Wednesday, June 30, 2010

guerilla ice cream

/ icypole printed leggings by zozatron /
(why buy those for $130 if you can get these for $60!)

i'm planning to make pumpkin pie tonight and what goes better with pumpkin pie than vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream?? unfortunately reuben polished off the banana and chocolate ice cream last night. mmm, i could really go for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream - add it to the list of things i miss! here's a few ice cream links i've been collecting:

ben franklin may have enjoyed tomato ice cream. can't wait to visit philly for new years!

my favourite feature on the turkey hill blog - would you eat it:
spaghetti and cheese ice cream (yes)
squid ink ice cream (yes)
avacado ice cream (need i say it? yes)

nz scientists developing a 'medical dessert', an ice cream called recharge.

read about guerilla ice cream on the village voice fork in the road. watch out nyc, two eating machines named reuben and erica are just waiting to be let loose on every restaurant, diner, deli and food cart we can find!

/ abstract city via t magazine blog /

did you know a lego retail store opened in nyc? fun :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

cupcake poop

/ flowers that a student brought me one day at work /

what a great title. i stole it. i thought it seemed fitting for a post about a bunch of junk that's been floating around waiting for me to post.

/ making fried green tomatoes with my balcony toms /

just a few bits and pieces that i found interesting this week:

bionic cat gets faux paws.

/ the cat's collection of toys that i find under the couch every week /

alaotra grebe declared extinct.

/ koru sculpture engagement present from reuben's grandparents /

check out the prehistoric wollemi pine tree discovered in the mountains near sydney only 10 years ago.

/ the cats claiming my new bean bag chair /

jaguars attracted to calvin klein cologne.

/ that giant black fluffy thing on my head is aston's new favourite place to sleep /

wellington zoo might get giant pandas!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


/ ribs from black milk bodysuit collection /

i would LOOOVE to wear this to yoga!! i wonder if the bodysuits feel as stretchy and awesome as the tights, because if they are, i would definitely use one for yoga or dance. speaking of dance, i'm hopefully taking on the dance academy at ross at some point next term so i've started choreographing a dance to the same song mrs. weigelt used for our high school dance class performance, wear sunscreen. i think it should turn out pretty cool if we get enough time to work on it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

glisten up

/ glisten up dress on modcloth /

reuben and i went to his parents' house last night and we started talking about nyc and new years and lots of fun ideas for our visit home. i'm looking forward to a night out in the glistening bright lights of the city!

knit wit

/ sweater from mom /

i finally found a pair of flats at the warehouse (nz's walmart equivalent) last week while i was supposed to be picking up stuff for work (shhh!). it's hard to see in the pic because i'm too lazy to get out my good camera and just use my computer webcam, but the shoes are a grey faux suede with silver studs. i still think i look silly in flats, but at least they're cute and cheap!

/ finally found something to wear my purple fishnet/lace tights with /

/ knit dress via style bubble /

/ knit skirt via style bubble /

/ knit top via style bubble /

what awesome pieces! i should get the knitting needles out (and by out i mean back from wherever the cats hid them) and make myself a scarf, haha. actually, reuben's mom brought a scarf back from melbourne for me:

/ melbourne scrunchy scarf /

Saturday, June 19, 2010

quirktastic accessories

a collection of the quirky things that i find completely fantastic.

/ crochet legwarmers via style bubble (and awesome shoes!) /

/ paperself paper eyelashes via style bubble /

/ shu uemura neo reflector lashes via notcot /

Thursday, June 17, 2010


i just heard about the new kiwifruit variety on the news and it looks quite interesting. i also heard that there's an overabundance of wine grapes since the recession. we went to the wine and food festival this weekend and ended up getting an entire box of wine! 6 bottles are tukipo terrace's 2008 fat duck pinot noir, one of which we drank on saturday night - so yum! another 4 bottles are unison vineyard's pinot gris and the last two are dessert reds from johner estate. i'm looking forward to trying them all.. again :)

speaking of vineyards, we've booked visits to a few places in the hawkes bay in our search for wedding venues. should be a good day!


/ one of my awesome new sweaters from home /

yep, my mom still sends me clothes. all the way from the other side of the planet. how awesome is that? i can't wait to go shopping when i get home this christmas!! with mom of course :)

p.s. my ring looks like it's glowing!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i prefer impractical

/ toodle loo shapes irregular choice heels /

i have finally finalised my ross and te manawa schedule for the next 6 months. there will be some long days and lots of work, but i'm really looking forward to starting at the museum. and because i will be on my feet a whole lot more, i decided that i had better start searching for a pair of practical and plain but cute flat shoes. so i went to wild pair (my favourite shoe store in palmy) who were conveniently having a sale and i even managed to completely ignore the heels, but i couldn't find anything! not only am i pretty near perfect 8.5 (every 8 was too small and every 9 was too big), but everything i tried on looked like slippers or just plain silly. i think i'm just too used to heels no matter how impractical they are!


/ then... 1997 /

yeah, school photos suck no matter how old you are!

/ now... 2010 /

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ring ring

i love how you can see the whole center diamond when you look at it from the side. and it sparkles wayyy more in person :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

holy smoke

i was just watching private practice and during the final scene they were playing this song by gin wigmore - go kiwis!

job #2 a.k.a. goodbye life

/ great blue heron sculpture box by beartrackstudios /

i just found out tonight that i got the te manawa museum assistant curator job! and even better, they're willing to work on giving me a flexible schedule so that i can keep my ross job as well. it will be awesome to have the extra money, but that also means some looong hours. oh well, i didn't have much of a life anyway!

/ earthworm bracelet via annie spandex /

the exhibit i'll be working on will be focusing on the manawatu river and the estuary, so i'll have to brush up on my local bird and river knowledge. luckily i always enjoyed the research end of things when i was doing my masters because that will be my primary role, i think. more details to come soon!

/ jessica joslins bird sculpture via antler magazine /

Monday, June 7, 2010

fully engaged

/ jennipenni photography via blanket magazine /

i suppose it's no secret by now that reuben and i are engaged! and ever since last sunday we've been very busy with family and friends and starting to think about how we are going to make a dual nationality wedding work!

/ love molecule by itsastitch /

we had originally thought about february 2011, but finally settled on the beginning of 2012. we'll have it here in new zealand, so hopefully the 20 month heads up will give everyone in the states ample time to organise and plan a trip all the way down here. in order to celebrate with all of the american family, we're hoping to have a more formal engagement party in new jersey when we're home in december/january. this way anyone who won't be able to make the trip will still be able to get involved. honestly, i'm just looking forward to lots and lots of pierogis. oh, and sharing a special day with all the friends family too.

/ forsythia and hearts via resurrection fern /

and for anyone who hasn't heard the proposal story, the short version is that reuben had his mom take me out for long lunch to get me out of the house and when i returned, he had completely re-enacted one of our first dates in the living room. wine, chocolate, surprises - how could i say no??

once i get my ring back from being resized, i will post a few up close and sparkly photos of the ring :)