Saturday, April 25, 2009

i smell amazing

my newest obsession: perfumes!

not the stupid celebrity scents, but really unique and delicious fragrances that make you wanna sniff yourself all day long.

i just received my black phoenix alchemy lab scents and i am in love! i ordered the imp's ears because why get one bottle when you can get a million sample sizes??

not only do they have dozens of different collections, each collection has dozens of scents! it would take a year to try them all (but i would gladly take on the challenge). i ordered 6 scents for me and 6 for reuben, but i have a feeling we will both be trying each others' because they aren't actually men's or women's fragrances. i just picked out the ones that i thought would suit us the best.

to be honest, i don't know what most of the ingredients actually smell like (vetiver??), it was often the incredibly creative descriptions that won me over. nearly every scent has a poem or story (generally mythological or religious in origin) that inspired the scent - someone clearly spent a lot of time on each one of these!

now excuse me while i put myself into a smell-induced coma....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

fashionably late

i am a little late at this blogging thing and i hardly ever read any blogs until i started using google reader - one of my favorite bits of technology ever! i recommend it to all my gmail-using friends.

anyway, because of reader, i have been keeping up with so many excellent blogs about everything that i find fascinating:


awesome products (where i saw these cute butten shorts)


funny and/or cute t-shirts



interpreting life

delicious food (in case i feel like cooking one day) or fantastically fat food



my friends (here's one of my artsy ones!)


i'm not following anything in particular for dance, any suggestions?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

hoppy easter (yeah, i just said that...)

i found out that reuben has never dyed easter eggs before! after being in nz for a while, i have noticed how differently everyone celebrates the same holidays. we used to dye dozens of eggs and do a great big easter egg hunt around aunt cheryl's house. we also get very non-traditional treats in our easter basket, this year: goya seasoning and hollondaise sauce mix to take with me to nz, sardines (which i have already eaten), mango nectar, espresso soda and a chocolate ballerina.

there were some more traditional jelly beans in there amongst the plastic grass, too, which i ate while i drooled over a million different scents made by demeter, black phoenix alchemy lab, and cb i hate perfume. as aunt dogs and i say - so many fragrances, so little time!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


check out s'meeps! love the name, but i already love roasted peeps!

possibly better is the peep show put on westminster, md. this year it's from april 17 -24th and i am definitely going to check it out! will post pics, of course.