Sunday, January 31, 2010

a crafty future

/ some rosebuds i'm drying for some future crafts /

reuben's grandma offered up a bunch of her craft supplies when i can finally start doing that fun stuff again!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


/ rufus plush dog by crafthope /

how can these little ones not make you smile?

/ otter love cards by night owl paper goods /

all you need is love

/ eco-friendly apparel by alottosay /

all things i would LOVE to get for valentine's day! heart shaped strawberries would work too :)

/ national zoo's adopt a species package /

/ triceratops in love card by orange twist /

/ tekka maki sushi plush by cornstarch /

/ eldorado club necklace on pinup girl clothing; also love the heart tattoo! /

books on a bright day

/ big mobile in the palmy library /

i stopped by the library today after bodybalance this morning to check out a book i picked up a few weekends ago: at my french table. it's about an australian family who moved to a castle in normandy and started a kind of cooking vacation spot. france is definitely next on my list of countries to visit!

/ i never noticed this piece until today, maybe it's new? /

/ perfectly sunny and warm today! /

when i was checking out the french book, the lady informed me that a book i requested they purchased had come in, so i popped back upstairs and picked it up: the geek atlas. i am very much looking forward to flipping through that one!! maybe there will be something interesting in new zealand that i don't know about yet...

/ the books i brought home today /

Friday, January 29, 2010

cute cat stuff

/ manolo being a big help while making the bed /

yeah, our cats are adorable. and they're pretty much our only entertainment these days. actually we've been busy every weekend since christmas, mostly doing something with reuben's family and this weekend we have another dinner over at his parents' house to farewell alex, who is moving to melbourne. busy, busy, busy!

/ vinyl the cat by mikey burton via swissmiss /

Thursday, January 28, 2010


/ shadows of my awesome shoes /

i was soaking in some great nz sun while waiting for reuben to pick me up today. i reallllly need a tan.

/ great christmas present from my bro /

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

summer skies

/ sky on a hot clear day /

/ over the sports field at ross /

/ summer's no fun when you have to work /

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tweet, tweet

/ birdies bathing in the afternoon rain /

i signed up for twitter a couple days ago to see what all the hype was about. i still don't get it.

/ rain, rain go away /

/ tweet, tweet /

happy australia day!

/ red kangaroo 2 by jellibat, made from repurposed velvet dress /

etsy did a spotlight on australian designers today - i looooove the bag made from seatbelts! have i mentioned how much i love recycled and repurposed materials?

/ hyphen bag by interrobang /

Monday, January 25, 2010

see our garden grow

/ the tomato invaders amongst the basil /

/ tomato invaders amongst the cilantro /

/ crazy amounts of rocket /

/ beetroot has perked up a bit /

/ the beans are taking off! /

Sunday, January 24, 2010


/ brian doing his computer thing in the frederick news post /

i love brian's job title: product recovery specialist. way to go, bro!

/ electronic parts t-rex via arts, design blog /

i've been editing lots of shows lately about e-waste and the places they visit reminded me of the stuff that bri does - getting all of the good bits out of old electronics. you really never know what kind of crazy components go into them until you see them taken apart. i had never even heard of coltan and it's controversial mining in congo. i guess you learn something new everyday!

/ command key necklace by creativedexterity /

everything's coming up roses and tomatoes

/ roses from reuben's grandparents /

reuben's grandparents came for dinner this evening and brought a big batch of their roses for us. reuben made a delicious beef mince pie for dinner and i made some average brownies for dessert. i should have made them from the box, i think they would have turned out better.

/ tequila sunrise rose /

earlier this afternoon, reuben's parents came by to have a look at our new garden box and noticed that in my big pot of basil and cilantro there were some tomato invaders! shows how much i've been paying attention to that pot, i didn't even notice that there were tomato plants in there. they must have come from the vermicast that i mixed in with the potting soil before i put the herb seeds in. so far they look like they are doing just as well as the tom plants we got from the nursery. now i just have to find somewhere to put them...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

negative space

/ canary lungs by kate macdowell via street anatomy /

not much to say today, just enjoying some beautiful patterns and pictures cut out of white media.

/ walking snail by peter callesen /

/ drop point sandal by camilla skovgaard via obsessed with shoes - i want them all! /

a humdrum day

/ reuben's prized acquisition /

reuben came back with a homeless shopping cart last week and we gladly parked it next to betsy for our grocery carting needs:

/ so much easier than carrying these all upstairs! /

we spent the afternoon indoors because of the rain, doing our respective reading. aston apparently felt like we were ignoring him.

/ aston didn't seem to notice that he was sitting on top of reuben's newspaper /

/ what? were you reading that? /

Friday, January 22, 2010

the little things...

/ new office supplies arrived today - yay! /

as much as i am really excited about having a date stamp, i'd rather be getting file folders like these:

/ do,ponder,file file folders on knock knock /

in fact, i would take their whole range of stationery, some of them are pretty hilarious.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a nutty day

/ my favourite texas squirrel from wrr (rip, little cutie!) /

it's been nuts today and i totally forgot to take a photo. so i will have to share an old one in recognition of today - squirrel appreciation day!

/ woodland critter whisks on modcloth /

say, i know you

/ in the middle of making bread /

ok, so the mike fleming i know doesn't work at my bank, he's an artist/musician/writer/creative guy. but it still made me giggle to see the name on the bank letter.

/ balloons photo from mike's website /

the fleming crew are like extended kuzmiak family and i was pretty happy he made it along to my birthday party in philly last year. seems like ages ago! i had such a great time with mike, kathryn, aj, geoff and christine, eating ourselves silly and sipping on yummy cocktails :)

/ organic tagua nut necklace by judysdesigns /

another warm and sunny day makes me in the mood for fun multicolours.