Thursday, July 30, 2009

a little ditty

i found this to be a good song to do some stats to today. it made me slightly less angry at massey to listen to some good tunes on my new iphone.. i heart my iphone.

almost springlike

justbeecauze shoe planter ~ baconsquarefarm frame ~ jessica simpson heels ~ solar powered nightgarden in jerusalem

the days in palmerston north are very deceiving, sometimes they are so balmy and springlike! and then they get positively chilly once the sun goes down..

i can't wait for warm weather so i can start doing a little bit of pot planting. and warm weather always brings festivals, outdoor markets and fairs - my fave!! the light in jerusalem festival (picture above) looks like it would have been very cool. the enormous flowers look a little bit like set pieces from honey i shrunk the kids. but much more awesome.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

necesito bailar

i am in the need of some good dancing. since i still haven't gotten around to finding a ballet class, so my lounge will have to do. the cats don't even give me weird looks anymore.

Friday, July 17, 2009

renaming my blog?

catnip eyeballs by hannapt ~ stochasticity show by radiolab ~ fungi by dinosaur designs ~ tree rings by focuslineart "i have two cats and no life"

reuben and i got a set of iphones (16gig 3G) tonight and we have hardly said a word to each other since! we have been glued to our respective apple products (laptops and phones) all night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

brick wall...

magnet by chicalookate ~ pendant by leandogpottery ~ print by stOOpidgErL ~ photograph by hannahstaton

... is what i seem to hit everytime i try to start writing!!!!!!!!!

paralyzed and punctured

a la isis, i am sharing my research jam of the day. i woke up with this song in my head, so i immediately youtubed it this morning because not only does it always make me dance, i love the dancing in the video!

we had a small crisis that briefly prevented us from enjoying youtube these past few days - dialup speed internet!! after we use our 3gigs of broadband juice, back it goes to prehistoric speeds... it only took us one day of struggling to get our googlereader articles before we bumped up our plan to 10G and order was restored.

next order of business: some sort of cat climbing play thing and a scratching post. aston, while small, is perfectly capable of jumping onto my lap. instead he uses his deadly sharp claws to velcro himself to my leg and slowly climb up to my lap. no screams of terror from me seem to deter him, so i must get a replacement for him pronto. he has already mastered climbing on clothes drying rack, he needs a new challenge. preferably something with lots of levels and feathers and bells and doodads to keep him occupied and my legs free of puncture wounds.

Friday, July 10, 2009

gems of palmy

skymagenta crochet sushi ~ SickOnSin magnet ~ TheFigLeaf keychain ~ FunkyChicDesigns clutch

not everyone is a big fan of sushi, but reuben and i are and we had some VERY delish fish at our favourite japanese restaurant yatai. we went last weekend, looking gorgeous, of course, and stuffed ourselves to the gills. we both had lychee shochu cocktails, miso soup and start. then we split the sashimi platter with tuna, salmon, salmon caviar and some other fish i had never had before. i had never tried caviar before and i must say, even though i am sure this was the cheap end of the line, it was really tasty! we got another one of the specials: salmon and cream cheese croquettes, which reuben enjoyed much more than i did. after all that we just barely found room for the unagidon, which i love so much i have ordered it every time i've gone to yatai. needless to say we left fat and happy :)

i also visited another one of my favourite places in palmy this week: the arts recycling centre. it's just a little place tucked at the end of an alleyway, but it's a crafters paradise! it's packed to the ceiling with junk of every sort from fabrics to buttons to yogurt containers to broken pieces of wood. there is hardly a piece in there over a dollar or two, this is basically stuff that most people would throw out, but many people, like myself want to make into something special! i got a pair of knitting needles (a whole 10 cents) and a few buttons and was on my way. i started making a scarflet right away to get back into knitting again. i had to youtube a 'how to knit' video because i can't remember after not doing any knitting for nearly a year. i realised, as i sat in bed with the cats cuddled up next to us, that knitting is actually cruel when there are kittens around - two huge balls of yarn and a needle flicking back and forth! aston was going crazy!

now that we have the kittens, we have to give the spending a rest for a little while, so this weekend we will be staying in! maybe with a bottle of wine from the village wine trader (i'm after a chilean carmanere after reading about them here recently) and a dvd from the indie dvd store, the portal? lately saturdays have been our wine and cheese days, but we have just been sticking with the pak n save cheese rather than the wonderfully tasty, but expensive cheese at fresh central. we've been making more of our own cocktails lately too (though after going through five bottle of wine this weekend - we had guests!- we've been opting for mocktinis this week). our newest fave was inspired by the falling water drink at the flying fish: 42 below feijoa vodka, ch'i fizzy drink and a slice of cucmber.

when we've saved up again, our other favourites will be paid a visit: mao bar, munchkins, and wild pair!

Monday, July 6, 2009

meet aston and manolo!

aston martin cufflinks ~ our aston ~ manolo blahnik heels ~ our manolo

here are our new additions! aston, a 3 month old boy, and manolo, a 6 month old girl, from the spca. they adjusted to the place and one another really well. aston is a about half the size of nolo but he still tries to stalk and tackle her. usually she just bowls him over and then they are off wrestling and meowing up a storm!

luckily i have the next two weeks off work so i can keep an eye on them and keep them from chewing through wires and attacking our luandry. i don't imagine they will be too frisky after tomorrow - they are off to the vet to get fixed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

etsy kitties

reuben and i are thinking of getting some kittens! we are off to the spca tomorrow to see if they have a pair that would like to hang out in our apartment with us :)

something we will definitely NOT be doing with our cat: making him/her wear a tie. though i might make him/her sleep in a suitcase.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

birds of a feather

HaKNiK feather necklace ~ elmstudiosonline take a chance bowl ~ hale bob feather shoes ~ my star research kiwi

stick together! after another great meeting, i am realising the power of academic discussion. because i know few people in palmy anymore, let alone scientists, i have few people off of which i can bounce my ideas! if it weren't for the time difference between here and alabama, i would be online with adele all the time, but that isn't always practical. so my goal is to talk about my project more, to whomever is willing to listen! if anyone wants to hear about some really unique and exciting work on the kiwi, let me know! the more i talk about it, the better i will become at expressing my thoughts and that is never a bad thing. especially because i am aiming to be published and i would like to present at a conference at some point in the near future. eek! the idea of speaking at a conference makes me weak in the knees, but honestly my project is awesome - i mean, who else gets to put kiwis on treadmills?? (answer: no one!)

so, i am taking a chance, as the bowl suggests, and really stirring up my motivation to write this %#!* thesis. and i've already found some excellent bird-inspired wardrobe items to wear while writing my brilliant manuscript. isis featured some feathered shoes yesterday, too. i like to think it's because great minds think alike, but it's probably just a coincidence.