back in the day

it doesn't seem like that long ago that i was living in a trailer (#2!) in the middle of nowhere in texas... and now the adventure that was wrr is going to be on tv! why couldn't i have been an intern just a little bit later??

oh right... i came to new zealand :)

i had such an awesome (as well as difficult!) time at wrr, but being there definitely made me sure that i wanted to work with wildlife in some capacity... and also that i am not an outdoorsy kinda gal, but it might have been that i came directly from a city of about 8 million (nyc baby!) to a town of about 80 (kendalia... yeah...).

might spend the next couple of blogs posting my 'animal journals' that i kept while i was there. if i were internet savvy at that point, i would have just blogged them, but hey, i'm just catching up.


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