Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome to 2010

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

forget kindle - i want one of these!!!

new years in palmy

we decided to get a nice bottle of wine from our favourite wine shop in hokowhitu to take to dinner with us and since we had decided on an ostrich and a lamb dish, we were looking for a pinot. the lady at the shop recommended this one and while it wasn't as fruity as i normally like, it was definitely a really nice flavour. apparently it just recently won an award in london. i think the fam and i will have to visit a few of these central otago wineries when we go traveling down south in may :)

around midnight we headed back to the square for the countdown and fireworks:

/ stage set up in one corner of the square /

/ fireworks ringing in 2010! /

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new years resolution

i'll consider that my big and important resolution. along with eating well and exercising more often. this is my my more realistic goal:

/ twitter tee on threadless /

actually, my first goal of 2010 is to not have a fight with the floor - i don't think i could possibly look as good with a black eye as reuben did this year :)

upcycled and awesome

/ recycled cassette tape necktie on supermarket /

saw these neckties on one of my google reader feeds and thought it was a pretty awesome idea! (yet another site that looks as though i will love everything on it - supermarket) as a crafter, i've been recycling and reusing bits and pieces of everything ever since i can remember. that may also have something to do with the packrat gene i inherited :)

/ rainbow ribbon cable belt by digibling /

i love seeing all of the 'upcycled' and 'repurposed' items on etsy because they inspire me to do more crafting! there are just so many great ideas out there.

/ suitcase cat bed by lovenostalgicwhimsy /

when i finally find a good suitcase at the salvation army or one of the opshops, the cats are getting one of these!

/ purse made from a leather jacket by hoakonhelga /

and of course i love shoe accessories:

/ mini spats made from recycled leather by bagavondbags /

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


nutrition was one of my favourite parts when working at wrr. i especially liked coming up with enrichment ideas or just any way to make the food more exciting. it was a bit like a treasure hunt every time you worked with the food, because you never knew what was going to be available or what kind of treasures you would find when you started that day. i remember getting a bit giddy when i would find something special, like fish or berries.

/ one of the old lions /

my two favourite things i remember making were guacamole stuffed pumpkins for the coatis and red meat stuffed chickens for the picky old lady lions who only wanted to eat chicken. i also loved going to feed the fennec foxes because they were just so freakin' adorable!

/ me giving an illegal belly scratch on christmas day 2005 /

i remember another christmas i spent working with animals, and i even recruited reuben to help out:

/ reuben helping with cleaning and feeding kiwi chicks on christmas morning 2007 /

Sunday, December 27, 2009

pansies, parsley, presents and te papa

/ card from emma and porcelain cat from reuben's grandma /

it's been a a quiet holiday season, just spending time with those i love! christmas day was relaxed, just eating, chatting and soaking in the warmth with reuben's family at his grandparents' house.

/ pansies on christmas day /

/ the flower garden at reuben's grandparents' house /

/ my happily progressing parsley plants /

reuben and i went to the nursery today and picked up another pot for some rocket and a catnip plant. i emptied out the bottom layer of worm farm of all it's vermicast and mixed it into the big pot where aston's grass patch was and put in some corriander and more sweet basil.

/ our stockings hung above the couch with care /

/ tinsel icicles decorations from aunt dogs /

/ fannie farmer cookbook from mom's christmas package /

/ little heart christmas kitty treats /

/ aston enjoying a catnip toy from mom /

/ iphone case i made for reuben from a secondhand tie /

/ kiwi encounter calendar from emma /

/ summer flats, one of my christmas presents from reuben /

reuben and i decided to go to te papa on boxing day to see the colossal squid. and all of the other cool stuff, of course.

/ the colossal squid /

/ reuben reading about the sea creatures /

/ moa and a giant eagle /

Monday, December 21, 2009

on the nanoscale

i was listening to a science and the city podcast about this book today and it sounded great! somehow i don't think the palmerston north library will have it...

surprisingly they do have the geek atlas, which i will definitely have to check out soon.

/ cholesterol in the molecular expressions photo gallery /

if it makes you happy...

... it can't be that bad!

/ the 11,000 calorie oreo cookie cheesecake reuben and i made /

ok, i doubt cheesecake is good for you in any way, but apparently cottage cheese can help make you happy, along with pineapples and tofu. these all contain tryptophan, a happy molecule found in chocolate, too, along with theobromine:

/ theobromine molecule necklace by molecularmuse /

cocoa does good things for your blood pressure as well, though it probably doesn't balance out the damage of 2 pounds of cream cheese and 4 1/2 packets of oreos found in our cardiac arrest cheesecake.

/ night owl t-shirt on threadless /

coffee might lower your risk for oral cancer, but benefits can vary person to person.

/ tetris t-shirt on threadless /

one of my favourite games ever: tetris! i always knew it was awesome, but it might even be responsible for making you smarter.

/ cross stitch by argentacollaborative /

and then there's blogging, a therapeutic way of recording your personal experiences. i do like talking about things that make me happy, like shoes and food, or shoes made of food:

/ loafers via swissmiss /

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

spring things

/ asters via studio g /

pink and yellow and multicolours make me think of spring! i suppose it's technically summer now, but don't let the name fool you.

/erin eyelashes on sephora /

i love all of these eyelashes! i would wear one of the sparkle and shine ones for new years :)

/ sweetheart ruffle skirt by newyorkcouture /

/ pink candy cane wren by seapinks /

/ nicholas kirkwood heels via obsessed with shoes /

/ octopus necklace in cat davison jewellery's shall we polka collection /

/ 96 tears necklace on modcloth /

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a post for the parents (and AD too!)

pics of all the fun clothes mom sent for christmas :) the quality isn't too great because i had to take them on my webcam because it's just too hard to set up the camera to take heaps of pictures in a row.