perfume project catch-up

/ this week's random selection /
my perfume project has been a great success and i believe i have now made it through all of the scents i had in my collection and tried every one at least once. it seemed like a big challenge, but it was great fun. i have now found homes for all the scents i didn't want to wear again and discovered lots of new favourites. here are the past two weeks' collections:

/ tis the season scents for a week of cold weather /
love potion perfumes ~ nibble me this
love potion perfumes ~ garland and lace 3
arcana ~ little ghoulie ~ like pumpkin pie and halloween candy
love potion perfumes ~ christmas coma 2008 ~ amazing chocolate overload!
love potion perfumes ~ stocking stuffer
love potion perfumes ~ ghost bumps

/ LMNOP scents /
love potion perfumes ~ lost highway
wylde ivy ~ muse
velvet moon bathery (discontinued) ~ night magic
bpal ~ obatala
arcana ~ pushpadhanva


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