Tuesday, November 6, 2012

welcome any newcomers

/ girl with the golden swan bike by sophieblackall /
ever since i posted my diy wardrobe week on facebook and threw my hat in the ring for recycled fashion's fashion finds #58, i've gotten a bit of extra traffic from people other than my family. it's been pretty cool to 'meet' new people coming through here so i obviously encourage anyone new to leave comments and say hi :) i've found heaps of new blogs and a million talented and crafty people; it's so good to know how many practical and creative people are out there.

/ water balloons on threadless /
but for anyone that doesn't know me, it won't take long to see that i am far from a crafty professional, but more of a jack of all trades. i like to do a bit of sewing, dabble in gardening, stay limber in dance classes, mix a few cocktails, create beautiful food, cuddle my cats, cuddle my hubby, drool over pretty shoes, read a few novels, spend too much time at work, embrace my geekier side, travel wherever i can go, make the world a better place and never stop learning something new.

/ curly hair on 'i always wondered' /
after moving to new zealand from the states nearly 7 years ago, i realised i was writing the same thing to each person back home, so it made sense to consolidate my efforts and to just post my new experiences here so all could read as well as share all of the beautiful and exciting things that life brings my way. i'm addicted to my google reader, ted talks, radiolab and getting lost online as much as i enjoy trying pretty much anything new - from sky diving to beauty pageants to roller derby to yoga to fire spinning to vegan cooking. so ultimately, i don't have any earth shattering comments on humanity, i just enjoy sharing the things that make my life tick because they just might interest you too.

Monday, November 5, 2012

snippets of life

/ lookin' pretty good in a plastic beard... /
reuben's cousin pam and i posing at a birthday party for our friend andrew... came right after a derby game so still in my swamp city shirt.

/ sandy carter photography /
spotted some black milk muscle leggings at a derby bout a couple months ago - love it! i ordered the black ribs swimsuit and i cannot wait til it gets here :)

spring cleaning in the garden so the balcony looks tidy. it's so windy sometimes that i just can't seem to get all the dirt from blowing back to the doorway so i may have actually vacuumed by the door this weekend...

my baby carrot harvest - i needed to make some space for the expanding broccoli and the fava beans that are popping up.

the poppy costumes i made for me and leesa for wayne's wizard of oz party.