Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i'm gonna eat you!

putting together some stuff to do in melbourne next weekend and stumbled across little cupcakes right near where we're staying :) the only thing that might be better is a doughnut shop next door to our hotel. one can hope.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

rainbow lights

/ rainbow empire state building via mashable /
looks a bit like the palmy clock tower, no?

/ palmy square by yoshiz1 on flickr /

a fish named phantom

/ te manawa native fish tank in manawatu standard /
the pic above was from the native fish tank opening at the beginning of the month (the little boys are looking at a shortjaw kokopu) and this week we've added another dozen fish. the most noticeable are some banded kokopu which are about the same size as the shortjaw above. apparently they've been sparring a bit since their addition as angela and i noticed a few fish wish some battle injuries. one with chunks out of his fins we named rocky and another who obviously suffered an attack to its right eye and lip we named phantom. phantom might look a bit munted at the moment, but we're pretty sure he's going to be alright. we'll work on getting him a little mask so he can start wooing a christine fish.

/ banded kokopu photo from niwa /

Saturday, June 25, 2011

bowtique shopping

/ cute dress in the window of guilty as sin /
i've been making a conscious effort to wear a different pair of shoes every day for the past couple weeks to give my black work shoes a rest since they've just about bit the dust! still haven't found a suitable replacement yet... might just have to go for a wander around town tomorrow to see what i can find.

/ irregular choice bonnie bonnet heels /

Sunday, June 19, 2011


as the world falls down

/ labyrinth via suicideblonde /
do you think reuben would mind if i changed our wedding to a labyrinth-themed one? i might still wear that hair piece...

capturing a moment

/ meet me at the bar via cool hunting /

how amazing are these 'cinemagraphs'? love them! see a huge collection on from me to you.


/ brancott estate world of wearable art /
i am DEFINITELY going to see the world of wearable arts show next year. it's been on my list of to dos for a couple years now, but i really must go before we move.

exploring space

/ galaxy dress via suicideblonde /
i just read about voyager 1 spacecraft reaching the edge of interstellar space - how amazing that it has been floating through the sky for 34 years and is now 17.5 billion kilometres from earth! what i find even more fascinating than the scientific revelations that voyager has revealed is the optimistic inclusion of the golden record - a summary of life on earth. i've heard and seen bits and pieces before, but i found that all of the pictures, sounds and music are published online - an interesting collection that is absolutely worth checking out.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

yay for secondhand

i can't believe i missed national doughnut day!

/ jelly donut gelato at the plaza /
apparently june 3rd was national donut day and both dunkin donuts and krispy kreme were giving away free donuts!! damn this country and their lack of doughy goodness...

on a related note, a couple weeks ago when miriam, jill and i went out after the reel earth gala we went to the gelato place in the plaza where i got a jelly donut flavoured scoop - yum! it actually tasted a bit like rice to riches' french toast rice pudding but with jelly swirls in it. i miss rice pudding too...

hot cuppa

/ tea cup bracelets by staygoldmaryrose /
as the cold, rain and wind moved in this afternoon and ruined a beautiful day, i brewed up a few cups of delicious hibiscus tea from the herb farm to warm up. ever since reuben and his family visited the states over christmas, they've been raving about the iced tea so i've been making a bottle each weekend of different flavour combinations. luckily the healtheries brand has a good range available at the grocery store so we shouldn't be running out of options anytime soon!

/ awesome texas-t labels on streetanatomy /

absolutely glam

/ butterfly brooch at the set in the style exhibit at the cooper-hewitt museum /

Saturday, June 4, 2011

a warm day in june

/ making a little winter salad /
today was an unexpectedly beautiful, warm day, which meant i could get out and spruce up my balcony garden a bit. it's usually dark, cold and windy by the time i get home on most days so the plants have been a little neglected since winter rolled around. but today i harvested the remainder of the lettuce and a few herbs as well as planted up two recently emptied pots with some arugula and more carrots. i would have planted more spinach, but these are low-lying planters that are far too accessible to my spinach-loving cat manolo.

on the agenda tomorrow if it's still nice: prune my oregano plant! do they last through the winter? who knows, but i'll give it a try. in the meantime i'll dry a bunch of cuttings just in case.

orange you gorgeous

/ hot orange faux suede /
spotted some fab shoes when i was at the plaza last weekend. i normally don't go for orange, but these triangle heels are yummy! i also generally don't like the blowfish styles but i really want one of these booties. actually one in each colour would be great :) i can't seem to find them online, but i'm pretty sure they're blowfish and not a ripoff brand.

/ booties by blowfish /

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

adopt a shelter cat

/ aston defending his new 'blue fish' /
june is the aspca's adopt a shelter cat month so i thought it would be an appropriate time to share a cat pic :) our shelter cat, aston, had a favourite toy we (ingeniously) called blue fish because it was, well, a fish made out of blue fleece. it was the first toy i made for the cats, but it was lost when we brought the kitties to the cattery over christmas. so i decided to make a replacement, this time around i used some very fuzzy string and made something resembling a jellyfish, but we still call it blue fish for ease. and just like when blue fish version 1 was introduced, aston quickly stole blue fish version 2 and claimed it as his own. anytime manolo (shelter cat #2) came anywhere near him he growled as he darted to another corner of the apartment. this went on for a good 15 minutes or so until she finally gave up interest. to this day, manolo avoids blue fish. she would much prefer chasing a crumpled up paper ball. for all of their quirks (5am wakeup calls, pooping right next to the litter box, a neverending supply of cat fur on our black clothes), our kitties have provided us with hours of entertainment and cuddles for which we love them dearly.