Sunday, August 28, 2011


on friday, miriam and i headed down to wellington for a night of wearable art. after a quick stop at te papa to drop off a penguin (the stuffed kind), we checked into our backpackers and grabbed some dinner. there may have been a stop at an opshop or two in between those stops... and i may have found an amazing purple gown that i will have never have anywhere to wear in palmerston north... but anyway, the show was absolutely amazing and incredibly entertaining and pretty much everything i hoped it would be! the best part was the 'under the microscope' category and i absolutely loved the 'hide in my bone shadow' that won the runner up to the supreme award.

just as cool as the pieces themselves were the opera singers and ballet dancers - sometimes it was hard to concentrate on any one thing because there was so much going on!

monday movie

on monday, jill and i decided to catch one of the nz international film festival films call pina. the trailer is a bit cooler than the film actually was, but the dancers were amazing, even if some of the pieces were absolutely bizarre. i loved the fact that it was in 3d - what a great way to view a dance film. the music was also pretty stunning, my favourite song was this one:

Monday, August 22, 2011


/ cheese plate via sprouted kitchen /
this picture doesn't have anything to do with molecular gastronomy, i just find it to be a deliciously beautiful photo :)

last weekend jill, miriam and i attended a molecular gastronomy lecture given by an nyu professor (small world!), which was great fun for us science geeks slash foodies. jill took notes and gives a great recap here. she didn't like the vegan meringue, but i personally enjoyed it more than a traditional meringue. then again, i only had bite-sized pieces and i doubt i would go out of my way to make a whole pavlova or anything - vegan meringue or not.

an eternity made out of time

fantastic piece by friend/almost-cousin mike in association with alicia (who i don't know but i imagine is fab) which is featured on designboom.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

things i made this weekend

a fascinator/head piece to wear to leesa's hens party - shocking blue feathers, cranberry ribbon and a grey leather and cream lace flower with gold beads in the center.

piƱa colada cupcakes with pink coconut cream cheese icing and green coconut flakes for dominique's farewell dinner before she heads to cambodia on tuesday.


(found this post sitting in my drafts... i figured it's better to post late than never!)

a.k.a. fried pickles - read about a delicious-sounding new place on my old hangout macdougal street - chipsy. droool...

also read about an nz restaurant opening in brooklyn that will feature the quirky hokey pokey ice cream. it's nothing amazing but it's fun nonetheless.

Monday, August 15, 2011

the weather outside is frightful

/ outside in the snowstorm /
i've been hearing that it hasn't snowed in the city center in over 50 years, but this article reports 80! while it melted away pretty quickly on the ground, the cars had a decent dusting and the fields were frozen over. wellington got a proper white layer (see article here). it's great to see everyone's reaction to the flakes, even adults are jumping around like giddy little kids.

/ frozen field at ross /
wayne and i had a great time playing in the snow last night and we were all reallllllly hoping for a snow day today, but everything on the roads that might have prevented us from getting to school (because i doubt palmy even has a snow plow in the whole city!) had melted away.

/ the ranges are completely white! /

Sunday, August 14, 2011


/ yesterday's outfit /
reuben and i took dominique to dinner at yatai last night before she heads out to cambodia in a week and half. delicious as always!

mila jacket by kilt.
metropolis tights from twisted sister.
big buddha boots, bought on a blizzardy day in cambridge, boston.

from the sea

/ fort bragg's glass beach via buzzfeed /
sometimes the ocean can turn our trash into treasure. obviously no one advocates putting anymore rubbish into the ocean, but maybe there is a very thin silver lining to the dark cloud that is water pollution.

/ jewels from the ocean via nextnature /

christmas in july

/ sugar cookies on their way into the oven /
ever since it turned properly cold about 2 months ago, it's felt like christmastime! so i decided to finally organise a christmas party, especially for my northern hemispherian friends who were feeling the same way. so we got reuben's parents on board (not hard to do when there is a party involved), pulled out the turkey reuben got from work last year and formulated a candycane cocktail :)

/ old bay spiced pumpkin seeds /
everyone brought their own side dish and some people brought along drinks as well, like mulled wine and cider, mmmmmmmm!

/ pumpkin pie /
of course i made pumpkin pie and it was a hit! i think we converted a few more kiwis to pumpkin pie lovers :)

/ leesa and andrew /
we had a great blend of kiwis and non-kiwis and despite the fact that i played christmas music the whole night (love it!), i think everyone had a great time. we even had a present swap where i got a chocolate bar and reuben got a barrel of monkeys.

/ lorna loves christmas :) /
i think this dose of christmas will hold me over until the real thing... i'm looking forward to seeing what mom and dad think about christmas in summer this year.

/ andrew taking the barrel of monkeys challenge /

/ got it! /

Saturday, August 13, 2011

knowledge is fundamental to all human achievement and progress

/ via brain pickings /
"how we use the knowledge we gain determines our progress on earth, in space or on the moon. your library is a storehouse for mind and spirit. use it well.” ~ neil armstrong

Sunday, August 7, 2011

local leggings

/ flocked zip design tights on twistedsister /
lorna gave me the heads up about a local teacher who is running this tights website (everyone at work knows about my vast collection of tights and leggings) called twistedsister, so we decided to get her into school at the end of the last term to show us some of her merchandise. she has some pretty fun stuff, the pair above being my favourite! i hope to order them in the near future :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


/ anne sofie madsen dress from copenhagen fashion week via ecco*eco /
with a smidge less transparent fabric, this would make an amazing wedding dress! speaking of wedding dresses, te papa has an exhibit called 200 years of wedding dress traveling from the v&a in december. i imagine it will have some pretty amazing pieces.

this is a tuatara?

/ tuatara photo via manifest hypothesis /
the tuatara is a living reptile with ancient lineage and a name that means 'spiny back'. not entirely sure how this translated into a car, but here it is:

/ shelby supercars tuatara /