random thoughts

/ i heart your face tags by AForestFrolic /

just a bunch of random stuff that's been waiting to be shared:

pop-tarts store opens in times square - i cannot wait to visit!! i miss pop-tarts.

i also hope that the kiss sculpture is up in times square when we're there.

love the name junk & disorderly for an arts & crafts group.

/ buddha shaped pears via toxel /

i struggle spelling separate too.

/ a field with a dream threadless t-shirt /

one day when i don't have anything better to do, i wouldn't mind studying nutrition and herbal remedies. i think scientific investigation of ancient medicine would be pretty fascinating with results like a chinese tea that appears to help some chemotherapy patients.

/ tetris piece gift boxes by littlewhitedog /

/ pacman ring from somewhere on etsy /

i think we might have to add a few more features to make our balcony a true catio, but it might be necessary to keep my stir crazy kitties entertained. i think they're over winter. and so are we!


vint junky said…
I heart the 'I heart your face tags!'
SO damn cute x

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