Monday, November 30, 2009

panda cat

/ manolo awaiting her afternoon belly scratch /

a slight resemblance?

/ panda pic from someone's travels around china - makes me want to visit! /

maybe once manolo gets a bit fatter.

the adelaide zoo just got two new pandas! perhaps they will have some success making babies in the australian weather.

replacement parts

/ replacement parts installation via street anatomy /

i would like to order one new brain, please.

you know what i miss?

/ spaghettio smile on this random blog /

spaghettios. i can get wattie's spaghetti in a can, which tastes pretty darn close to spaghettios, but it's not the same as the O's! there's something about the O's that just makes them taste better. kind of like how diagonally cut sandwiches taste better than rectangular ones. especially grilled cheese. which is also not the same without velveeta.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

dream job

what an AWESOME job.

listen to the extreme mammals podcast, too, i would like that job even more. i feel like i'm in need of a museum visit in the near future. like going to see the giant squid at te papa.

speaking of history museums - reuben and i watched night at the museum 2 last night. it was surprisingly entertaining for a sequel.

Friday, November 27, 2009

adopt a panda! or a meerkat! or an oriole!

/ i'm a little panda pot on modcloth /

if you're in need of a christmas idea for an animal lover, the smithsonian national zoo has 18 different species to adopt - including a kiwi! the panda is the featured package, but i personally would go with the giant anteater :)

love this panda-coloured dress:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

/ garden markers by monkeysalwayslook /

i took the day off to get some serious writing done, but it was so sunny outside that i decided to take an hour to do some 'gardening' and get the rest of the pots planted with the herbs we bought last week. i started by harvesting some vermicast from my worm bin to mix in with the soil of unknown origin that was left in the pots from the last resident. i couldn't bring myself to dig up aston's favourite patch of grass, so i just did two pots of basil and one of parsley. fingers crossed that my first attempt at herb gardening turns out with at least one or two plants!

/ aston on his turf /

/ noli on her lookout /

the wormies got a big feed of potato and pumpkin skins from last night's thanksgiving feast! while making pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin resulted in pumpkin puree EVERYWHERE, the pie turned out very yum! the kitties even licked my puree covered fingers clean.

/ my pilgrim pumpkin pie for our kiwi thanksgiving /

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dance, dance, dance

/ sporting my new legwarmers /

i got to pull out the legwarmers to go to the ballet last night - peter pan, to be exact. the costumes were pretty great and the cast was very entertaining, especially tinkerbell. even reuben said to me this morning 'i really enjoyed the ballet last night' so it must have been good!

can't wait for the royal new zealand ballet's shows next year: carmen and the nutcracker!

/ royal new zealand ballet's carmen coming in 2010 /

Monday, November 23, 2009

happy anniversary, evolution

/ magnet by mincingmockingbird /

it's the 150th anniversary of darwin's on the origin of species. one day i would actually like to sit down and read it. i think more people, scientific or not, should make an effort to read one of the most influential books ever written. maybe people would better understand what it actually says rather than being so quick to write it off (or violently protest it) because they think it talks about humans evolving from monkeys. those people truly make my blood boil.

/ wall decal by ideafoundry /

/ pendant by littledevildesigns /

/ t-shirt by jbarnum /

/ chiasognathus granti by realbutterflygifts /

Sunday, November 22, 2009

my top 3 carols

number 1:

number 2:

these two songs always make me think of when i worked at rice to riches because they played continuous carols the entire time i worked there. would you like some mischief topping to go with your eggnog rice pudding?

number 3:

a classic!

and honorable mentions go to bruce springstein's santa claus is coming to town, which reminds me of the christmas songs we listened to when decorating the tree when i was little, and baby it's cold outside, which reminds me of working at bloch.

caroling already :)

/ holiday owls felt soap by persnicketypelican is out of stock, but there's lots of other cute stuff in the shop /

yesterday reuben and i did all of our christmas shopping, all in one afternoon! ok, maybe only 95% because i haven't gotten his present yet, but all of my overseas friends and family are taken care of. it all started when i realised there were only 8 days left (as suggested by the post office) to send out my gifts, so i headed down to the farmer's market to see if they had any appropriate goodies and i came back with one person sorted. but then reuben suggested we just go to a few shops and see if we couldn't finish off our list. while heading to whitcouls (one of my fave places for cards and stationery) in the plaza, i discovered that there is a new lush store that just opened about a month ago! YUM!! after going back and forth between a few shops, we ended up getting nearly everything from one shop and heading home after a quick stop at the warehouse for wrapping paper.

i convinced reuben to let me play some christmas carols and i set off wrapping. we spread everything out around the lounge and the kitties went absolutely crazy with all of the bags and paper and boxes and bits or wrapping paper everywhere. by the end of the night, it looked like some elves got in a fight. and i'm pretty sure the cats were playing in the mess all night long because they didn't come visit us until their 6:30 am wake-up call. the tissue paper balls they were batting around are now shredded into a million pieces, sort of resembling snow. and THAT is why there is no way we can have a christmas tree this year because it wouldn't survive for 10 minutes in the paws of our kittens!

Friday, November 20, 2009

stretch it out

/ hyde yoga wear - love their pics /

i finally made it back to yoga class again today. i was needing a good stretch and a dose of zen. however, my favourite teacher, toni, wasn't there today. and i don't know what it is about toni, but whenever i take a bodybalance class from anyone but her, i am so disappointed. these les mills classes are all pre-choreographed, so it's not as though she comes up with better classes... maybe she just picks the better classes out of the dozens of possible releases.

anyway, i contemplated walking out today because i truly was not enjoying it, but decided to stick it out since i was already there. instead i ended up really looking at the people in class (mostly because i kept having to look at what everyone else was doing because i just couldn't follow this teacher). there were the regulars: sideburns (man with serious sideburns), sideburns' wife and her friend (who were in our japanese cooking class), the flexible gumchewer (pudgy lady who is extremely flexible and i almost want to admire, but she's always chomping away on gum the entire class), the heavy breather (old lady who is also very flexible, but takes the deep breathing exercises one step too far), the happy old man (just that, i give him credit for sticking out these classes every week), and assorted other middle aged ladies who give it a go even though they struggle to touch their toes. and then there were two people who were new to me - a girl with a donnie darko bunny tattoo on her back and the round old guy with blue toenails.

i guess you find characters everywhere - even palmy.

/ dance sc #3 from howard schatz's passion & line - LOVE the dance photos /

Thursday, November 19, 2009

today's awesomeness

this morning started with a quake and while the tremor lasted just long enough to get us thinking 'should we head for a doorway?', it was an interesting experience.

while listening to some 60 second science podcasts this afternoon, i heard about the ugly bug contest on asu's ask a biologist website (go vote!) and the don't dis darwin team trying to keep creationists out of the origin of species.

/ an iceberg floating by macquarie island, photo taken by my supervisor! /

there's an iceberg out there! apparently they float past nz every once in a while, i seem to remember hearing about one last year or the year before that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

tutus and gaga

sounded intriguing, but the glimpse didn't look all that compelling. maybe it was better in person. the costumes looked pretty cool, though.

music to which i enjoy editing my papers

sometimes i just need some upbeat music to keep me from going crazy when i have to read, re-organize and re-write the same passage 4926 times...

Monday, November 16, 2009

an oldie but a goodie

i am so in the mood to watch this movie today! too bad i'll be watching kiwis on treadmills all day long...

badass bunny

/ ninja bunny by blissforest /

not sure if you would toss this bunny in the world rabbit throwing championship. ahhh, new zealand.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


/ crocodile eyeball ring by jessitaylor /

it's steve irwin day/khaki day! also found that he's now on a $1 coin in australia and a newly discovered snail is being named after the khaki-clad croc hunter.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i heart google

this sounds awesome!! i can see this being a great tool for communicating with people overseas! like when collaborating on research - it would be sooo useful. it could be quite cool to use at work, too, but might take a while for people to catch on to it as sometimes even google docs are a bit beyond the staff members...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

multicoloured kinda day

/ kenley dress on modcloth /

i saw the sun today! and while it wasn't all that warm, it wasn't freezing cold and the wind wasn't blowing me over. not too long before i can start wearing some of my skirts and dresses!

i had another great meeting today and then lunch with reuben, so despite aston's attempt to jump out the bedroom window, it's been a good day. right now i'm editing my first growth draft that my supervisor returned this week - he even said it was very good! that doesn't mean there isn't a lot left to fix...

/ the 4th gymnasium in amsterdam via the contemporist /

/ art installation by romain lenancker via blanket magazine /

Monday, November 9, 2009

fall of the wall

/ divided /

marie and i stopped in berlin on our way back from italy not only to check out the city, but to visit my friend david. it had been a few years since i saw david last in nyc and he was as goofy and funny as ever! he had a great apartment and adorable girlfriend, ola, and they immediately welcomed us to stay and even showed us around the city the next day.

the dominoes set up around the city for the 20 year anniversary since the fall of the wall look pretty cool - can't wait to see some videos of the massive chain reaction fall.

/ berlin wall dominoes via mail online /

/ wearing ola's fuzzy hat on the subway /

Saturday, November 7, 2009

phytoplankton inspired fashion

check out the awesome plankton blooms nasa caught swirling around new zealand! believe it or not, the great blue hues made me think about some awesome turquoise items i wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe. when wayne brought me back a turquoise alpaca fur shawl from chile (the softest thing ever!), i realised i don't really wear much blue anymore. pretty much just grey, black and white... i blame it (and many other things) on the weather.

/ beautiful jacket on carrie*connects /

/ report signature pamona heel /

/ labradorite ring by blacklotusdesign /

Thursday, November 5, 2009

if i could buy anything right now

/ awesomest tights ever /

it would be these!!! but reuben and i are on a strict budget (even though these are on sale at the moment!) until i start my full time hours next year :(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

owls everywhere!

i've been seeing owls everywhere lately! maybe they're a good omen for tapping into my thesis writing wisdom...

/ she collected owls necklace by eclecticmoi /

/ happy owl felted soap by persnicketypelican /

Monday, November 2, 2009