Wednesday, March 31, 2010


/ frederick wine house's featured wine of the week /

the name made me giggle. i would pick this up just because of its name. i had a glass of pinot when i was catching up with a friend tonight and it just felt right. not that it was particularly warm enough to break out many chilled whites this summer, but it's definitely time to stock up on warm reds again!

Monday, March 29, 2010


/ thieving noli /

i've found a few february pics from from when i was writing... just a little rewind in time. i should be finding

/ the cats trying to be helpful during one of my almost all nighters /

/ valentine's day dinner /

/ remnants of making salsa /

/ the enormous aloe plant from a visit to the esplanade with alan /

Sunday, March 28, 2010

getting RED-y for autumn

/ melissa ashanti bootie on karmaloop /

i lusted over these boots last year and i saw them again on another fun site with fantastic shoes, karmaloop (found via annie spandex - my new fave blog to watch!).

/ wear in the world jacket on modcloth /

this looks like a nice fall jacket, which i definitely need now that it's getting chilly. today was also incredibly windy and knocking over my tomato plants. next year i will have to stick to small and hardy plants that aren't quite so likely to be damaged by the wind.

/ nyla mensae bootie on /

looking forward to emma being in town again tomorrow for her class. this time we're going to attempt to cook some tofu and sample some nz brews from fresh central :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

my day

it's study sunday in the jones/prier apartment. today i will be digesting a stack of books about museum studies and then bouncing a few ideas around for my first assignment.

/ gifs from the very entertaining i am not an artist collection /

Friday, March 26, 2010

my new topic of research

/ ink cartridge chandelier by boxlightbox /

i met today with an exhibit curator, bettina, who is doing some work at te manawa here in palmy. my museum studies coordinator linked us up because bettina is putting together a new environmental exhibit at the whanganui museum (formerly wanganui) that is due to open in july of this year. the concept is pretty simple, but apparently she has a pretty non-existent budget, so the way she's doing it makes a lot of sense. anyway, i'll be helping out in whatever way i can in order to gain some experience behind the scenes of a museum exhibition. i will probably be doing background research and locating materials, perhaps even writing up some labels.

/ recycled ring-pull clutch bag from the london natural history museum /

i told bettina all about my art/science background and she said i would be perfectly suited for museum work because of my broad interests and ability to be creative and technical at the same time. she's really keen to get me involved (probably because i'm free labour, haha) and she seems like she's willing to let me dive right in and experience as much as possible. with her support of course. she informed me that there is a second phase to this exhibit that's meant to open toward the end of this year that she won't be involved in, but if i get along well enough with the whanganui museum people, they might invite me to participate in some capacity in the next one. that could potentially be very exciting as this one has a wider environmental focus and they're apparently planning to incorporate their vast bird collection. it just might help that i've had a little bit of bird experience lately :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hello autumn

/ grey smoke leggings from the haute shop /

we had some insane storms this afternoon! torrential swirling rain that was there one minute and gone the next. so much for drying my laundry.

/ ecg leggings via haute macabre /

i guess it's a good thing i started building up my legging collection last week! i'll have to keep looking for good legging sources, because right now farmers is the only place i've found so far.

/ road map leggings via annie spandex - i want these! /

i need to get the sewing machine reuben's grandma gave me fixed so i can start whipping up some more fun clothes and accessories. of course i've been saying this ever since the beginning of the month and it hasn't happened yet. one of these days..

/ les qeues sardines bonny tights /

i've started drying some cat nip and this weekend i am going to pull out the basil from my big pot and start some carrots. this set of basil isn't getting very far in the chilly weather. on of the other two pots is still plugging along great, which means i might try making some herby vinegar this weekend too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you can get away with murder in new zealand

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this kid got life in prison for murdering another girl, but can go for parole after 11 years after. seriously? i suppose it's not surprising after clayton weatherston got a minimum of 18 years for murdering and mutilating his girlfriend.

it's not that i necessarily advocate the death penalty, but i think these situations certainly warrant more harsh punishments.

the only thing worse than new zealand's pathetic sentencing is it's apparent penchant for child abuse, like putting a toddler in a dryer. pretty sick.

i do like the sound of the proposed welfare reforms, however.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

my hunter gatherer

/ vinyl sea creatures via blanket magazine /

reuben, his dad and some of his friends went out on a fishing mission yesterday. they went 40 miles off the coast of napier and watched the sun rise over the ocean. after a day of fishing, they managed to catch about 30 terakihi, 5 groper, 5 gemfish, 1 gurnard, 1 ruby fish and a lot of sharks (they were tossed back). reuben must have put on his brave face for everyone since there were apparently quite a few sharks circling around their catch. (reuben is very scared of sharks. and sponges. he must have something against creatures of the sea)

so we ended up with a decent amount of nice looking fish in the freezer and reuben gets some fish stories to tell :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

sandy beaches

/ nine west advert /

i didn't get to see any sandy beaches this summer. it was a pretty disappointing summer as far as activities and such since i was stuck finishing off my thesis. though getting that thing done was worth missing the crappy palmy summer. just watch - it will be an amazing summer next year when we're in the states for a month...

/ dolce vita beam pump on /

i've never been much of a fan of the pale/beige/tan shoes, but they are definitely growing on me lately. i lusted over a few pairs yesterday at the plaza. i went to the newly opened third section of the plaza today and i must say it looks like a proper mall now but all shiny and new. there were some fun looking stores in there that i am going to have to peruse on a less busy day :)

/ nine west bonfire heels /

Thursday, March 18, 2010

awesome australian ballet

/ harper's bazaar photo shoot /

how cool is the australian ballet? ballet companies really have to be amazing to capture a modern audience's attention and while i am sure there is a lot of great stuff happening out there, i've been absolutely loving the images that the australian ballet produces.

/ coppelia advertisement /

i'm not sure if we'll be able to make it to melbourne this year, but it would be great to go see one of their shows if and when we do!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


/ changing of the guards at the copenhagen palace /

jacob just landed in denmark this week to start his overseas football career and i was just thinking about all the fun times i had in denmark! i am looking forward to reading all about his adventures because they will be so different and exciting and he's pretty hilarious in general so i can imagine each account being very entertaining.

/ copenhagen culture night /

one of my favourite nights was the culture night where i completely stuffed myself with cheese (the stinkiest blues i've ever tasted!), coffee, ice cream, veggies, beer and more. the best part was when a photographer wanted to take a picture of me trying a piece of cheese - i bet he wasn't expecting to be asking the only person in the room who didn't speak a word of danish! i just smiled and nodded until marie told me what was going on...

/ tivoli gardens /

i also had an awesome time at the tivoli gardens when we raced around to ride as many rides as we could before our pass ran out or the rides closed or whatever was the case. when the sun went down, everything lit up with thousands of lights - so great!

/ carlsberg brewery /

and no visit to denmark would be complete without beer! we did a tasting at the end of a tour too, of course! mmmmmmmmmmm..

refreshing change

as i'm pretty actively involved in the education system now, more and more education-related projects are catching my eye, like the million and one great ideas that need funding on i'm doing my click a day to try to help them get some money out of pepsi and make a little change.

/ change t-shirt on /

who knows, a little bit of armchair activism just might help.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

go see it

awesome. i completely loved it! i went to go see it with reuben's mom in the little cinema gold in downtown (after a pistachio gelatto - yum!), followed by a yum dinner with reuben's parents. a good night.

now go see the movie!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

not so wow

/ cute little donut studs by glamasaurus /

after my eye doctor appointment this morning i decided to grab a donut from the new place in the plaza, wow donuts. i love their logo, but the donuts tasted a bit like ones you get at a carnival, with the no so subtle hint of fryer oil. don't get me wrong, i love carnival food, but only when i'm actually at one. the flavour options weren't exactly inspired either. it was basically the same plain donut with different icing. boring!

/ the name is misleading /

needless to say, the whole experience made me miss krispy kremes! reuben and i started booking our flights back to the states for the holidays and we've already started planning numerous activities, including another eating tour, which will include falafels and a reuben sandwich this time.

Friday, March 12, 2010

mission (almost) accomplished

/ michelle dress on modcloth /

/ harajuku lovers shoes on /

i went shopping after work today to find some tights and they were all gone! they must have moved them to the new farmers store. bummer!

/ black t-ruffle dress on modcloth /

/ penthouse women's garbo mary janes /

so i decided to go hunting for some new winter work clothes because today was positively chilly. in fact, around 5:30 there was a sudden massive windy rainstorm that nearly blew all my plants over! i went to portmans, where i had seen some great stuff last week, and found a fantastic set of winter work stuff including an amazing black dress, charcoal trousers and a plain long sleeve black shirt.

/ holly golightly inspired dresses via this is glamorous - i want them all! /

/ gianni barbato skull heel boots /

emma came down for her conservation biology class this week and when we walked to dinner at mao bar, we were peeking into all the boutique shops on george street and drooling over all the cute stuff! i'm hoping we get a chance to do more than window shop next time :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

turning to tights

/ peacock feather tights on modcloth /

it's getting cool again already. i can't believe my first summer in several years was so disappointing!!

/ pixelated flower unitard by bewakeful /

so now i'm obsessed with tights because last season i wore the same (though admittedly wonderful) black capezio tights which i just put a run in yesterday! now that i've got a steady income i can afford to get a few new work clothes. first priority: a plain black, simple dress. one of those that i can accessorize and dress up with my collection of jewelry and my soon to be expanding tights collection!

/ byblos leggings via haute macabre /

the farmers around the block is moving and has everything on sale so i'm hoping to snag a few bargains this weekend :)

/ ohne titel tights via haute macabre /