Monday, January 31, 2011

who needs productivity

/ bermuda triangle via swissmiss /

i agree with swissmiss - replace facebook with google reader and it's spot on.

cisne negro

/ black swan poster via suicide blonde /

i'm finally seeing ads for black swan over here and it's making me want to see it again! it was absolutely dark, stylish and fantastic. reuben, geoff, julie and i went to see it on new years day night after gorging on a massive post-partying brunch, watching hours of 'it's always sunny in philadelphia' and finally filling up with a philly cheesesteak dinner.

/ my massive biscuit, cream and fruit brunch in philly /

oh, and if you want to know the reason behind the title today, it's because today was my first day as reuben's spanish teacher! this year i'm teaching him both spanish and math up to algebra level. i seriously made lesson plans today.

and speaking of school - it starts back tomorrow! my desk is piled high with paperwork, my office is a mess and there over 400 students starting tomorrow and i have to work at the front desk in the morning... ugh.

Monday, January 24, 2011

moisture recovery

after a month in the dry cold in the states my skin was suffering so ever since i got home i've been slathering myself with generous amounts lotion and oil! my favourite this week has been wylde ivy's pomacai scented hemp and green tea lotion - love the tangy, fruity scent.

i can thank/blame my aunt for my attraction to and large collection of bath and body products. in fact, my closet is overflowing with perfumes at the moment, so i need to make a much better effort to wear them more often this year!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

a day on 5th ave.

apparently this has been a popular site for tourist photos for some time :)

/ reuben doing his best egyptian sculpture impression /

our second day of touristing around nyc took us to one of my personal favourites - the metropolitan museum of art. this was probably the first time i paid full entry fee, but i admit i still claimed to be a student to get the discount (and i will claim to be such until my id expires next year!). i was dying to show reuben the egyptian wing - my ABSOLUTE favourite! i think he liked it too, or at least he would humour me and say that he did :)

/ i think i saw him blink /

the best part of this photo was that, on my camera, after you take a photo of people, it displays the picture, highlights the faces in the photo and asks 'did anyone blink?' so that you can retake the photo if necessary. however, when the question popped up after this photo it completely ignored my face and only had the sphinx's face highlighted asking 'did anyone blink?'...

/ apple store on 5th ave. /

after the met, we walked down park ave. to find some lunch at a cute corner deli, complete with delicious dill pickles. then it was down to f.a.o. schwartz and the apple store. after drooling over apple products we decided to keep battling through the cold and the crowds to rockefeller centre. after a quick stop into st. patrick's cathedral, we pushed through the mass to see the christmas tree and skating rink.

/ yeah we're pretty cute /

yes, those are my possum fur gloves - possibly the best winter weather accessory i had!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

dance, dance, dance

since i no longer have a gym membership, i MUST find a dance class this year!

/ AMAZING dancers among us series by jordan matter photography /

Friday, January 21, 2011

empire state of mind

/ showing off my new dress on a sunny monday /

i figured i better start posting some pics and stories from our recent travels before i forget them all!

/ i know it's fuzzy but thought it looked cool /

every day this week i wore a new wardrobe piece, but i only took pictures on monday because i have such a hard time getting good pics out of my little digital camera when i put it on timer. i'll have to work on it and then post some more. this dress was one AD found for me - love it!

/ view downtown form the empire state building /

on our first day in new york, reuben and i decided to do a bit of shopping down broadway in soho - steve madden (reuben's favourite shoes), topshop and h&m (my fave) to name a few. nearly every shop was having a sale, so we scored some great bargains. i (luckily!) picked up a great pair of brown boots that i ended up wearing nearly every day of our vacation in order to keep warm and brave the snow that showed up after christmas.

/ view of the chrysler building /

after we did a bit of shopping by ourselves, we met up with reuben's parents and decided to go to the empire state building at dusk so we could get the day- and night-time views. my personal favourite has always been at night. by my count this was (at least) my 6th time up and it was the first time i'd gone to the highest visitor floor - the 106th floor. while this area was much smaller at least it was inside!

/ reuben and king kong /

after our touristy stop, we were off to lombardi's to experience some little italy deliciousness. oh how i missed new york pizza. i wish i could get one delivered every night.

/ lombardi's pizza /

Thursday, January 13, 2011

back in town

/ reservoir birds of nz 1.1 by brad novak /

with the exception of some enormously frustrating experiences in fiji, we had an incredibly enjoyable holiday in the states! i even enjoyed doing all of the touristy things in nyc that i used to avoid like the plague (like times square!!). it was so great to see reuben and his family enjoying everything :)

now that i'm back, i have a lot to catch up on (even wayyy back until november when we went to queenstown!) and will try to make some posts about everything we managed to do - including pictures, of course.

for now, i'm off to finish packing for our flight from auckland to palmy - i can't wait to get back and pick up the kitties!