today i wear jellies

i remember loving jellies when i was little! and now they are selling them at k-mart. so i indulged in a nostalgic purchase, which made me think of home in the summer. which is easy to think about now that it is blazing hot here (not for the past few days, however, because mother nature tends to forget which season it is in new zealand and just throws something out there - a little bit of a lucky dip each new day as far as the temperature goes). i have heard that home is now covered in snow, and while i love snow, i am not jealous.

i will gladly take the (occasionally) warm weather so i can sit on our rickety balcony that overlooks a concrete driveway with too many cars, dodgy neighbours and the smoking osteopath next door with the great backyard that he never uses, whilst enjoying a (tupperware) glass of bubbly wanganui raspberry wine and entering endless amounts of kiwi measurements into my slowly dying laptop.

and since i know none of my family and friends know where wanganui is, try out this excellent interactive map:


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