getting RED-y for autumn

/ melissa ashanti bootie on karmaloop /

i lusted over these boots last year and i saw them again on another fun site with fantastic shoes, karmaloop (found via annie spandex - my new fave blog to watch!).

/ wear in the world jacket on modcloth /

this looks like a nice fall jacket, which i definitely need now that it's getting chilly. today was also incredibly windy and knocking over my tomato plants. next year i will have to stick to small and hardy plants that aren't quite so likely to be damaged by the wind.

/ nyla mensae bootie on /

looking forward to emma being in town again tomorrow for her class. this time we're going to attempt to cook some tofu and sample some nz brews from fresh central :)


Unknown said…
So following Jake's adventures has prompted me to add a "Family" tab to my Blog Bookmarks. So you should now expect regular check-ins from yours truly. :)

So for what it's worth, I've gotta say - I love love LOVE red shoes, but I'm not feelin' either of these (mostly because I'm envisioning tottering around the lab in them all day). However, <3 that jacket. What IS it about red? Tacky as it sounds, I'm STILL on a quest for perfect red pants. Fierce.
erica anne said…
I can't imagine wearing either of these in a lab or chasing kiwis! But doesn't mean I don't love 'em. Practicality is over-rated, haha! I am in love with red, too, as you might notice by the number of red things I post :) I'll keep an eye out for red pants for you :D

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