brought to you by new zealand

flight of the conchords, as you may or may not have discovered, is amazing. apparently we americans find it much more hilarious than kiwis as i have yet to hear anyone talk about it here, and reuben doesn't even crack a smile when we watch it. i, on the other hand, am lucky if i can breath or get off the floor (where i have fallen in a fit of laughter, of course).

also discovered by the kiwis (a population of champion drinkers) - the health benefits of a daily beer! or two..


garymj said…
This american laffed his butt off at the conchords :):) Best line was "please remove the cutleries from my knees" Best song was don't wear the ring frodo...
The baritone guy sounds like (but wrong race) the Chocolate Rain guy, who has made a Dr. Pepper Cherry commercial back here in the states.


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