how my garden grows

i wasn't sure what to expect when i dug up my carrots this evening but i was pleasantly surprised by 2 perfect specimens and one great goofy one. they also tasted delicious!

my spinach is doing a lot better now that i've moved it out of the reach of the cats! it will make a nice addition to dinner tomorrow night.

when i get back from the states in january, i think i might plant a few more flowers as i think one of the best thing i planted this spring was a set of 6 marigolds scattered between several different pots. it definitely brightened things up and provided a nice contrast to all the greenery. i'm also hoping to paint a few more pots with an old can of royal blue paint i picked up at the arts recycling centre. not sure what plants i'll put in when i get back, i just hope the broccoli, lettuce and herbs make it the 3 weeks i'm gone!


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