Wednesday, February 20, 2008

you gotta have heart

red - my favourite colour! my looovely valentine's day roses celebrating my fairly new relationship and all those ooey gooey emotions from the heart. (insert 'awwwww' here)

also new: middle eastern dance and squash!

i finally found a dance studio close to home that has evening classes for any age. it's a combo class that includes some belly dancing, something i've always wanted to learn. as for squash, there is a squash gym at club palmy, so i figured i would take advantage of the free usage of the courts and friends working there who were willing to teach me how to play. i went this morning and already my muscles are saying 'i hate you'. my heart, however, will thank me later.

Friday, February 15, 2008

movie of the week

after renting quite a few movies from the indie dvd store this week, murderball was by far the best out of all of them. even if you aren't a rugby fan, the story is fantastic. who wants to go see the wheelblacks with me?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


"and how about our uncorked sauvignon blanc?"

ok, inside joke. but seriously, mission estate has to be one of the most beautiful wineries i have ever visited. not that i have visited many, but i will work on that. now that i have a friend living in gisborne, i think it is high time to make another winery tour!

speaking of gorgeous wineries, check out this picture of a vineyard in the canary islands! it looks like a bizarre (and desperate) way of making wine, but apparently it works. i'll put that on my list of places to see as well. anyway, i found out about that place on a wine blog, along with a craft idea for all my corks. it's not that creative, but i can't come up with anything else other than a picture frame. there are a lot more creative (and crazy) people out there - other ideas on there include a wine cork wall!
notice: dr.vino runs a wine class at nyu!

also desperate: powdered wine . AND cheeseburgers in a can! By candle light!! Actually, the White Castle thing sounds kinda fun...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

birds and the bees

it's summertime and the wildlife is frisky! if you want to know how the birds and the bees do it, try reading about it or even watching an interpretive film about the love life of insects.

and if you are in new york city anytime soon, get out of the cold and take a quick trip to the tropics in the butterfly exhibit at the museum of natural history. after volunteering there for a few months wayyyy back in 2005, i have a new appreciation for insects. apparently i was still a little shocked in this picture to be receiving so much butterfly attention!
so now that i've talked about the insects, on to the birds! my favourite bird at the moment should be pretty obvious, but if you need a hint, it shares it's name with a fruit, it's nocturnal and it can't fly. i spent about 5 hours in the post-mortem room today measuring KIWI embryos. depsite the formalin smell being stuck in my nose and mouth the rest of the day, it was quite fun to see the developmental sequence from only a few days old until the point of hatch. just wait til i get them on treadmills!
p.s. if you click on the kiw link above, and watch the flash animation of a little kiwi hatching and walking and growing - that is my project in a nutshell! hopefully after my work we can make a little more biomechnically correct version of a walking kiwi :)
p.p.s. happy birthday darwin!

Friday, February 8, 2008

the interesting thoughts of erica jones

actually, i don't really have many thoughts on the topic of quantum computers, i found this segment to be just plain interesting. i had to talk to one of my computer friends in order to actually find out what these computers could do in the real world...

edward monkton has more interesting thoughts, but generally not about computers, and they tend to be more funny than mind-boggling. did you notice how i learned how to make words into links?? soon enough i'll be building my own quantum computer...

Monday, February 4, 2008

brought to you by new zealand

flight of the conchords, as you may or may not have discovered, is amazing. apparently we americans find it much more hilarious than kiwis as i have yet to hear anyone talk about it here, and reuben doesn't even crack a smile when we watch it. i, on the other hand, am lucky if i can breath or get off the floor (where i have fallen in a fit of laughter, of course).

also discovered by the kiwis (a population of champion drinkers) - the health benefits of a daily beer! or two..