Friday, April 30, 2010

garden update

/ our first wildfire chili /

the garden hasn't really slowed down, which is really encouraging, but probably has something to do with the recent warmish weather. our first pepper finally turned red and i used it last night in some chicken enchiladas. i also managed to scratch my nose right after cutting it up and rendered the whole right nostril painfully numb for about 2 hours. there's a second pepper on the plant that's just turning red now and there's at least one more to go after that.

/ some yummy pesto on tonight's pasta dinner /

the basil is still plugging along but some are starting to go to seed. i wonder if basil is one of those things you can easily collect seeds from? i'll have to look into that. as for everything else: the tomatoes are actually growing pretty well, the carrots have poked their heads out and i've put in some rocket.

additions to the wishlist

/ feet in the cunningham falls during my visit with lia /

black milk just released a bunch of new prints that i really, really, really love! there are also awesome new collection items that i like the look of, but would realistically never have anywhere to wear them.

/ the great wave black milk tights /

i really love the great wave and i really enjoyed seeing it at the british museum. of course most things at the british museum were pretty awesome.

/ from my visit to the national cathedral in dc with dad /

i'm not particularly religious but i love the architecture and colours and overall feeling of churches and cathedrals. and i'd love to wear them on my legs :)

/ cathedral black milk tights /

aren't these prints just gorgeous? he also did a crystal print that reminded me of something from the molecular expressions gallery. some of those prints would be so cool!

/ moa skeleton at te papa from my visit with reuben /

i'm doing another talk about my research next week to the wildlife club. i'm not exactly sure what possessed me to do that since i'm not a fan of public speaking, but oh well. i guess a little more experience can't hurt. i'm still waiting for my second mark to come through, by the way, which is starting to get really frustrating!!

/ leg bones black milk tights /

just in case anyone is wondering, i'm a size medium :D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

thanks bri :)

/ brass kiwi in it's native basil forest habitat /

aunt dogs informed me that brian found this kiwi at an antique shop in frederick - how cool!

/ brass kiwi in exotic parsley forest /

possibly the best part was the sticker on the bottom that said 'bird with long beak'. hahahaha, obviously the vendor wasn't familiar with one of the coolest birds on the planet!

/ brass kiwi facing a fierce predator, the domestic cat /

don't worry, this bird is a captive kiwi and sleeps inside on my bookshelf.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

anzac day

if you aren't from australia or new zealand, like me, you might not know what anzac day is all about. so here's a quick education on the topic.

unfortunately this morning one of the helicopters on its way to the memorial services in wellington crashed, killing three people. a pretty sad start to an already emotional day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

coffee and chocolate

/ my new chocolate brown sweater and wooden bracelet from mom and dad /

i am totally loving the sweaters mom and dad sent in my bday package, they are a very welcome addition to my wardrobe.

this morning i made myself a small pot of dunkin donuts french vanilla coffee that AD sent. oh how i missed a good pot of drip coffee. i've been drinking instant for too long. and because reuben was out to a work dinner, i ate my precious box of velveeta shells and cheese. A-mazing.

t is for thor the tapir

/ tapir time by nutandbee /

i was watching/editing a show at work yesterday about tapirs in costa rica and they are so cute! they look like a cross between an anteater and hippo and apparently different tapir species were once distributed around the world, but now only exist in a few small patches in central/south america. the show (final chance to save) followed a scientist who has been tracking a tapir family, one of which was named thor. unfortunately the website about the project seems like it might not have been updated recently.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ninja giraffe

/ ninja giraffe print by nutandbee /

i actually laughed audibly (i don't lol) when i saw this, how cute! actually the whole nutandbee shop is full of ridiculously adorable animals AND she's from auckland. yay for new zealand sellers!

when in doubt, wear red

/ red sweater from AD, dress from portmans, betsey johnson tights /

i got lots and lots of compliments on my new tights from AD at work today. i surprisingly really loved the sweater because it's not something i would have picked out for myself, which made me like it even more. i can't wait to pick out my outfit tomorrow now that i have so much to choose from!

i tried taking some photos with my digital camera today and it just was not taking good pictures. to be honest, that camera's nearly obsolete since my iphone is more convenient and my laptop camera is easier to use. it's a little frustrating since it initially seemed like such a good camera! oh well, i'm not much of a picture taker any way.

Monday, April 19, 2010

basic black and flat white

/ study lounge cardigan on modcloth /

i got the BEST packages from mom and dad and AD today! i love birthday goodies, ESPECIALLY when they are clothes (and jewelry and soaps and scents and food)!

/ hollyhock necklace by myheartmonster /

i'm thinking of getting a new purse, i've had my current one ever since outlet shopping with mom last year and the handles are starting to wear. i used a smaller one for a while, but it doesn't fit the planner that i have now and i find it essential to have that with me whenever possible because of my bad memory... thanks dad.

/ cowhide leather lotus hobo bag by fuchstbags /

i found an article about how flat white coffee is taking off in the uk (via the moment) and thought of mom and AD and how much they loved their flat whites. unfortunately they'll have to wait a couple extra months before they get to have one again.

/ lego polar bear at the philly zoo /

how awesome does this lego bear look? too bad the exhibition is only on until the end of october otherwise i would love to see it! i've driven by the zoo several times (many accidentally), but never visited. i may have to remedy that in december.

/ acne agate heel on this is glamorous /

ever heard of white dog? apparently it's unaged whiskey spirit, so being a whiskey fan, i wouldn't mind trying it sometime. not likely that i'll find any here, but the article cites a few makers in the states. i guess it's one more thing to add to my list of stuff to find when i get home in december. that list is getting verrrrrry long... speaking of whiskey, reuben still owes me a bottle of glenmorangie for finishing my thesis!

/ leather gloves by blackblues /

i'm thinking about starting a knitting project soon, maybe some gloves - it's getting to be that season again! now i just have to steal my knitting needles back from the cats. i wish i could say they are crocheting cats, but really they just like to chase the needles around on the floor.

/ snow white rose ring by lunashineshine /

Sunday, April 18, 2010

neurons at the ready

/ i heart vimrod cartoons /

i just finished listening to this week's radiolab podcast about human limits, or lack thereof. radiolab produces the most amazing shows; listen to them and you'll see why. i also enjoyed listening to all of my backlogged podcasts from 60 second science (most interesting: new hominid fossil found) and science & the city (most interesting: an opera based on modern physics)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


/ iceland volcano and aurora borealis on mnn /

i didn't realise that this was the second time in a month that the iceland volcano erupted and it sure is causing some chaos with most of europe's planes being grounded. sometimes the news in new zealand isn't that great... i generally only watch the news every other day or so because there is rarely something 'new' each day and then i can avoid watching the completely un-newsworthy stories like a cow that got stuck in a drain in wisconsin. seriously? why is that on the news here?

/ natural disasters on new york times blog /

another thing i didn't know (which i surprisingly did hear on the news) was that the library of congress is and has been saving all tweets. apparently it's an effort to expand historical records to include web material and content from everyday people. i suppose it makes sense in that it should document what people have found important enough to put out there - opinions, articles, factoids, etc. - but man are they going to have a whole lot of crap along the lines of 'man it's hot outside', 'i got sooo drunk last night' and 'isn't the starbucks barista adorable??'.

Friday, April 16, 2010

carpe testes

/ i heart guts testicles /

ok, i think the first week of april that was testicular cancer awareness week, but that doesn't make the self-examination message any less important. everybody has a special man in their life, so use one of the following catch phrases to encourage them to be proactive:

things i miss

/ got your pickle back on t magazine blog /

dill pickles. we got a jar of kosher dill pickles from an organic shop last week and they were pretty disappointing. guess i'll have to settle for the random jars that countdown gets into their gourmet section.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


/ fail iphone case /

ok, it's a bit silly to be posting something that i want after my birthday, but it's never too late to start thinking about christmas! i just love this print - it's so cute!

happy birthday to me :)

/ birthday cupcakes made by dominique /

even the weather cooperated on my birthday, sunny and even warm :) i started out the day with breakfast made by reuben and then a haircut and an impulsive choice to get some colouring done too.

/ my new haircut /

nothing too drastic, but just a little freshening up. then i decided to do a little bit of shopping, first at the warehouse to get a pair of slippers and i almost scored a cute pair of black pumps, but the only one in my size was just a left shoe and believe me, i searched through and behind a lot of boxes to find the other shoe! but no luck.

/ some highlights in the underlayers /

then i headed to the plaza to try to find some cute tights to go with my polka dot dress i wanted to wear to dinner. i thought i had found a nice pair of purple lacey ones, but when i took them out of the package later on, i found out that they were fishnet with just the lace part up the back, so they didn't really go with the dress. oh well.

after shopping, i met up with nicki and had some sushi and then a chocolate milkshake at the new chocolate shop. the chocolates looked amazing, but the milkshake was pretty disappointing.

/ chocolates on the left from reuben and truffles on the top from hayden /

before reuben and i headed to dinner, his mom and dominique stopped by with a birthday card, some vouchers to a great store in town and some cupcakes! there were actually a dozen of them i think, but only four survived until this photo shoot. at bellas hayden gave me a card and a box of truffles and we ate wayyyy too much yummy food :) so much that i fell asleep within about 15 minutes of getting home!

definitely a good day :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

fall shoe search

/ fawn core basics boots /

i've never worked in a lab, but i can imagine none of these would pass holly's lab appropriate footwear test :) i still want, want, want! hehe.

/ natural huntley heels on /

/ whiskey wildcard heel on /

/ whiskey pay shunts heels on /

/ shoe la la heel on modcloth /

/ black mesh ankle boot on amiclubwear /

/ irregular choice zoooom shoes on edge of urge /

Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 o'clock cuddles

/ oh no! you caught me! /

every day around 4 or 4:30pm, noli decides she would like to cuddle. sometimes it's a little bit earlier in the day and usually it doesn't happen at all, but this is the only time you will catch noli being a lovey-dovey cat. except for about 12 hours later when she wants to be fed, but i wouldn't call that 'loving' so much as 'purposefully annoying'.

so close

/ isn't it pretty? /

i found out today that i won't be able to graduate in may because one of my markers still hasn't finished grading my thesis. BUT on the flip side, the one that did finish gave me an A+!!! fingers crossed the other marker agrees :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

no gullible fish here

/ me and my new fishing rod /

while we didn't catch anything, it was actually a beautiful day out with reuben and his parents on monday. it was a short trip down to pukerua bay just outside of wellington and then about an hour walk to our first spot.

/ the view into the ocean /

it turns out that i might have missed my calling - i was able to make a great cast on my very first try. maybe one day if we go somewhere with actual fish i can test my skills at pulling one in :)

/ chris and jan /

i think fishing is just an excuse to spend a day in the sun or on the beach. not that i'm complaining or anything! check out my picasa album for a few more pics.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

a photographic easter

as the parental unit was requesting pictures, i took just a few today :) i decided to be festive and make a bow and belt out of the very easter-y coloured ribbon AD just sent. and i had to show off the pants, which fit perfectly.

yes, i was dancing to abba.

and on to the garden:

successful spring onions, even though it isn't spring.

my wildfire chili is finally turning firey!! doesn't it look like it's glowing?? i've got three peppers on this plant and i plan to make a chili oil when they're finally done!

the basil in this pot is looking as beuatiful as ever. not sure what it was about this particular pot that made it grow so well compared to the others.

so i decided to take the basil out of the pot where the plants were starting to look a bit pathetic and put in the rosemary plant that's been waiting for a home for several months now.

manolo was right next to me the entire time i was out on the balcony, being the curious cat that she is. she was probably waiting for me to feed her some of the plants.

and here is where i can demonstrate the difference in personality between aston and manolo:

she was very fascinated by the newly emptied container that the rosemary was in, so she started to bat it around a bit.

she then tried to steal it and take it inside. i may have mentioned before that she tries to steal pretty much everything and doesn't particularly care if you are watching her at the time.

and when carrying it in her mouth proved a bit difficult, she tried another tactic:

she could get out just fine. but she still got her head stuck about 4 more times before she got bored and went to go eat bean leaves again.

and where was aston the entire time we were out planting?

his favourite spot on the bed, of course. he wasn't too impressed i woke him up with a camera flash.

but he just had a quick groom and went back to sleep.

and speaking of beans, they have gotten even bigger since the last time i spotted them, in fact they look some weird ginormo snake beans!

there are five beans in total, which i guess i can't really complain about since they are pretty well crammed in there and probably aren't getting nearly as much sunlight as they need.

and one of the tomato plants finally started fruiting, how cute are they? i have a feeling i will need to look up that fried green tomato recipe.

with the basil i pulled out today, i tried making a herb vinegar. i only had cider vinegar, which i'm not sure really goes with basil, but i guess i'll find out!

of course the main mission for the day was the deviled eggs. now i thought i had gotten this boiling eggs thing down, but apparently not as the first batch of eggs came out with only half cooked yolks. i think i made up for it by finding the icing piping thingy and making a really awesome second batch, complete with old bay topping.

i guess reuben and i will be having almost hard boiled eggs on our salads for a few days.

second order of business, making us a loaf of bread for the week. this week i tried whole meal with pine nuts, almonds and oats. i think i need to add a few more of the bits and pieces in because i couldn't really taste them. and i also need to get a proper loaf pan. it was still yum, though, and beats supermarket bread by a mile.

and as i write this, manolo is pretending to be a lap cat. i think it's because she saw me eating.

and just in case anyone is wondering what i'm doing tomorrow, i'm going fishing. and no, that is not an april fool's joke...