Monday, September 28, 2009

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i love dinosaurs. when i was little, mom brought me to the smithsonian to see the dinos but when i found out there wasn't an entire t-rex skeleton, i bawled.

i've been reading a lot about dinosaurs lately for my project since i had to do some background research on kiwi phylogenetics for my literature review. the biggest dino news lately seems to be the "tiny t. rex" fossil from china - covered by the times, national geographic and npr.

on a completely different note, reuben and i went to see inglourious basterds last night. gruesome, but a good story and some really funny lines, mostly from brad pitt.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nature calls

i had a great meeting on monday with the supervisors and we came up with a potentially awesome idea/revelation with the kiwi locomotion data that - fingers crossed - might be worthy of something like nature. it's always good to set your sights high right?

yesterday was reuben's birthday and he liked his cufflinks - whew! they were a bit bigger than i thought they would be, but they still looked pretty awesome. after some pork dumplings for dinner and some banana, cashew and chocolate ones for dessert, we were off to ross intermediate's production. it was surprisingly well done for 11 and 12 year olds and we giggled through most of it. while it probably wasn't the usual birthday celebration, i hope it was a good weekday birthday for reuben.

speaking of birthdays - i sponsored hill wrigglepot for mom and dad's combo birthday present through australia's koala hospital. what a cutie! unfortunately, like many of australia's awesome animals, it has a nasty disease threatening their already fragmented population. not sure if anyone back home would have heard about the dust storm that hit sydney today, but it produced some pretty unique pics:

/ sydney's george street via flickr /

Saturday, September 19, 2009

gay sunday

gay sunday at the london zoo sounds like a cool event with cocktails and general animal awesomeness. i've been feeling nostalgic for london lately, it's hard to believe we were there a year ago!

/ my trip to the london zoo /

geeky love

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/ dini umar print via street anatomy /

a tribute to my cousin holly who is getting married today! she's a a beautiful science geek (just like me!) and i wish her all the best this weekend and in the future. i can't wait to meet keemin one day, but imagine if holly likes him, he must be awesome.

so here's a kiss and a hug for you both from the other hemisphere :) congrats!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

summery red and green

/ flowers via resurrection fern / minidress by iheartfink / celine artigau via street anatomy / edwin ushiro via notcot /

reuben and i have been trying to think of what to do for christmas this year... we will probably be heading to rotorua to spend it with our extended family member emma, maybe a trip to the hot pools or a hike?

all i know is that i am looking forward to the warm weather!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

laugh out loud!

i'm not participating, not because i don't support the cause of helping deaf kids, but because i didn't register. i imagine people at school find my outfits loud enough as it is.

my naïveté

i learn something new everyday. no really, i do! between's word of the day and my million and one reader feeds, it's hard not to. but sometimes i am just surprised at what i don't know, for example:

1) there are volcanoes in russia. russia is massive, so why wouldn't there be volcanoes there?? i mean, there's even a volcano about two hours away from me, but i guess it just never occurred to me... oh and the ones in russia are currently erupting.

2) from where the phrase 'put the lime in the coconut' came. i could have guessed it was a song, but when i listened to it, it didn't even sound familiar. from the comments on youtube, it was played on house, which i don't remember either. i miss house.

3) there used to be cheetahs in india. i guess i just picture cheetahs stalking gazelles on the african plains and that's it, but apparently they used to inhabit at least 44 countries throughout africa and asia and now there is discussion about reintroducing them to india, where they became extinct about 60 years ago. unfortunately, i'm guessing it won't happen anytime soon.

4) you can't start an automatic car when it's not in park. honestly, after driving an automatic for ten years i had never had this problem until last week and i had no idea what was going on. after a phone call to reuben - he must dread phone calls from me during the day because they generally have something to do with betsy (our car) - i got on with my morning feeling significantly deflated.

p.s. since it's still conservation week, check out endangered ugly things blog - love it! now go conserve something ugly!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

feeling conservative?

if nothing else, read the kakapo story - hilarious! otherwise, there are heaps of events on to support and celebrate doc's conservation week. if i had a backyard, i would be building a weta motel. instead i was thinking i could make a pine cone bird feeder, but i don't want to attract anymore reasons for aston to go flying off the balcony.

tawharanui is, by far, one of the prettiest places i've visited in new zealand. there are many places i have left to visit - hopefully i'll get to tick a few off my list this summer, like the coramandel - but this place is gorgeous in addition to being a prime conservation site with predator-proof fencing and land that has been replanted with native vegetation. i should know - i helped! it was also one of the few times i have seen the sunrise...

/ sunrise over little barrier island /

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tuesday's tune

i quite enjoy cocorosie's music, though i can't remember where i first heard it. they're quirky but catchy and just decided to look up some videos after listening to noah's ark a few times today while making breakfast.

Monday, September 14, 2009

slingbacks and stars

i must admit that i enjoy looking at astronomy pictures as much as shoes and when i see shoes that look like astronomy pictures, i get really excited!!

this weekend would have been the first one where i could have actually worn a cute dress and open-toed slingback shoes as it was beautifully warm on saturday. reuben and i sat out on the balcony and enjoyed a bottle of cheap pinot noir and watched the sun set. if it stays warm, we'll have to make the switch over to the refreshing white wines that we haven't touched all winter. there's a bottle of celestial wine's ginger wine that i can't wait to open up..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the platycrew

/ via national geographic / percy by mookah /halter by morosemelonhead / from my first vertebrate anatomy class /

it's no secret that stephanie, katelyn and i are a little obsessed with platypuses, but i am particularly fond of them - i must just love the oddball animals! the platypus genome was sequenced not too long ago and gives some insight into it's evolutionary relationship amongst more well-known creatures. unfortunately, the poor platypus isn't faring all that well - a curse of the uncommon species - threatened by traps and a nasty fungal disease. this native fungus apparently made its way from mainland australia to tasmania and has been wreaking havoc on the platypus populations there, but no one really knows why it's so devastating. hopefully it doesn't reach the magnitude of the devil facial tumor disease in the tasmanian devils! luckily, the platypus partnership program and australian platypus conservancy aim to monitor platypus populations and the latter tells about how to organize a 'platypus watch' or even lets you sponsor a rehabilitated animal.

anyway, speaking of stephanie - she's coming to nz and i cannot wait to see her!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

cheesy pop song

i had starsailor's four to the floor in my head all day long and it was pretty much driving me crazy... and how to get rid of one catchy song? replace it with another even catchier one - this one was in my head all day yesterday.

oh yeah and they're drinking danish beer.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


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reuben's birthday is on the 22nd!

feathers, fur and dangerous ribs

amazon river dolphin / leadbeater's possum / spanish ribbed newt / shoebill (click on photos for sources)

and pink dolphins! the world is full of really amazing animals and i suppose i am lucky to be working with one of the weirdos - that is, the kiwi - but there are so many other bizarre creatures out there that are disappearing much faster than the kiwi because of a lack of interest, lack of funds, and/or lack of knowledge.

i just learned about the amazon river dolphin when i went to the baltimore aquarium with reuben in february. as i remember, i really enjoyed the amazon river forest display, but i was running out of camera battery power by that exhibit and only got a few pictures. no river dolphins, though. we didn't go into the australia exhibit that they also had on while we were there, but if we did, they might have had some mention of the leadbeater's possum (the aquarium isn't strictly limited to aquatic animals), which is apparently the endangered emblem of victoria. luckily, the spanish/iberian ribbed newt isn't threatened, maybe because it has some kickass protruding ribs and poisonous secretions. check out the xrays and you can even see the change in rib position. then there is the B. rex. no protruding bones on this guy, i just really liked the photo (the one on wikipedia looks like a cartoon character!) and a new (to me) species.

fyi: september 7th is australia's threatened species day and 13-20 of september is nz's conservation week.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

bright and beautiful

bocci chandalier / koro by poaplum / orb II by dylan kehde roelofs / via contemporist

it was a beautiful morning when i started off to havelock north this morning! i rolled down the window and enjoyed the hot sunshine while cruising on state 'highway' #2 all the way to hawke's bay. i passed through the scandanavian settled areas of dannevirke and norsewood, and past a the vineyards of pukeora estate and junction wine (which didn't look like an operating winery, perhaps just the vines). i finally made it to havelock north and the researcher i was meant to be meeting was nowhere to be found, so i went back into the 'village' center and had a rather delightful seared scallop and muschroom risotto lunch. eventually, my kiwi researcher surfaced and i got some excellent data and headed back in the gloom and rain that finally overtook a perfectly sunny day.

/ start of the day /

/ end of the day /

i made it home just in time to make some leftover japanese food from last night's cooking class and to watch shortland street with my amazingly adorable boyfriend :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oh armadillo

armadillo cam via coilhouse ~ trampoline via blanket mag ~ armadillo from under my wrr trailer ~ armadillo bbq by bill sorich

note the armadillo grill is not armadillo's bar & grill where dad once convinced me to eat a flaming hot pepper, which was also sometime after mom yelled the famous line "hey, sailor!" out the caravan window.. the latter was a memory for steph, kate and holli :)

last night i fell asleep thinking about an armadillo armada with flea pirates (not that i think armadillos have fleas - but some do carry leprosy!) sailing on armadillos who were floating on their backs and holding sticks with little sails attached. it would make a great illustration, i think, if i was much of a fantasy drawer..

i think it was all inspired by armadillos popping up a lot lately, the most recent being the wildlife cams, which includes an armadillo, cows, wolves and more. what an awesome project!