Wednesday, February 27, 2013

who doesn't love bear?


another good safety video by air new zealand. do any other airlines do safety videos like theirs?

Monday, February 25, 2013

day 5 declutter

the bookshelf! (after a busy week interrupting my cleaning i'm back into declutter mode!)

our bookshelf is not so much a shelf for books as it is a shelf for things we don't want the cats to destroy. this means we try to stuff all sorts of stuff on the higher shelves and it gets pretty cluttered right away. this was an eye sore corner and took quite a bit of effort - i had to go through books, cds, scrapbooks, dvds, files, and even seeds! everyone has one of those tricky spots where everything gathers until you just don't have space anymore and this is ours. by the end of the bookshelf makeover, it didn't actually look that different but i promise it is much more organised.

declutter total: one shelf emptied to make room for the stuffed animals that were cluttering up the back of the couch, scrapbook up to date, cds consolidated into one spool, one book now next to my bed and being read.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

weird and wonderful

stumbled across this bit of brilliance in one of the ted talks i was watching today by sue austin. surprising and lovely to watch.

Friday, February 15, 2013

amongst the madness

/ print by pomalia /

amongst the madness that was the past week and a half, reuben got me my 30th birthday present - a trip to singapore! i've been wanting to go ever since holly moved there, but the conditions just fell into place last week - just enough airpoints to cover the trip, dominique will be able to come over from vietnam to meet me, holly and keemin will be there and even my former coworker pdus will be around - i can't wait! i won't be going for my birthday, but a bit later in april to the start of may.

/ print by loosepetals /

and because we just can't seem to get enough of australia these days, we're also throwing in a trip to melbourne in june for reuben's sister alex's birthday. i'm just so excited for all this travel!

Friday, February 8, 2013

ombre for a somber morning

/ jellyfish air plant by petit beast /

it seems that we had our entire summer packed into 2 weeks of hot, sticky weather. but a few days ago we had a cold snap and it just hasn't been summery since. this morning is an overcast, grey morning with a light breeze and all i want to do is cuddle up with a book.

/ i want these sunset ombre tights by bzrshop! /

unfortunately, today is a busy day! chores, errands, work and parties! tonight i'll be wearing a purple gown to a friend's red carpet-themed engagement party and it just so happened that i saw a tutorial for ombre nail polish last night - i just had to try it out.

/ first attempt at ombre nails /

luckily i had some purple and pink nail polish on hand, but not a makeup sponge. the sponge i used was a bit coarse so the colours didn't blend as well as they should have, but i think they still turned out ok for a first attempt.

p.s. i haven't forgotten about my declutter project - it's just been on hold this week while i've been swamped with work!

Friday, February 1, 2013

pass the guac

day 4 declutter

/ we found love by irregular choice /

accessories! jewelry, perfume, shoes, toiletries, etc

/ some of the accessories added to a switch & bitch bag /

i love accessories (especially shoes!), but sometimes you just need to have a clear out for new, exciting things. i personally love getting jewelry when i travel so you can imagine how many pieces i have! but how to decide what goes? for shoes, i just have to be practical. no matter how cute they are, if they aren't even remotely comfortable, there's just no point in wearing them because you just end up looking silly if you can't walk in them properly. for jewelry and various other little bits and pieces like headbands, it comes down to answering the question 'when was the last time i wore this??' i realised recently that no matter what the headband looks like, it doesn't look good on me, so i should get rid of them. out they go! as for perfume, i have a big collection from AD so i just have to make sure i love the scent in order to keep it.

de-accessorizing total: 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pieces of jewelry, a small bag of perfumes, small bag of makeup, 3 headbands