our nerdy news and have a clothes swapping party. i managed to stuff my luggage absolutely full with new-to-me goodies from emma's closet :)

/ view of mount ruapehu on the way up to taupo /

i took the bus back home on wednesday afternoon and despite all the usual annoying things about bus rides, i really enjoy watching the stunning countryside go by. the bad weather held off for the most part, except when we went through the desert road where it was so rainy and misty that mount ruapehu was completely invisible, which is a pretty stunning feat for a 9000+ foot tall mountain (which also happens to be the most active volcano in nz, according to wikipedia).

on thursday morning i had my first day as keeper of live animals at te manawa. i am one of 2 keepers, the other being a girl who also studies at massey and has worked at the local pet shop animates. i think our experience compliments one another really well and i quite like her too. it's actually really exciting to be a founding member of the animal programme at te manawa and basically building it up from scratch. i think it's going to be a lot of fun, even if i am only doing 4 hours a week! i ended up staying all day thursday and half a day on friday organising animal stuff as well as helping put the exhibition together as the vip opening night was on friday and they were FAR from being ready! the big grand opening of stage 1 of te manawa's renovations was this weekend so it's been absolutely full on down there with opening events and hundreds of people! while the river exhibition is far from being complete, it still looks pretty fantastic. if anyone local is planning on going, i'd give it another month before you visit so more things are in place.

and now it's the last day of my vacation, reuben is up in auckland for a few days for work so it's just me and the cats hanging around and trying to finish everything i had planned for my break!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

my winery wedding

had my first appointment with the dressmaker, phil, this afternoon and it went fantastically. i brought in pics of 3 dresses that he'll put together for me in what i anticipate to be a FABULOUS frock :) next week he'll show me his sketches and then we'll go fabric shopping. i couldn't be more excited!

we're off to lake taupo tomorrow morning and then i'll spend a few days in rotorua with emma so happy easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

k is for kakapo

/ kakapo art print by nicolefitzgibbon /

in case you're thinking i'm turning into a crazy cat lady, well, a) i already am and were it not for reuben, i would probably have 10 cats, and b) i have plenty of love for other animals too! i do try to stay informed on the state of nz wildlife so i can impress people at parties when they find out i have a masters in zoology. actually that never happens. i keep informed because wildlife does genuinely interest me. especially quirky creatures like the kakapo.

kakapo are in the news fairly often, but the latest news piece was about an australian scientist saying doc's attempts to restore the kakapo population were futile. i'm sure there is plenty of evidence supporting this, but luckily doc isn't ready to give up yet. perhaps because this season has had several successful hatches so far, though one chick had to be taken to wellington zoo's clinic for treatment. according to the kakapo recovery group's page, there are now 11 chicks hatched this season. not too shabby.

in other captive breeding news - a clutch of tuatara eggs hatched at rainbow springs! maybe i'll get to catch a glimpse of them if i visit emma in rotorua next week :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

animals distract me

/ cat lover ring by ricksonjewellery /

the title of the isabella rossillini's new film, animals distract me, is fitting for me this week. since i'm off work this week, i've been at home more than usual, which means i am getting a whole lot more cuddle time with the cats! the fact that they are soft and warm helps as well since it's starting to get chillier outside too.

/ pas de chat treasury on etsy /

and since i'm trying to do some inspiration research for wedding decorations, i've also been spending lots of time on etsy. so many wonderful things to suck me in...

Monday, April 18, 2011

pas de chat

/ charlotte olympia shoes via moderncat /

no ballet for me this week since it's school holidays. i'm trying to convince wayne to do some exercise with me this week instead, but don't think it's going to work. that's ok, i'll be busy trying to find a dress designer and interviewing for the animal care assistant position tomorrow anyway :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


put together some treasuries on etsy today. i love etsy. i'm looking forward to doing some crafting over the school holidays!

birthday photos

/ flowers from AD delivered to work /

despite both of the other office ladies being away sick, i had a pretty smooth day at work on my birthday. i pretty much spent the whole day eagerly awaiting 7pm and my birthday dinner with reuben at the new tapas restaurant in town, the cooperage. it was pretty delicious.

/ my present from reuben /

reuben got me this tea box that i had my eye on for quite some time. isn't he adorable?

/ perfect place for my jewelry from jan & chris /

i hate having to dig through my jewelry box to untangle necklaces every morning. now i don't have to :) plus it's fun to display all my jewelry, especially all of the old beads from grandma theresa and pieces i've picked up from my travels.

/ sugar cookies i made for my morning tea shout /

i haven't made these cookies in years and years and just like my 10-year-old self, i got a stomach ache from eating too much dough.

feel better bro

/ holy ghost by xkcd (click to enlarge) /

ghostbusters always reminds me of my brother brian. enjoy and feel better!

(this post somehow went to my saved folder rather than publishing when i was posting my other get well messages to injured and sick family members - sorry it's a bit late bri!)

Monday, April 11, 2011


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take the 'are you smarter than a curator' quiz and help earn some money for cute creatures at the smithsonian national zoo.

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i applied for a very part time position at te manawa as an assistant animal keeper for the frogs, weta and fish. the position is only 4.5 hours a week, but i'm not sure it would work with my current job at ross as they are very unspecific about the times the assistant would be required. i figured it wouldn't hurt to apply and find out!

/ zebra heels via suicideblonde /

this week is the last week of the term - i am so looking forward to 2 weeks of enjoying the remnants of the sunshine before we drop into the depths of winter. thinking of maybe going up to rotorua to visit emma and some kiwi chicks!

/ metrocard art by juan carlos pinto via brain pickings /

Sunday, April 10, 2011

i fork ya

/ dear fork letterpress card by shopsaplingpress - visit the shop for more hilariousness /

the title is an inside joke between AD and i. they say laughter is the best medicine so feel better AD!

a post for dad

dear dad,

since you'll have lots of time to spend in front of the computer now - enjoy a cool clip.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

badass butterflies

/ butterfly dress via suicideblonde /

the only butterflies i see up on my balcony are the unwanted white butterflies on my broccoli :( i'm looking forward to seeing the butterfly collection i helped put together at the opening of te manawa's river exhibition at the end of the month - only a few weeks now!

/ my funky pastel and butterfly tights /

Friday, April 8, 2011


/ dita von teese's shoes via suicideblonde /

one day i'll have a shoe shelf like this! and even more fun shoes to go on it :)

/ an alexander mcqueen design from last year - i'd still buy them! /

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


/ lost in sofa via contemporist /

i'm not sure if this would make my remote-losing habits better or worse...

/ lost in sofa detail via contemporist /

Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm a size 8.5

/ corner pub heel $99.99 on modcloth /

just some last minute additions to the birthday wishlist :)

/ tip off heel $96.99 on modcloth /

/ fold me closer $54.99 on modcloth - my fave out of the four here /
/ army of she heel $44.99 on modcloth /

the owltlaws

/ via the above blog - go check out the raptor cuteness /

this made me laugh! found it after watching a decorah eagle sleep for a while (link via dad) and then switched over to the much more active, fluffy barn owls on the bonnie and clyde owlcam. i love these animal cams - and apparently so do a LOT of other people - there were 33,000 other viewers on the eaglecam when i was on there!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

cold toes

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autumn has truly set in with some chilly nights and mornings. i'm looking forward to a package from home with some warm suede goodness :)

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green & yellow

/ outfit i wore to dominique's 21st last night /

/ parsley seedlings /

/ parsley and lettuce /

/ broccoli that we'll eat this week /

/ broccoli that flowered because we didn't eat it fast enough /

/ flourishing sage and oregano /

/ two lonely carrots /

/ basil in a shoe /

/ the only surviving pumpkin plant /