switch n bitch n more

/ puzzle board via swissmiss /

yesterday i had a great time attending my first 'switch and bitch', an event organised by a group of ladies that includes my boss miriam. the event is basically a big clothes swap (or books, bath and body products or whatever!) and if there are any fights over who gets a particular piece of clothing, the group votes who looks best in it and that person gets it. whatever pieces of clothes are leftover at the end of the night that no one wants get taken to the charity shop. it was such great fun and i came back with as many clothes as i went with! of course there was wine and food there as well. i made mini pumpkin pies, but they weren't nearly as good in mini form.

/ elegant ethologist dress on modcloth /

one of the best pieces i got was a skirt with a pattern kind of similar to the dress above. i'll likely wear it tomorrow, so i'll have to take a few pics to share.

in other good news, the venue for the u.s. engagement party has been booked! now comes the fun part - deciding on the food, cake and decorations :)


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