Sunday, July 29, 2012

m scents

/ mosaic steer skull by mountainbeanmosaic /
this week's scents all started with the letter 'm'. some might look familiar from previous posts as i've started cycling some of them around again in new groups.

/ 'm' scents /
good judy ~ mother mary
love potion perfume ~ majmua sultana
velvet moon bathery ~ midnight carnival (discontinued)
love and toast ~ mandarin tea
bpal ~ mary read ~ (the best part of bpal is their descriptions!) salt air, ocean mist, aged patchouli, sarsaparilla, watered-down rum, leather-tinged musk, and a spray of gunpowder

chocolate and vanilla

/ chocolate chip cookie body lotion by southerntwistedsoaps /
believe it or not, i disliked chocolate when i was little. i was that weird kid at birthday parties who didn't want any chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream. things have changed. i am still a huge fan of vanilla (and its many varieties), but i certainly don't turn down chocolate birthday cake anymore.

/ chocolate & vanilla scents /
wylde ivy ~ black vanilla ~ a very vanilla scent which i have worn several times before and enjoy every time, vanilla is one of my favourite flavours and scents. i would wear it again.
wylde ivy ~ chocolate rose cream ~ i have never been a fan of artificial rose fragrance but mixing it with chocolate changed my mind about rose perfumes. i loved it and would even buy it.
bathed & infused ~ vanilla fig cedar ~ sweet, spicy and woodsy all in one. i would wear it again.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


/ via /
i discovered when i was in college and this is one of the pictures i always remember. it's popped into my mind recently as a couple weeks ago i bought a new 'seasonal scented' air freshener (think holiday spices like cinnamon and cloves) and it seemed as though every night this week where i was the first one home, the cats had just done their business, leaving the house with a rather 'pumpkin poo'-like scent.

more is better than less and some is a lot better than none

/ awesome 7 deadly sins tights by tattoosocks /
i missed the last 4 sessions of this round of fresh met for various reasons, but it's starting back up again on monday so i think i'll give it another go for at least a few weeks! tonight i am going ice skating with my friend nicki so i'm hoping my rollerskating will help keep my balance on blades....

p.s. did you know there is a national museum of roller skating in nebraska? it will be on our cross-country list of places to visit for sure.

/ week 4 outfit /

/ this romper would make a great derby outfit, can't remember where i found the pic /
/ week 3 outfit /

/ would love to paint some skates like these! modcloth secretary of statement heels /

/ week 5 outfit /

/ black milk bodysuit would make an awesome derby outfit /

/ week 7 outfit /

Friday, July 20, 2012

random red things

/ random scent selection /
this week's scents were a random selection, a 'lucky dip' if you will. so i've paired them with some random other items of interest that just so happen to be my favourite colour - red.

/ atrial flutter by polly morgan - amazing taxidermy art /
love potion perfume ~ banishment ~ an inoffensive scent, slightly sweet, nothing special for me. i would wear it again.

/ zara carpenter hat, title unknown /
wylde ivy ~ sugar me up ~ sugary sweet as the name suggests. i would wear it again.

/ my favourite bag from the blood bag project /
bpal ~ blood pearl ~ this scents reminds me of something i just can't place, but it fresh and wearable. i would wear it again. (i am hoping to make my own crafted blood bag soon, check out the website to read about the project raising awareness about a rare blood condition called diamond blackfan anaemia) 

/ diy spike heels by a pair & a spare /

love potion perfume ~ touch of ebil ~ favourite scent of the group, sweet and spicy! i would buy it. (and i would definitely make these shoes!)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


/ mcdreamy the owl doorstop by zippitydoodah /
around the time of the last alt.shift.craft event in may, i discovered, the approximate equivalent of etsy in nz. i of course lusted over so many great things and stumbled up this cute owl and decided to make my own!

/ my owen the owl doorstop /
ok, mine looks considerably skinnier than mcdreamy, but he turned out adorable. i salvaged an old wool vest for his body, picked out scraps from my fabric bag for his features and stuffed him with all the fabric scraps i could find a rock from work.

and of course i had to add a little tail. 

as when searching etsy, i found a million and one things that i loved on felt. luckily i am exercising restraint as my goal over the next year is to clean out all of the stuff we have accumulated in the apartment, not gain more!

/ adorable south island robin felt pillow by s4sh4 /

Friday, July 13, 2012

garden scents

/ new flowers /
last weekend i decided to spruce up the balcony with a few flowers. i have no idea what they are, i just know they were 6 for $8 and pretty :)

/ this week's garden scents /
wylde ivy ~ alas, sunflower ~ i expected this scent to be light and overly flowery but was pleasantly surprised at its earthy sweetness, my favourite of the week
love potion perfume ~ blue corn girl ~ i loved this one as much this week as i did back in the colourful fragrances
love potion perfume ~ garden of mystery ~ a nice, but forgettable scent
starring fragrances ~ lavender & rosemary ~ i was reading a gorgeous perfume blog called indie perfume and read about a scent that was described as one you could sleep in. i was intrigued by the idea of putting on a perfume before bedtime and being that this has sleep-inducing lavender in it, i gave a go. it was actually quite a nice experience, but i am still really not a fan of artificial lavender fragrance, there's something about it that i just don't like, whereas fresh lavender doesn't bother me.

/ some lovely scarlet blooms /
i generally keep track of the scents that i have tried on a spreadsheet (yes, i am that dorky) and i just rate them based on three choices: 1) i wouldn't wear it again, 2) i would wear it again, and 3) i would buy it again. ironically, i have so much perfume and AD has such a giant stash that she shares that i doubt i will ever have to buy any ever again!

/ more flowers in my upcycled styrofoam planter /

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

market day

/ crafting up my signs /
on saturday, miriam and i decided we would get a table at the roller rats fundraiser monster market day held at the local ipc university hall.

/ like the name? /
she had some great vintage and quality used goods like china, pillows, purses and framed prints. and i had some crafts including firelighters, iphone/ipod cases, envelopes made from calendar pages, cake/cupcake stands and fresh herbs.

/ my spread /
miriam was lucky to sell about half of her stuff and she bought me a lemon cupcake for helping her out since my sales were slow at best. i only ended up selling my herbs and my cake stand, but at least i made back what i paid for the stall and a whole $4 profit. the crowd wasn't really a crafty one so i might look into getting a stall at the next alt.shift.craft event if i can find someone to split a table with. in the meantime, everyone we know will be getting fire lighters as presents.

Monday, July 9, 2012

travel scents

wylde ivy - vintage honey
possets perfume - nevada
wylde ivy - sweet cairo

vintage honey was just a random selection that i took along for our all blacks weekend, while i chose nevada and sweet cairo as travel inspiration. by far, nevada was my favourite and i wore the whole time we were at the chateau.

Monday, July 2, 2012

elemental scents

/ red hot lava necklace formerly of senseoffashion, now 76hudson /
magickal realism - earth (discontinued)

/ winds of change by davidarussell /
wylde ivy - aerial

/ nasa's hi res transit of venus /
love potion perfume - heart of fire

/ koi pond fabric by dorolimited on spoonflower /
miss marisa - marine