diy wardrobe week project #3

/ staying late at work so snapped a few shots in my office /
today i'm wearing the first dip-dyed item i've created since i tie dyed a shirt at summer camp back in elementary school. it was actually ridiculously easy and i wish i had more things to dye!

/ those balloons are part of my costume for the halloween disco at school, hence staying late /
i bought this dye ages ago when i was going to dye a secondhand dress with some discolouration, only to find out the dress didn't actually fit properly. but i finally found something that was in need of a little sprucing up. i bought this dress at the plaza from one of the heavily discounted clearance sales tables of an already cheap shop. no dressing room, so it was a bit of a gamble, but i'm sure it wasn't more than about $5. you can't see it from the picture, but the dress actually has some pretty ugly sleeves, which i intend to one day remove. but that will have to wait for the sewing machine repair.

in the meantime i thought i would add something a bit extra to this rather drab dress. i now call it my chromatography dress as the colours of the dye have separated out nicely into green, orange and black as they traveled up the skirt. i got this effect by putting the dye in a big bucket, then suspending the dress with just a couple inches of the hem hanging into the dye and leaving it for about an hour. then a quick rinse in cold water and tadaa! i also some fabric scraps in to dye over night, which meant i had little brown kitty paw prints all over my laundry room the next day. if aston weren't already black, i'm pretty sure he would have dyed himself brown!


Holly said…
"Chromatography Dress" = LOVE

If I ever teach intro Chem, I will contract you to make me one of these, just so I can wear it on chromatography lab day!!! :)

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