how can you generate heat when you can't feel your feet and they're turning blue?!

you light up a mean blaze with posters and screenplays!

how we gonna pay
how we gonna pay
how we gonna pay
last year's rent?!

i have no heat and am wearing about 6 layers of clothes (hat included), so i feel like i can relate to rent - which is coming to palmy!

it might not be quite the same as seeing it on broadway, but i will be happily dragging val along and making him learn the whole score (which he really should know already, but doesn't!).

and speaking of flatting in new zealand, check out the video lease - starring my (former) favourite shortland street star! (for all those not living in new zealand, shortland street is, of course, new zealand's finest medical drama)

oh yeah, this pic is of my first knitting project i completed all by myself! it's nice, warm, fuzzy new zealand wool :)


erica anne said…
val and i are going to see rent on wednesday next week - yay!

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