cat problems

/ cat unicorn costume by xmoonbloom /

busy, busy as usual! last week we took the cats to the vet and aston peed the ENTIRE time. but then the next day he couldn't pee at all. so back to the vet and we found he had a urinary tract infection. and then he suddenly forgot how to use the litter box and thought that under the desk was the new place to go. so for the past few days i've been scrubbing cat pee out of everything and it's getting very, very old. and today i bought another litter box, some special enzyme cleaning product and an anti-marking pheromone diffuser so something is bound to do the trick.

of course this is also the week that we're hosting an american uni student who's in the country to do some volunteering and this week she's down in palmy to check out massey's vet school. should be fun to show her around a bit, even if it is just in the evenings.

oh yeah, engagement party next weekend too - looking forward to some fun! only a few hundred decorations left to do!


vint junky said…
Aw poor cat ...or more to the point poor you!

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