the new do

after a (relatively) early morning that involved a third round of dye under my fringe (or bangs), it was a lot of waiting around for my hair stylist while she worked on her other model. then makeup (ahh, how i missed the days of fake eyelashes!) and outfitting and a little walking practice.

my dress was a short, silky black thing with a gold belt and jewelry - not really my style, but it was fun nonetheless. around 1:30pm we walked down to the convention centre where some rounds of the competition had already started, so we watched and waited - i was in the women's cut event.

finally the event came around and the stylists had 40 minutes to do our cut. after hte cut was done, we had to pose while the judges came around. then we took a short walk down the room for the photographers and back for another pose and done! but not done really as i had to wait around another 3 hours for the prize-giving. my stylist won 3rd place for the up-do she did on her other model, but none for mine :( the salon had lots of other winning stylists, though, which was exciting. hopefully we make it into the newspaper!!

and if you think that's strange - it hailed and snowed in palmy and the north island the other day!!


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