Saturday, December 18, 2010

bon voyage

/ head of state ny poster via swissmiss /

we start our very long journey to the northern hemisphere tomorrow, see you in 40-something hours!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

word bird

/ paper bird by cottonbirddesigns /

the little bird and the crossword made me think of grandpa :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

how my garden grows

i wasn't sure what to expect when i dug up my carrots this evening but i was pleasantly surprised by 2 perfect specimens and one great goofy one. they also tasted delicious!

my spinach is doing a lot better now that i've moved it out of the reach of the cats! it will make a nice addition to dinner tomorrow night.

when i get back from the states in january, i think i might plant a few more flowers as i think one of the best thing i planted this spring was a set of 6 marigolds scattered between several different pots. it definitely brightened things up and provided a nice contrast to all the greenery. i'm also hoping to paint a few more pots with an old can of royal blue paint i picked up at the arts recycling centre. not sure what plants i'll put in when i get back, i just hope the broccoli, lettuce and herbs make it the 3 weeks i'm gone!

meandering manawatu

/ bridge out of ashhurst /

forgot to mention that my picasa album has all the photos from the christmas party weekend.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

parties, plays and pedicures

/ taking off from the airport /

last weekend's christmas party for reuben's parents' business was such an awesome day. the whole day was a big surprise for everyone involved (except the coordinators, of course) so we certainly weren't expecting a first stop at the airport! the girls and guys split into two groups for the start of the day with the girls getting on the helicopter first.

/ aerial view of palmy /

we headed out over town and made our way toward the ranges - it was such a perfectly sunny and clear day too!

/ flying over the manawatu river /

we flew up over the wind farms and even right by some of the big turbines.

/ looking over the windfarms /

/ flying by a massive turbine /

after the windfarm, we headed over the gorge.

/ manawatu gorge /

after our aerial tour, we landed right on the front lawn of the hiwinui country estate.

/ i could get used to private helitransport :) /

once at hiwinui, we were greeted with bubbles and nibbles and we were each offered to choose from a selection of beauty treatments. i chose the pedicure :)

/ the rear lawn of hiwinui /

after our treatments, we had a couple hours to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery before the boys came to pick us up.

/ my pink toes /

we all got dolled up and ready for our next surprise - dinner at aberdeen!

/ the girls /

and then after aberdeen there was one more part to the night - a play at cetrepoint theatre called penalties, pints and pirouettes, which was surprisingly hilarious.

/ the boys at the tui brewery /

of course while the girls were out at hiwinui, the guys flew out to the tui brewery for a tour and a few pints.

all in all a fantastic day!! it really inspired reuben and i to make enough money to afford helicopter rides more often ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

wonderful weekend

this weekend was full of christmas parties, but blogger seems to be playing up tonight so can't share any photos at the moment - i'll make sure to post some tomorrow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

beware of the man flu

my poor hubby is tucked up at home with the cold i gave him :( feel better hun!