Saturday, October 31, 2009

movember 1st

/ espresso cup by breadandbadger - check out the other cool cups and glasses in their shop too! /

it's that time of year again - movember - a fundraising and awareness campaign for men's health. last year reuben decided to participate with his workmates when we were living in london. this was also when he met my parents for the first time... let's just say i'm happy he's not participating this year :)

/ buttons by buttonhead /

/ iphone case by yummypocket /

/ pillow by sewluckygirl /

/ salt and pepper shakers by paperdollwoodshop /

/ necklace by j2jewelry /

shop local

/ sketchy bird tee by papercup /

reuben and i went to fresh central's market day today where they showcased local food and wine producers in the store. we wandered around tasting lots of yummy samples from grilled pork to lime chutney to passion fruit yogurt to sausages to wine. we tried pohangina valley's pinot gris and pinot noir and decided on the 2006 pinot gris. once it gets warm we might even make the quick trip out to the vineyard, whose tasting room looks quite nice.

i checked out the shop local feature on etsy today and while there are only a few shops in palmy, there are quite a few with cute things from stores around nz.

/ merino armwarmers by overcast /

/ hoodie by morphic /

/ purse by hunterandpike /

/ fern necklace by blackswandesigns /

/ ring box by boxx /

/ heart pendant by wendyjnz /

/ i heart my cat necklace by albiehearts /

everybody loves pumpkins

/ pumpkins via resurrection fern /

it's halloween today and while we spent most of it inside, there isn't much halloween spirit in new zealand. i used to love halloween and trick-or-treating, probably because it involved costumes and i always have and always will love costumes!

/treat for lion cub at london zoo /

the london zoo pic reminded me of halloween at wrr because we received almost more pumpkin donations from walmart than we could use. nearly every animal was treated to a pumpkin prepared especially for them. the big cats got them to bat around and chew on like above, the monkeys got boiled pumpkin pieces and the coatis got guacamole filled pumpkins. i was pretty partial to the coatis because they were just so unusual and adorable.

/ arlanda heels /

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hot hot hot

/ ruby stud heels on modcloth /

i've been trying to increase my intake of chili peppers lately, improve my circulation and maybe not have quite so ice cold hands. so far, i'm still pretty damn cold. maybe some hot shoes will help :)

/ capsaicin molecule necklace by molecularmuse /

/ christian louboutin ostrich and velvet shoes via obsessed with shoes /

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what the hail??


the cats went pretty crazy when the hail started this afternoon, so i let them out on the balcony to investigate. manolo ran in the opposite direction, but aston went straight out and started to play with the ice. manolo finally went out after a few minutes at which point they sat under the table and stared at this new mysterious stuff falling from the sky.

it's halloween in a few days, and i would love to take aston out to scare everyone! but halloween isn't really that big over here and i might be laughed at with a cat on a harness. i haven't actually bought harnesses for the cats yet, but that doesn't mean i haven't seriously considered it. i have not, however, considered dressing the cats up, but if i did, aston would be wearing the unidentified monster costume:

/ cat costume on the skip-raid /

and manolo would probably turn into a crazed vampire cat:

/ halloween warnings from avalon lake, ohio /

especially don't trust people around your black cat!

Monday, October 26, 2009

cuppa kinda day

/ origami tea bags via antler /

you would never know by today's downpours that yesterday was such a nice day! today is the kind of day where i just want to curl up and drink tea all day. and write my thesis! i've actually been having a kickass writing day for once. maybe it's my awesome harrods tea that reuben brought back from london for me:

/ couldn't find these particular boxes on the harrods website /

i should be drinking more tea than coffee anyway. especially since the coffee here just isn't that great. i'm starting on my five cups of green tea now!

/ tea bag mug via foodie /

and because i can't resist posting this shoe i saw on nine west this morning (i can't help it they send me completely drool-worthy pictures of shoes via email), here is a shoe that has nothing to do with tea. i love the escher-like pattern!

/ nine west's bonfire peep toe pump in bronze /

Sunday, October 25, 2009

something to see

/ new zealand opera's macbeth /

swan lake is on next friday in palmy and as much as i would love to go because i absolutely LOVE swan lake - the tickets are outrageously expensive. as in $70+! i can see paying that much in wellington MAYBE, but at the regent??

the next season of the new zealand opera looks pretty exciting, i'm looking forward to macbeth. two operas that i've seen weren't the most compelling, but i loved the fantastic spectacle of the dramatic costumes and scenery.

/ natalie shau's flowers and flesh /

i just discovered howard schatz's photography, some of which is sooo beautiful - especially the underwater photos and the dancers. or the dancers under water!

/ howard schatz's underwater study #2461 /

Friday, October 23, 2009

be happy!

a wee bit skeptical

/ wine tote on /

google reader just added a new 'explore' feature where they auto generate recommended feeds and today i clicked on one entitled 'vinography: a wine blog' because i love learning a bit more about wines and reading about all of the great vineyards around the world. i'm a big fan of dr. vino (even if the wine topics are generally over my head) and i am so bummed his wine class wasn't around when i was at nyu - or if it was i never knew it. which could be the case as i was never that into wine until i moved to new zealand. when i first moved here i really enjoyed the sauvignon blancs, but this past year i've moved on to reds and this winter season i'm all about the pinot noirs, especially from otago.

/ red wine coloured heels :) /

anyway, as i read this new suggested blog post with tasting notes from a selection of oriel wines, of course this one caught my eye, initially because it was from new zealand:

2006 Oriel "Mana" Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
Pale gold with green highlights, this wine has a classic nose of gooseberry aromas tinged with cat pee [my own emphasis added here]. In the mouth it is bracing with acidity. Crackling limestone, kiwi, and gooseberry flavors race around the palate leaving airy residues of green grass and green apple flavors dangling from the edges of the mouth. Very true to form, and quite delicious. Score: between 9 and 9.5. Cost: $20.

now i know i am fairly new to the wine field - but cat pee?!? this is something i MUST research further...

/ sitting kitty wallet on modcloth /

as for reader's 'explore' option - damn you! i've already subscribed to three new feeds!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a touch of red

/ my opshop find /

everyone knows i love red and i recently found this great little skirt at the second hand store around the corner. only 5 bucks :) i keep looking for a few good black skirts for work, but haven't found any yet.

here's a few other red things that i would love to own:

/ john galliano heels on shoeper woman /

/ heartbeats cuff on modcloth /

/ red lucite bracelet by kolosstudio /

Monday, October 19, 2009

writer's block

/ ingrid anderson kiwi textile pattern /

i was checking out the updated blogroll of dr.isis today in search of some more inspirational scientists and i came across a few blogs touching on the topic of writing... oh the dreaded writing. i have never enjoyed writing in the way the people who choose it for their profession do. in fact, i don't mind it in cases where i feel confident that i know exactly what i am writing about. but writing this thesis has taken me into the territory of scientific writing where much of what has gotten me through all of my writing in the past just doesn't work anymore. when you read a journal article, things don't sound pretty - they sound intelligent and nerdy (in a good way!) and seem to come from a dictionary all their own. i know getting used to new words and phrases is a matter of continually reading them and using them, but i just can't seem to spit them out when i am doing my writing. result: an essay versus an article. when i turned my first draft in to my supervisors i even said to them 'i know this isn't in the right voice' and that was exactly what they recognised as well. i will obviously try again, but i'm just struggling to get the right smarty pants science words to come out!!

young female scientist gave some good advice to keep working to avoid being one of female science professor's doomed writers - i'm pretty sure i'm not doomed, but some days i wonder whether i can get my brain to tick over to the science side...

seasonal colours

/ orchids via bloom.acious /

while the northern hemisphere is turning orange, we're turning green and (theoretically) sunny. except today... which is rainy. not surprising. it's really inconvenient when i need to got to campus, though.

/ microscopic anglerfish ovary /

the microscopic photo competition by scientific american reminded me of the molecular expressions gallery, which has photomicrographs of everything from beer to nucleotides to meteorites.

/ peacock feathers by resurrection fern /

face it

/ sweet tooth by natalie shau via coilhouse / elisabeth by carambatack /
/ marc philbert's beauty / anita berber via hautemacabre /

best discovery this week: natalie shau. beautiful if sometimes a bit creepy. i've been finding lots of awesome prints lately and they just remind me how much i want to change the artwork in our apartment. wayne's pictures aren't horrible, but i certainly don't feel anything for them. one day we can decorate the walls with prints from all the places we've visited. one day...

Friday, October 16, 2009


/ chandalier via bloom.acious / lamp by green wine bottles /
/ recycled bottle lights via studio g /

our wines of the world class has been cancelled! bummer, i was really looking forward to that one so i can increase my wine knowledge! guess we'll just have to use our refunded money to get a bottle from each country we can find at the village wine trader instead :)

speaking of drinking, the cat's newest quirk is that they no longer want to drink water out of their bowls, only out of a bowl that we have in the tub...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

bird of the year

the kiwi was voted nz's bird of the year according to a forest & bird poll. i obviously like the kiwi, but i am also pretty fond of the takahe.

study song

go donate with dr. isis and make sure the kids of whatever year don't grow up scarily scientifically illiterate.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

where has the sun gone?

/ soda fountain dress on modcloth / glovelettes on modcloth /
/ peep toe bootie heels on /

i don't suit yellow clothes, but i would love some of these yellow accessories! anything to remind me it really is spring despite the daily downpours...

oh yeah - new favourite fashion site: modcloth store.

Monday, October 12, 2009

back to school

/ lamb's gideon heel on /file folder by knockknock / i heart threadless / computer case by mitemite /

yesterday was the first day back to ross for the last term of the year. i was happy to talk to my boss over the weekend and he confirmed i can work full time next year! yay! it's good to know i have something set up for when i finally finish my thesis...

i hope to stock up on lots of awesome office supplies from knockknock, like the importance stickies set.

kiwi tune

been in my head since the vodafone music awards...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

from rotorua to palmy

my bus trip back to palmy from rotorua went through the very snowy desert road, which has been closed for the past couple days and i could see why with all of the turquoise and white snow piled high on the sides of the road.