Sunday, May 31, 2009

love the hustle and bustle

as much as i enjoy the peace and quiet down pastoral lane, i love the liveliness you find in a city. not that palmy qualifies as much of a metropolis or anything, but i am looking forward to moving into our apartment in the middle of it all...

and then there are ruffles! though 'ruffles' make me think of a southern belle's ballgown (or potato chips), i find the texture of a few creases and gathers to be very flattering. i found this photo on (yet another) fashion blog that i added to my reader recently, cheapskate chic, from which i will surely be getting some cute new looks.

in the meantime, i keep going back to because i really want to like some of these eco-friendly shoes but they are generally just so ugly! why?! even brands that i know i have drooled over in the past (like chinese laundry) have such an uninspiring collection available on this site.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009


i got a job! reuben brought home a very nice bottle of bird pinot gris last night to toast a beautiful day...

...and today we went to burger fuel to celebrate having a few more dollars in the bank. for at least 3 weeks, that is, which is the length of this temp position. wish me luck in writing up my c.v. for a more permanent position!!

burger fuel was nowhere near as good as it was the last time i was there - no more brie injection burger :(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pretty day in palmy

i had to make my way to campus this morning and it was probably the best day in weeks to do so - it was an excellent, fresh autumn day. and no rain!

after an inspirational meeting (it's so good to talk to someone that makes you feel like your goals are actually quite achievable), i took a stroll down pastoral lane on the way home and am now feeling pretty good about my project. i thought it would be a good idea to write all of these good feelings down so that in a few weeks when i start approaching some formidable deadlines i can hopefully look back on this day and feel inspired again.

now, i feel like a glass of wine. luckily new zealand has a few to try.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friends, Fitness and craFts

a photo by my friend dafna, otherwise known as lady glock, who i met back when we both frequented esperanto on macdougal street in nyc. the last time i wandered down macdougal with reuben, it was closed up with paper on the windows. i hope it was just being renovated, not permanently closed! they have a website up, but it doesn't give much info, but then again this isn't the type of place you would even expect to have a website..

and on a completely unrelated subject, reuben and i took a body balance class last night - a combo of tai chi, yoga and pilates. one of two guys in the class, even reuben got his sun salutations on! we are headed back tomorrow and maybe even (gasp!) sunday morning.

also, i finally signed up on, mainly so i can bookmark all of my fave items, like this serotonin molecule necklace, but also because it makes me happy to see other geeky and clever crafters out there!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

accessories i would like to own

there are actually about a million things on the sock dreams website that i would like in my closet, especially now that the weather is mighty chilly. i just love these gloves because they're quirky and a lot like a little lace pair that i used to have, of which i can only find one now.. these ones remind me of the fashion gators i bought in london.

haute macabre turned me on to the sock website (because of the crinoline skirt they featured last week) and they also featured some excellent shoe jewelry. this is definitely something i will look into making once i build up my crafting box again!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

an afternoon like most

it's mid-afternoon, which means the sun has just reached reuben's side of the bed and that is exactly where fintin situates himself every day after lunch.

we have just come in from collecting the newspaper and mail, something usually reuben does when he comes home for lunch, but today he stayed at work. i have just checked facebook to see what all my friends around the world have been accomplishing today: kate's posted a pic of her bub, april has a pic of her great grande jette, destiny and i are reminiscing over texas, new york city ballet is preparing for their season of romeo and juliet, caitlin is pondering whether or not she should grow her hair out, hans is posting his latest quiz results and i just became a fan of frederick, md.

this morning i checked my reader for the latest news: there is a new saliva tst for hiv available in london and these beautiful shoes are on sale (only $760!).

now i am listening to some relaxing music by bonobo while i read the vleck and vleck article "patterns of metabolism and growth in avian embryos". in front of the computer is where i will be for the rest of the day, reading articles and occasionally checking on the laundry.

i look forward to reuben coming home and everyone having dinner because that means i am that much closer to sitting down with my book, the witch of cologne, tonight! and so the evening goes until i turns the lights off and wake up and do the same again tomorrow..

movin' out

so reuben and i have started the house/flat/apartment hunt! it's a little bit daunting since i have never had to actually choose my residence before, it has always been university housing, or home, or a family member's house, or a trailer.. as much as i have enjoyed traveling around, i realised that i haven't lived in the same town for more than 9 months straight ever since i was in high school. new york city, home, nyc, home, jersey, back to nyc or jersey, texas, palmerston north, hotels, back home, palmy, rotorua, palmy, planes, the big blue tent in europe, london, home, back to palmy, ahh!

i have always had the goal of living in a place where i might be able to paint a wall red! or even use some outlandishly wonderful wallpaper! or have a coffee table and the associated collection of coffee table books. or even just books in general - they are very difficult to keep lugging from country to country!or a terrarium! an herb garden would be nice, too, because eventually i am going to have to start cooking for myself as well :( thank god for bbc goodfood recipes, where everything looks delicious. it might be nice to have a place for my shoes collection too :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

rain and björk

it rains in palmy. a lot. every day. sometimes it rains during full sunshine. it's a little bit baffling to the senses and someday i will take a good picture to share.

my best of björk playlist is a nice compliment to the sound of raindrops.

Friday, May 15, 2009

my haute new favourite

hans put me on to this blog, haute macabre, and i love it. now i can't tell whether to love him or hate him for it because it's a whole new world of things to lust!

like these fluevog heels. and these boots. i want want want!

according to the same blog, fluevogs were spotted on the romulans in the new star trek movie. i am hoping to make it to see that movie next tuesday on the cheap night at the theater, but can't decide whether the $3.50 i save is really worth battling the crowds of annoying students...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

welcomed back

reuben was waiting at the auckland airport with lillies and a rose!

after a very long journey, i was so ready to get away from annoying people who have no respect for what limited personal space you have on a plane! i hope this american airlines airpoints program i joined is going to accumulate points pretty fast so i can upgrade before my next long haul flight.

after picking me up at around 6am, reuben and i headed to our hotel for a little nap before heading back down toward taupo. we had lunch right near the sky tower after stopping at lush to do a little smelling (we got a vanilla fountain bath bomb).

we rolled into rotorua a bit after 5 and stopped by kiwi encounter for hugs from claire and emma. after a quick change, we headed out for dinner with emma at abracadabra. i was still pretty full from lunch, but the fried chickpeas and wine (i think it was a peregrine saddleback pinot noir) were delish! such a great little place.

after dinner we headed out for our last stop of the day: taupo. reuben's parents have a little caravan by the lake where we were planing on enjoying some wine, cheese, snacks and time alone. however, after getting settled in and turning on the jug to make some tea, everything went black - power out! we thought it would be easily solved, but after much stress and no lights, we had little choice but to keep going on to palmy :( it was not a fun drive after that... i couldn't keep my eyes open if i tried so i couldn't even keep reuben much company for the extra 2 1/2 hours. needless to say, we arrived late and exhausted.

luckily we had sunday to recover..