cisne negro

/ black swan poster via suicide blonde /

i'm finally seeing ads for black swan over here and it's making me want to see it again! it was absolutely dark, stylish and fantastic. reuben, geoff, julie and i went to see it on new years day night after gorging on a massive post-partying brunch, watching hours of 'it's always sunny in philadelphia' and finally filling up with a philly cheesesteak dinner.

/ my massive biscuit, cream and fruit brunch in philly /

oh, and if you want to know the reason behind the title today, it's because today was my first day as reuben's spanish teacher! this year i'm teaching him both spanish and math up to algebra level. i seriously made lesson plans today.

and speaking of school - it starts back tomorrow! my desk is piled high with paperwork, my office is a mess and there over 400 students starting tomorrow and i have to work at the front desk in the morning... ugh.


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