Tuesday, November 30, 2010

green things

i've been lucky enough to always have jobs that take me to very interesting places and my te manawa job has been no different! this afternoon i took a trip out to the wastewater treatment plant in the outskirts of palmy town. yes, it was a bit smelly and there was lots of green water, but it was actually a pretty impressive operation. they are entirely powered by gasses released by the neighbouring landfill and gas produced by the bacterial digestion process of the sewage is also used to power portions of the plant with the excess being put back in the national grid.

/ a many-splendored thing heels on modcloth - love them! /

other green things at work - bugs and frogs! ok, the frogs actually aren't green, but greyish/brown instead. that's because they turned out to be a different species than we were expecting (!!) oops! i need to write a frog blog entry all about it and will share some surprisingly adorable frog pics then. i'll get some pics of all the bugs i've been working with as well :)

/ favourite tutus on behind ballet /

Sunday, November 28, 2010

one and a half weeks wasn't enough

/ orchids in the dunedin botanic gardens /

so the family left yesterday after touring around nz for nearly 2 weeks. i had a fantastic time being on vacation and catching up with the fam, as well as introducing them to my future family down here. back to work tomorrow and then only three work weeks before we're off to the states! time is definitely going to fly.

/ brian and reuben at the wooing tree winery in cromwell /

i'll post more pics soon, but here are just a few that i snapped on the iphone.

/ lakeside in queenstown /

/ mirror lakes in fiordland national park /

Sunday, November 7, 2010

future family

/ the prier and oden family /

ok, just a little late posting engagement party photos, but here are a few!

/ with reuben's aunt and cute little cousin (who has the same birthday as me) /

/ friends from ross and beyond /

/ reuben's groomsmen - scary eh? haha /