Thursday, May 27, 2010

warm thoughts

/ decor maison wallpaper display via home interior design /

this picture always makes me think of a hot, happy and lazy summer day. and i need to look forward to that weather because it has suddenly snapped into winter as of yesterday. goodbye autumn!

/ cherry valence dress on modcloth /

i invited nicki to go to a body step class with me tonight as i've been wanting to check out some of the other group classes at the gym. except.... i looked at the wrong day on the schedule and we actually showed up for the body pump class. for all of those unfamiliar with les mills classes, the body pump is a weight lifting class and for all of those unfamiliar with me, i'm not the weight lifting kinda gal!

/ bellissima jewelry on supermarket /

but nicki gave me a nudge and in we went. she had been before so she knew what to do but i was pretty lost so i had the instructor pick out some weights for me. and then the next 'holy crap what am i doing moment' - the only spots left were smack dab in the front row.

/ daffodil from the former bloomacious site, now /

well, there i was so there was no turning back! and i must say i surprised myself and made it through the whole class (ok, so i had a grand total of 6 kilos of weights, but that's beside the point) and i didn't dislike it. i might change my mind tomorrow when muscles i didn't even know i had are so sore i can't move, but for now i'm optimistic.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


/ a section of the wall hanging reuben's grandma made me for my birthday /

i had another day of nutrition study today and i luckily didn't get the major headache i got last week. i was pretty tired when i got home so i took a nap on the couch and when i woke up, there was noli cuddled right on top of me, keeping me nice and warm :)

/ my new office decoration /

i miss nyc

this made me laugh out rather loudly! i miss being surrounded by creativity and fun!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

biodiversity day

/ view of kapiti island on our way out of wellington /

i still would like to do a tour of kapiti island one day, i'm sure it would be a great destination to check out new zealand's biodiversity. yes, today is biodiversity day and while we should have gone to the wellington zoo to see what they had on, we just did a bit of window shopping and a bit of eating on a perfectly sunny and clear morning.

/ recycled vinyl records huias by recordbreaker /

we needed to make it back by the afternoon for a small family get together to celebrate reuben's dad's mom's 87th birthday. i met another one of the aunties who was visiting from australia, so i've got one more face to a name in reuben's big family... i'll be lucky to keep them all straight!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

growing up

/ yellow pages phonebook cover 'growing up' by charlotte clark /

i just love this painting that's on the new phonebook. i guess i'm a sucker for cute animals - what a surprise!

/ new sprouts in my garden /

the garden has been growing nicely this week and the spinach, lettuce and broccoli have finally sprouted (though you can't see them in this pic). you can see my pretty patch of rocket, though.

/ fat cats in front of the 'fire' /

and speaking of growing, the cats are getting huge! or at least aston is. you can't tell here, but he's a whole kilo bigger than noli and he can now stretch his paws up high enough to reach the kitchen counter. you would think that would make him more trouble, but he's actually ridiculously lazy.

ok, off to sleep. probably with a cat on my pillow/head.

natural history

may 18th was apparently international museum day, and tomorrow finishes off international museum week. happy museum-going everyone!

/ the most A-mazing beetle belt via sea of shoes /

the american museum of natural history is advertising a position i would love - curatorial assistant for mammology and ornithology. the best part is that i have most of the skills they're after, which means i'm on the right path for getting a curatorial job at some point!

/ bughouse chess by aquakej /

i haven't done too much for the whanganui exhibit this week as i'm down to pretty much my last task and that is trying to find an e-waste game of some sort to show how electronics are recycled. at my last meeting, however, the curator didn't seem to put much emphasis on it so i'm wondering if the idea might be scrapped anyway. we shall see.

/ victorian scarab and sterling brooch on paris hotel boutique /

looking forward to wellington this weekend. fingers crossed the weather is nice!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sick days

/ ingrid anderson tui tea towel /

i took another sick day today and boy did it feel good to get some good rest. all last night aston insisted on sleeping right on top of me, which really wasn't helping the fact that i was all congested and coughing and just generally uncomfortable. so while i felt really crappy at about 7:30 this morning, i'm feeling much, much better now.

/ tea sub via swissmiss /

i've been drinking heaps of tea since reuben got sick this weekend, namely raspberry echinacea and chamomile mint. yum! i would have loved this awesome tea sub for the loose hibiscus tea i got from the herb farm a while ago.

/ hedgehog hand towel by patapri on supermarket /

i got to catch up with emma briefly this evening for coffee after her conservation biology class but before she headed back to rotorua. she brought along some of her classmates and we had a good geeky ecology chat, laughing about introducing cheetahs back to north america and about the true definition of a species. yeah, gotta love us dorks ;)

/ hanger tea via swissmiss /

reuben and i also went to nicki's house for dinner tonight, which was nice since we haven't caught up with nicki in a while. her two french flatmates joined us and apparently helped nicki make a delicious lemon meringue pie, made with fresh lemons from the neighbours. i may have mentioned before how much i love the lemons here - so much sweeter than the varieties you get at home. i had also never had lemon meringue pie served warm before but i really enjoyed it.

/ lush designs wild pig tea towel /

i loved visiting this lush designs store when we lived in greenwich - so many cute things. and greenwich markets with all the food... i'm getting hungry again...!

Monday, May 17, 2010

in need of entertainment

i'm sitting in the human nutrition lab getting very hungry and rather bored. i brought along my thesis editing to do, but now the food headache is preventing me from thinking clearly! i had to fast since midnight last night and i've been here since 8am and peeing in a cup every half hour for a sugar absorption study at massey. i only realized at my 10th visit to the bathroom that i had my undies on backwards. that just goes to show you how poorly i perform before noon. it was also around noon that they brought in the sandwiches that they're giving us after the study, which isn't until 3:30pm! very cruel to flaunt food three hours before you can eat it. anyway, i've turned to youtube for some distraction.

this commercial cracks me up, but not as much as my favourite pineapple lumps commercial. it's hilarious because it represents the kiwi attitude so perfectly.

found this little ditty, which i found slightly amusing. it is true that you do have to dig realllllly deep to find the good parts of this town sometimes. obviously my personal gems are food-related, like yatai, frsh central and the village wine trader. reuben's mom put us on to steve's bulk barn, which sells some of the most delicious puhoi cheese for $3 and $4 a wedge. they've also got all those unusual organic ingredients that i occasionally run into in some of my recipes, like quinoa flour.

ok, youtube quickly bores me if i'm not looking for something in particular, so i've moved on to my podcasts: science and the city 'why him, why her'.

reel earth

ok, i'm not trying to say extinction isn't serious, but the music for this trailer is a bit dramatic to the point where i had a hard time taking it seriously. however, i'd still be interested in seeing it as the kakapo are pretty charismatic little birds. it's screening this weekend at the reel earth environmental film festival so i might just go have a look if it isn't too expensive.

speaking of environmentally friendly, i just listened to an npr clip about a stall at the baltimore farmer's market where you can hop on a bike to blend your own fruit shake.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

pretty sickly

/ how much do i want vint junky's outfit? a lot! /

got a comment from vint junky the other day (who also has a reuben as her other half!) and her pics are so adorable :) as if i needed more clothes and shoes to lust over!

/ bebaroque barbarella tights on /

speaking of reuben, he got sick this week and now i'm all stuffed up. thanks, hun. luckily i have an entire cabinet full of tea and some lamb stew i made last night in my new slow cooker. so yeah, we've had a very boring, sickly weekend. had i some spare heels, i'd try out annie spandex's diy glitter shoes, but instead i cleaned and napped. i promise i'll be more exciting next week.

big cats

Panthera New York Times Billboard from Panthera Cats on Vimeo

it's the year of the tiger and hopefully the tigers will still be around by the time the next one comes.

/ carlos santana chula heels on /

/ bubbles the snow leopard on threadless /

/ gianni barbato boots via obsessed with shoes /

/ amur leopard by the endangered species project /

Friday, May 14, 2010

poor little penguin

i tried my hand at writing labels for the eco-videos i found for the reTHINK exhibit this week. it was a bit challenging at first, but after a few i really enjoyed it. i met up with bettina, the curator, yesterday and her feedback was very positive so far. i also presented her an exhibit activity idea dealing with organic foods that she really liked so i'm hoping it makes the cut and will be included in the exhibit!

poi e

yeah, if the breakdancing guy doesn't completely crack you up then i just don't know about you... apparently this 80's classic is staging a comeback on the music scene because of a new kiwi movie called boy. it looks like it could possibly be funny, or it could be a big disappointment (in my personal opinion) like eagle vs. shark.

the video definitely makes me want to break out my poi, unfortunately i think they're still in denmark! plus i don't think i would have much space to practice in my apartment...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i got an A!

reuben came home tonight with the celebratory bottle of whiskey that he promised when i finished my thesis. well today i have finally received my final marks - two A's and one A+ equals first class honours i believe :) now all i need to do is make a few small edits and corrections and send it off to the printers for a final, hard-bound copy. just trying to think what colour cover i want...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

multicloured mothers day

/ noli looking absolutely adorable in my spot on the couch /

/ snail sweaters on resurrection fern /

/ rainbow raw honey dress on modcloth /

/ calico popcorn on the hudson valley seed library /

/ rainbow pancakes via swissmiss /

tights and sweaters and onions, oh my!

/ brown lacy tights from AD /

i took a few snapshots of the birthday clothes from mom and dad and aunt dogs that i said i would share so here they are. love them all :)

/ spring onion harvest /

i made some spring onion soup with these, which i think turned out pretty well. i like making veggie soups lately, they're a great way of staying warm and eating my five a day! feel free to share any especially delish (and easy) recipes!

/ black sweater from mom and purple flower tights from AD /

and as of a few days ago, the garden is looking a lot less overgrown as i finally took out the bean and tomato plants. aston has been trying to eat as many of the bean leaves as he can steal and drag inside, which is hilarious and annoying at the same time. the pepper plant is still in and doing great with 6 green chillis and one that is just turning red. i will see if i can dry out some seeds to plant next year. there is now a row of rocket that's just poking through and today i planted a few broccoli, spinach and frilly lettuce seeds to see if we can manage raising some yummy winter crops.

/ nice looking sky in the background /

happy hamburgers

/ burger and fries coin purse on modcloth /

national hamburger month - yum!! i wish we had a white castle to celebrate. i suppose we could just get some burger scented candles.

/ white castle candles via a hamburger today /

Friday, May 7, 2010

animals on parade

/ london elephant parade on /

i love how the paint-your-own fiberglass animal parade thing crops up in different cities every couple of years. this year it's elephants in london and i was around in nyc in the summer of 2000 when the cows came to new york. aunt dogs and i went out nearly every lunch hour to find one!

/ nyc cow parade /

and of course, there was the fish parade in rotorua that emma and i tracked down one day. man did i look tan in 2008. aaaaaand that was the last time i saw summer.

/ clean fish in front of the rotorua museum /

viral ballet

according to the news, this video has gone viral.. not sure whether 69,000 is quite 'viral', but that's a pretty good response! i wish they had used the original version of the song, but otherwise i like it!

check out this video to see a truly viral lady gaga remake and reuben's new favourite vid.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

alan! alan! alan!

yesterday was a busy but very good day! i went to work for a few hours and then i was off to campus to see two masters proposal talks for the ecology group, both having to do with kiwi. then i had my own talk to do for the wildlife club about my research, which i think went pretty well. it felt like i was talking a mile a minute in order to get all of my information in, but according to emma i sounded smart and knowledgeable about my topic :) that's a plus. i was a lot less nervous about this talk because it was primarily students versus lots of professors. and i had a few friends in the audience as well as one of my supervisors.

emma was down from rotorua for her conservation biology class. it's been really cool to be able to see her a couple times a month, though i can't imagine it's easy for her doing all that traveling! anyway, she treated me to a birthday dinner at a japanese place a few blocks away so we had a few fun hours of eating and chatting. at home emma, reuben and i all huddled under a blanket on the couch and watched funny youtube videos for a while, including the bbc talking animals clips which had us all rolling. the marmot clip was my fave. my second favourite is the very beginning of this clip. night time.. day time! night time... day time!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

don't follow me

/ let's do the twist dress on modcloth /

when i was doing some errands in town today, i saw a bus whose destination sign on the front of the vehicle read DON'T FOLLOW ME. i mean, i was pretty tempted to do a u-turn and follow that city bus somewhere really cool, but since i got that warning message, i decided just to stick with going to the post office.

love, love, love this dress and shoes :) unfortunately i dropped my iphone smack in the middle of the road on my way to body balance on saturday and cracked the screen and if my insurance claim doesn't go through, i won't be buying any shoes or dresses anytime soon! grrrr!!

/ celina rock and republic heel on /

school photos tomorrow... what to wear, what to wear...?! maybe i should crimp my hair like i did in the first grade.