"and how about our uncorked sauvignon blanc?"

ok, inside joke. but seriously, mission estate has to be one of the most beautiful wineries i have ever visited. not that i have visited many, but i will work on that. now that i have a friend living in gisborne, i think it is high time to make another winery tour!

speaking of gorgeous wineries, check out this picture of a vineyard in the canary islands! it looks like a bizarre (and desperate) way of making wine, but apparently it works. i'll put that on my list of places to see as well. anyway, i found out about that place on a wine blog, along with a craft idea for all my corks. it's not that creative, but i can't come up with anything else other than a picture frame. there are a lot more creative (and crazy) people out there - other ideas on there include a wine cork wall!
notice: dr.vino runs a wine class at nyu!

also desperate: powdered wine . AND cheeseburgers in a can! By candle light!! Actually, the White Castle thing sounds kinda fun...


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