first week of feb

/ monday 1 feb - cats playing in reuben's gym bag /

the cats are still naughty. no news there! i did weigh them this week, though, and boy are they getting big! manolo is 4.5 kilos and aston is 5!

/ tuesday 2 feb - arugula harvest /

the sunny days that we've been having this week (finally!) have done wonders for our plants! i think i'll be harvesting all of the rocket this weekend and making room for more.

/ wednesday 3 feb - aston on high /

aston LOVES sitting up high on his cat post. he even bullies noli off the top if he wants to sit there. they managed to knock down the second post which was screwed in with 4 screws, prompting us to start designing a new, heavy duty cat toy that we'll have to start building after my thesis is done. only a few more weeks to go! and i have a summary presentation to do on feb 24th - aaaaahhhh!!

/ thursday 4 feb - the first product of our veggie garden, a pepper! /

i had to pick up some insecticide this week for our bean plants - something is eating them (other than the cats)! i must say, the guy in the gardening store wasn't overly helpful, but i got a few things to try out.

/ friday 5 feb - ross students on a sunny day /

i am now in charge of updating the ross website. it was sorely out of date and in need of rearrangement so i offered to be in charge of the update. boy is it going to need a lot of work! we started by taking down pretty much every section that needed updates, so there isn't much up at the moment, but check back for more in the next couple weeks. i'm also the unofficial school photographer now for any events that might go up in the latest news section. i'm looking forward to snapping some photos next tuesday of one of our students who won a helicopter ride to school!

/ saturday 6 feb - aston enjoying some catnip /

one thing that has done consistently well in our garden is the catnip! too bad manolo doesn't even like it. weird cat.

/ sunday 7 feb - the rogue tomato plants are taking over! /

the tomato plants that popped up amongst the basil and cilantro are doing so well! we'll be bringing some of the tomato plants to reuben's parents' house today as there over a dozen of them overcrowding that pot! i've been reading that new zealand gardners had trouble with their tomato plants this year because of the late arrival of warm weather, so maybe if the weather holds out we'll be lucky enough to get a few tomatoes off our late-start plants.

/ can you spot the cilantro and basil? /

surprisingly, the cilantro is actually doing quite well despite the tomatoes taking over.

/ beautiful basil /

it only took a couple months, but the basil is finally flourishing with the recent hot weather! i had a very delicious basil, tomato and cheese pizza yesterday with some of our product. i'd love to make some pesto, but i'll need to source a mortar and pestle or a food processor from somewhere first...

/ go basil go! /


Annie Spandex said…
Yum, that basil is looking good. :)

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