christmas in july

/ sugar cookies on their way into the oven /
ever since it turned properly cold about 2 months ago, it's felt like christmastime! so i decided to finally organise a christmas party, especially for my northern hemispherian friends who were feeling the same way. so we got reuben's parents on board (not hard to do when there is a party involved), pulled out the turkey reuben got from work last year and formulated a candycane cocktail :)

/ old bay spiced pumpkin seeds /
everyone brought their own side dish and some people brought along drinks as well, like mulled wine and cider, mmmmmmmm!

/ pumpkin pie /
of course i made pumpkin pie and it was a hit! i think we converted a few more kiwis to pumpkin pie lovers :)

/ leesa and andrew /
we had a great blend of kiwis and non-kiwis and despite the fact that i played christmas music the whole night (love it!), i think everyone had a great time. we even had a present swap where i got a chocolate bar and reuben got a barrel of monkeys.

/ lorna loves christmas :) /
i think this dose of christmas will hold me over until the real thing... i'm looking forward to seeing what mom and dad think about christmas in summer this year.

/ andrew taking the barrel of monkeys challenge /

/ got it! /


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