Monday, October 31, 2011

fabulous find

/ golden tulip tights by galstern /
tights with a gilded floral pattern made from heels? yes, please!

almost extinct

/ hihi on bbc wildlife's almost extinct calendar /
every month, almost extinct features another collection of threatened or endangered wildlife who are rapidly disappearing from the planet. i've been following it for several months now and each month has featured wildlife from nz, highlighting the fact that pretty much every native nz animal is on the decline, especially its avian species. this month included the hihi, or stitchbird

luckily you can still spot these guys on nz's mainland and offshore islands like karori and kapiti.

think these guys are super cute? go vote for the stitchbird in forest & birds' annual bird of the year survey. i personally had a hard time picking this year, but went with one of my original faves, the yellow-eyed penguin, or hoiho.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

because christmas is around the corner...

/ q-pot stackable burger rings via style bubble /
... i thought i would add a couple things to my wishlist :)

/ the little book of hindu deities via brain pickings /

Saturday, October 29, 2011

whale fall

/ found via brain pickings

you should definitely listen to the radiolab episode that inspired this. i heart all of the radiolab episodes, but i especially like the sciencey stories like this one.

and speaking of whales, the whale bones that te manawa acquired last year finally caught the attention of the media. i had a look at them over the weekend and they are hard to spot at first, but when you look closely you can see the spongy look of the bone against the dense, soft clay-like rock. i hope it gets some further attention in the near future as one of the more interesting pieces in the science collection.


nz often has really graphic or really dumb anti-drunk driving campaigns, but this one is pretty entertaining.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

exercise your brain

in case you want to stay up at night thinking about infinity and time travel... check out the whole series of thought experiments...

in love!

/ giuseppe zanotti heels via /
i absolutely LOVE these shoes - too bad they're so freaking expensive! i'll be searching for a less expensive alternative for sure.

/ screenprint by misterrob /
LOVE this print, both the poem and the physical piece are beautiful.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

congratulations new zealand

/ all black milk leggings /
i think everyone agrees that new zealand is long overdue some good news after mine explosions, never ending earthquakes and oil spills. and the all blacks brought that good news last night. it was a narrow, nail-biting victory, but a victory nonetheless!

a peek into the cave

took a few photos of our cave weta recently. can you spot her in the photo above? she was delicately cleaning her ovipositor by the little pond.

obviously the photos aren't that clear because they're from my iphone, but that's the only camera i have available when i'm working. this up close one shows the striped detail which makes them so hard to find when they're in the leafy underbrush.

if this one looks a bit weird, it's because this weta is nearly at the end of shedding his/her skin. i stuck around for about 20 minutes to see him/her emerge nearly all the way, but couldn't tell whether it was a male or female. i've since seen a male hiding in the same area so i think it might have been him.

work trip

/ gecko - can't remember what kind /
a couple weekends ago, angela (the other te manawa animal keeper) and i head over to mt bruce to go have a look at some of their animal enclosures. in the near future, we're hoping to upgrade the former frog enclosure to contain both frogs and geckoes, but we wanted to see how some well-established institutions created and maintained their enclosures.

/ kiwi egg ready to hatch /
we not only got to see the geckoes, we also went to see the kiwi chicks being fed and one chick had just externally pipped and was going to hatch any minute. i have to say i was pretty impressed by the recent upgrades, the place looked really great.

/ tuatara /

/ kokako /

/ kaka /

Friday, October 21, 2011

woolly penguins

/ penguins wearing wool via animal tracks /
i haven't been watching the news much lately so i'm kind of behind on the rena spill, but happy to see there is some success in saving the oiled penguins. i was watching a ted talk recently about treating penguins after a spill in south africa, i wonder whether similar techniques are being employed.

/ penguin made of wool by shishlookdesign - sold out! /

sid the sloth

/ sid the sloth on zooborns /
is there really anything cuter than baby animals? yeah, i don't think so! you'd have to be pretty cold-hearted not to go awwwww at at least one of these babies, no matter what animal you find cute: arabian oryx, bat-eared fox kits, barbirusa pigs, or toads.
/ happy sloth by marymaryhandmade - sold out! /
ever since i visited the baltimore aquarium's rainforest as a kid i have always wanted a sloth. at least i thought it was there, even though i don't see it on their website's animal list at the moment.

spring cleaning

/ my herb bouquet /
you would think that having 2 weeks of school holidays would allow me to get through my (very long) to do list - but no! i've been busy project managing 4 new property projects at ross, stufing hundreds of envelopes for the board of trustees elections and learning the ropes of the finance officer role that i've taken over. oh yeah, and i'm now officially the office manager :) 

/ plantable via the contemporist /
one of the few things i've completed over the holidays is a bit of tidying up in the garden. i sorted through a layer of my worm farm to get the rich vermicast from the bottom layer to add to my soil, which ended up being a bigger job than i had thought because of some of the things i put into the worm farm last year have hardly decomposed or been eaten. i know better now and don't include things like avocado shells and pits and i now grind up egg shells into a fine powder before i add them. luckily te manawa has a compost bin now, so i have a bucket where i put all of the organic material that my worms won't eat that i later empty at work.

/ ceramic seed markers by esthercoombs /
i also planted two containers of arugula, two containers of corriander, one container of chives, and half of my large planting box with baby beets. my oregano plant has come back looking fabulous this year and my sage has the prettiest purple flowers coming out. before renewing the soil in some of my pots, i collected the remnants of parsley, corriander, arugula and spinach, which were looking a bit poor but still edible and made a really delish blended herb oil (preparation method found here). i then used it as a base for a really yummy homemade veggie and salmon pizza last night. reuben gave it his tick of approval and since i still have plenty of parsley left to harvest this weekend, i will definitely be making another batch! and planting even more corriander after reading this article about all its health benefits :) i also plan to try out this carrot top pesto recipe as i believe my pot of baby carrots are just about ready to be eaten.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

paleontological finds

/ dinosaur tracks in arkansas via natgeo /
talk about find of a lifetime! stories like this are what make kids (and some adults!) want to be paleontologists.

/ distinct extinction necklace on modcloth /

they seemed surprised that the tracks were somewhat pigeon-toed, but as far as i recall from my research, this is the norm for many birds (i even remember seeing this in my kiwi footage). while i don't believe birds are a perfect analog for studying dinosaur gait (there are some obvious differences), it's not actually a stretch of the imagination that this dinosaur would show some similarities. you'll be able to read about kiwi gait and it's possible similarities to dinosaur biomechanics in my paper... which reminds me i need to go work on that...

happy platypus day

/ platypus necklace by marymaryhandmade /
isn't he adorable?? wishlisted.

blog backup

/ reuben and i sporting our georgia colours /
ok, i'm very behind on my blogging so i'll start with two weekends ago when reuben i went to the georgia vs. argentina game at the stadium here in palmy. it was a surprisingly nice day (yay- spring is coming!) so with one or two layers underneath we could show off our supporting colours.

/ argentina supporter in front of us /
despite the georgian team looking positively frightening, argentina smashed them. ah well, at least we got to enjoy some hot dogs and donuts :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

from a land down under

not sure i'm a big fan of the video, but thought i would share with my north american people, who probably wouldn't otherwise hear this catchy song by this australian/kiwi duo.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

a little bit about georgia

reuben and i are going to the georgia versus argentina rwc game tomorrow and since i know virtually nothing about georgia, i thought i would do a quick read on wikipedia. some things i found interesting: 
/ balanchine's rubies via nytimes /
george balanchine's father was from georgia.

the knight in the panther's skin is a 6500 line poem considered to be georgia's national epic. i read a few chapters, but mostly i just like the title.

/ iris iberica via endemic species of the caucus /
the georgian iris has my name in it iris iberica :)

the golden fleece from the jason and the argonauts story was located in colchis, an ancient georgian region located in western georgia.

/ gergeti trinity church and mt kazbek via ministry of foreign affairs of georgia /
the greater caucasus mountain range runs through russia, georgia and azerbaijan, with shkhara being the highest point in georgia.

or if you prefer depths over heights, krubera cave is the deepest known cave on earth.