adopt a shelter cat

/ aston defending his new 'blue fish' /
june is the aspca's adopt a shelter cat month so i thought it would be an appropriate time to share a cat pic :) our shelter cat, aston, had a favourite toy we (ingeniously) called blue fish because it was, well, a fish made out of blue fleece. it was the first toy i made for the cats, but it was lost when we brought the kitties to the cattery over christmas. so i decided to make a replacement, this time around i used some very fuzzy string and made something resembling a jellyfish, but we still call it blue fish for ease. and just like when blue fish version 1 was introduced, aston quickly stole blue fish version 2 and claimed it as his own. anytime manolo (shelter cat #2) came anywhere near him he growled as he darted to another corner of the apartment. this went on for a good 15 minutes or so until she finally gave up interest. to this day, manolo avoids blue fish. she would much prefer chasing a crumpled up paper ball. for all of their quirks (5am wakeup calls, pooping right next to the litter box, a neverending supply of cat fur on our black clothes), our kitties have provided us with hours of entertainment and cuddles for which we love them dearly.


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