i smell amazing

my newest obsession: perfumes!

not the stupid celebrity scents, but really unique and delicious fragrances that make you wanna sniff yourself all day long.

i just received my black phoenix alchemy lab scents and i am in love! i ordered the imp's ears because why get one bottle when you can get a million sample sizes??

not only do they have dozens of different collections, each collection has dozens of scents! it would take a year to try them all (but i would gladly take on the challenge). i ordered 6 scents for me and 6 for reuben, but i have a feeling we will both be trying each others' because they aren't actually men's or women's fragrances. i just picked out the ones that i thought would suit us the best.

to be honest, i don't know what most of the ingredients actually smell like (vetiver??), it was often the incredibly creative descriptions that won me over. nearly every scent has a poem or story (generally mythological or religious in origin) that inspired the scent - someone clearly spent a lot of time on each one of these!

now excuse me while i put myself into a smell-induced coma....


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