spring greens

/ roof top thrift garden via studio g /

ok, my balcony garden has yet to look as cool as the garden above, but i'm working on it! i took alan to the mitre 10 mega store yesterday for a cup of coffee and we did some plant shopping as well. i picked up some more herbs (oregano, thyme, basil), spring onions and some marigolds to brighten things up a bit this year.

/ balcony with a few new plants /

/ noli loves to eat spring onions so i'm trying to keep them out of her reach /

i think i might take a trip to the arts recycling centre to see what kind of cheap and fun crafting stuff i can find to make my garden a little more fun.

/ arugula /

the garden has already been productive this spring with a pretty decent crop of arugula, which i made into some potato and arugula soup. the last few chili peppers were used to make chili oil, which reuben used this week on some garlic and chili shrimp. it's funny that my chili plant made it all through the winter and now that it's spring, the plant finally looks like it's dying. i did save some seeds last year and one of them germinated, so fingers crossed i can grow another to replace this one.

/ my first spring harvest of arugula, lettuce and chilies /


Annie Spandex said…
The guitar planter is so brilliant!!

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