Saturday, September 15, 2012

wrapping up conservation week

/ re-setting a rat trap in the oroua valley /
this is me, advertising this year's blue duck trip run by te manawa and the department of conservation. this was taken last year, but i'll be going along again this year. i have a feeling it will be equally cold, dismal and windy - hopefully not so windy as to knock down trees into the road like last time though!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

heels on wheels

/ garudio studiage: heels on wheels on supermarket sarah /
these might have been making the rounds on the interwebz, but i just had to share - love them!!! no matter how awkward, i think they would be amazing to try out.

Monday, September 3, 2012

derby lollies

/ derby lollies arcana perfume oil /
i have no idea if roller derby is what arcana had in mind when they made derby lollies, but it's a great name! two weekends ago, the swamp city roller rats hosted the first national derby tournament here in palmy and it was a pretty intense day of skating and bashing. the rats made it into the final against auckland, but lost after a pretty intense game. i was there supporting the team, but mostly ange, aka foxy pop, she is a very entertaining player.

/ tumbles in the final - sandy carter photography /

/ foxy's fan club - sandy carter photography /

/ busting moves - sandy carter photography /

/ the golden skate - sandy carter photography /

Sunday, September 2, 2012

perfume project catch-up

/ this week's random selection /
my perfume project has been a great success and i believe i have now made it through all of the scents i had in my collection and tried every one at least once. it seemed like a big challenge, but it was great fun. i have now found homes for all the scents i didn't want to wear again and discovered lots of new favourites. here are the past two weeks' collections:

/ tis the season scents for a week of cold weather /
love potion perfumes ~ nibble me this
love potion perfumes ~ garland and lace 3
arcana ~ little ghoulie ~ like pumpkin pie and halloween candy
love potion perfumes ~ christmas coma 2008 ~ amazing chocolate overload!
love potion perfumes ~ stocking stuffer
love potion perfumes ~ ghost bumps

/ LMNOP scents /
love potion perfumes ~ lost highway
wylde ivy ~ muse
velvet moon bathery (discontinued) ~ night magic
bpal ~ obatala
arcana ~ pushpadhanva